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Minimalist Mari’s Halloween Decorations: 

x Boris the Wolf
 x Bendy
x Cat Ghost 
x White Pumpkin
x Rilakkuma wearing a sparkly witch’s hat with a purple bow! Or he could be a bear wizard too! 

I thought my ‘Witch’s Brew’ mug would arrive in time for this post, but it hasn’t. You’ll get to see it during my monthly favorites! And cat ghost is not photographed, but it’s that squishy lamp cat that turns red when angry lol. The white pumpkin reminds me of Cinderella’s carriage. Which reminds me, that’s another Disney film you can watch for fall. You can see my other movie suggestions in my “Cozy Self Care” post [here]. I tried looking for the bear wizard squish-mallow at my local Walgreens but he was nowhere to be found. So I picked up a cutesy wizard/witch hat from Target. The brand name is Cat & Jack. 

How could I forget this little guy? His name is Cannon. A fitness instructor. Also the Tokidoki wallpaper is bright orange like Cannon, but I don't know why the camera isn't picking that up:

Halloween Decorations

What are your Halloween Decorations for this year?  


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