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Favorite Villain

Hey guys! I’m back with a new post. This time, featuring the king of all villains, Jack Skellington! How can he look so menacing and adorable at the same time? You have to agree, he wins the crown in the ‘Who’s Your Favorite Villain?’ contest.  And I love stripes. Jack is so fashion-forward and yet a classic icon for wearing monochrome stripes! So this post basically a first-prize ribbon dedicated to my curious, innocent, have the most amazing singing voice, who is above all a gentlemen (love, love, love his polite interactions with Santa), Jack Skellington. The image I’ve included in this blog is actually from Disney World’s Blog. I hope I don’t get into trouble using it here as well. I mean, I am just using it for educational purposes and I’m technically doing a free promotion/advertisement. I’ll take it down if I get a message. Maybe, I’ll just upload my own Jack Skellington illustration :) Sighs. Didn’t wanna do Inktober challenge along with my Blogger’s challenge though lol. That’s kind of crazy ; o ; There are also other real-life villains, I could have included in this post, but I leave that on my Twitter platform. Inside my blog, I try to “turn off the news” and just keep things light-hearted because I feel like every social media place I go to is always saturated with really sad news, and sometimes you just need a break and diversion from reality once in a while. And that’s why the rest of the villains that are going to be mentioned in the line-up is fictional. 

Honorable Mentions:
x Queen Grimhilde 
x Hades
x Scar
x Shan Yu 

P.S. Shan Yu is debatable because he actually respected Mulan as a female warrior as opposed to the “good guys” on her team. Still, he burned down a whole entire fucking village, just to get to the Emperor. So, there’s also that. I included his redeeming quality but doesn’t change the fact that he’s a villain lol. 


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