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Hey everyone! I’m sorry for the long hiatus. I’m still not sure when I can start posting regularly again after getting the travel diary series up, but hopefully every weekend we’ll see each other. If not, we’ll definitely see each other around Fall, and I’ll have more to tell you then. I hope you’ve been having a nice summer and that you’re not too exhausted from the scorching heat. 

This is my first European visit and I’m so grateful for my cousin Raymond and aunt Joy for helping me out a lot because I felt like a headless chicken running around. I’m not very good at traveling, but hopefully I’ll get better at it. 

Vader has made a traveler out of me. I can go anywhere but home. There’s so many cities I want to show Vader to. Pet Meadows was so kind in arranging everything. They used some of Vader’s remains and embedded it inside the mourning jewelries I chose: a gold heart pendant engraved with Vader’s name and a stainless steel 8 mm ring in amethyst stone. 

The first city I visited is the Vatican City. It’s completely separate from Rome and it’s its own country. I was so happy to be with Mon and Joy again. It’s been over twenty years since I last saw my aunt. We were childhood friends together with Mon and I saw him four years ago in California when we had our last  family reunion in 2019. 

I was anxious about being forced to drink while in Europe, but I felt safe drinking with family. Never had good memories with alcohol, but I really liked the whiskey my cousins chose for us during our first night in Europe. And it was so fun listening to my dad’s stories and taking lots of shots. If I had any regrets in Europe, it’s that I didn’t drink more lol. 

Vatican City OOTD: Nude Tieks shoes / Grey tulle skirt from Amazon / Grey tank top from Target / Angel wing necklace from Ana Luisa with Vader’s gold heart pendant/ Amethyst ring / Rose gold sunglasses from Oakley / Flower claw clip from Marshall’s 

We’re not allowed to wear shorts inside the Vatican and you have to dress modestly once you go inside St. Peter’s. I made it to the top without any of the bodyguards in black suits saying anything. But I put my hair up in a claw clip and I forgot to put it back down and the guy in the black suit stopped me. And he told me to cover my shoulders and I didn’t have a shawl or anything to cover it up and I was panicking pretty hard, and then I remembered I can use my hair to cover it up lol. And once my I put my hair down, the guy was like, “I said just your shoulders” and my cousins and my dad were laughing lol. I was so embarrassed lol. 

I saw so many beautiful, detailed sculptures that made my heart sing. I think my favorites were the ones with the cherubs with draperies all around them and also the dragon near St. Peter’s sculpture. Bernini’s colonnades and the fountains were also so beautiful.  Our guide said it was built in a round shape so you can feel like you were being hugged and welcomed and I thought that was so heart-warming. 

We didn’t get to see the Pope because we left on Sunday, but hopefully I’ll see him next time. The Pope’s garden was so pretty. I sent a photo of it to my mom because she loves gardens. The Pope was the icon that inspired Sailor Moon 🌙 so I felt so happy just being there. 

Eating ice cream on top of St. Peter’s during the hot summer heat, was definitely one of my favorite moments too.  I’m so glad my dad had a lot of fun with us. This isn’t his first time in Europe since he used travel for work a lot so I’m glad my dad wasn’t bored. 

P.S. I took a photo of the Vatican Wall in my Rome post! Don’t forget to check it out. Thanks! X 

Let me know your guess below in where I should take Vader next! I always love to hear your thoughts. Thank you so much for reading. As always, take care xx! 



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