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I thought I was going to do another ghost costume but I decided to do one that I’ve actually used for years: Cat costume. All you do is grab a black liquid eyeliner. You do a little face painting and you’re good to go. I never really dressed up for Halloween until five years ago? Where my ex at that time was dressed up as a chef and I decided to be a stray cat in the back alley to match with his outfit. And every year after that I just always picked up different sorts of cat ears from Forever 21. The latest one in my collection is two leopard print cat ears from Daiso. 

What’s your easy DIY Halloween Costumes?

P.S. The one other time I wasn’t a cat, I was a witch. There was this really pretty black dress I brought from Urban Outfitters (Before they were controversial - _ -;;;) and it made me feel like Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service. So, I guess I stayed true to my theme of black cat transforming to a witch or witch transforming to a black cat throughout the years. I’ll leave the name of the brand of the dress here, and edit this post, once I’ve given my closet a good rummage through.

Also, the image is taken from my personal ig. I really forgot my age 5 years ago lol. Go figure. I'm getting older.    

Haha, and you finally get to see a picture of me from 2015 with my natural hair. Which one is better blonde or raven hair? Let me know in the comments below! 

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