Mari and Vader Together In: Saint-Émilion



I fell in love with Saint-Émilion because it was a little village that looked kind of like the one in Beauty and the Beast (animated version). Our tour guide, Maud, was so pretty and super nice. I think everyone had a crush on her in our group. Me included. Me the most probably lol. Maud took our photo in the very first one of the nine square Polaroids. 

I didn’t post a photo of her because I don’t know if she’d be comfortable with that but she is in some shots I think. But no close-ups. Maud was so cute when she was nerding out about how red wine was made.  I learned a lot of fun facts like how it takes almost 10 years to make red wine, and the first three years, nothing happens. And that there’s a lot of maintenance to do at the vineyard to produce the finest quality wine. And I liked how she said that they don’t use a water system but that they liked to make their roots to suffer and make it hunt for nutrients underground. And that they use a special blue clay in the soil. 

The limestone quarry was my favorite because it was so cold in there. And I liked the giant oak barrels that we first entered to. It smelled so nice. The chateau looked so pretty and so was the 200 year old tree that they use for their logo. Our other host was also super-good looking according to my aunts, but I just think all French people are so charming and attractive that I didn’t notice it that much. But now in hindsight, the host we had, he was tall and attractive, indeed. 

Pomerol was my favorite out of the wine-tasting that we did because it tasted like Bubble gum to me haha. I poured out a lot though because there were more wine to taste and my stomach was already feeling full. Maud was right that me and my aunt would probably enjoy Pomerol the most because it’s the most popular one. 

There was a church at the very top, but the hill was very steep (I thought I was going to roll over during the climb lol), and that’s where Saint-Valéry is - the patron of wine. Maud said that a lot of girls pray to Saint-Valéry for husbands lol. When I went inside the church I prayed for one and then added just kidding at the end because I didn’t know whether to believe it or not.  

And then the very next day, I think I met who my first husband would be. Because I felt like I drank three shots of Grappa Amarone after meeting them. 

I did really well at the little Sommelier game we played on the way back to Bordeaux. I got half of it right. The essence of cherry was my favorite scent. It made the most impression and it had a very distinct scent. I guessed raspberry, got close with Star anise (licorice), blue flower (It’s violet, and that’s why Maud didn’t want to give the hint about the color), pepper, mushroom (Needed to be more specific - truffle), and what else did I get right? I forgot, but I think Maud was impressed with me a little :’) 

On the way back, the Japanese tourist in our group gave us a Japanese snack to snack on at the end of the trip. It was so nice of them. It was so tasty. It’s the little things like that from strangers that I’m always grateful for. And then we gave maud five Euros because we wanted to get her coffee ☕️. 

We rode a public monorail to get home and there was a public fight inside the transport. It was so scary, but the instigator eventually got booted out and was trying to chase us angrily. That was so funny. I’m glad we got back home safely. 

Let me know your guess below in where I should take Vader next! I always love to hear your thoughts. Thank you so much for reading. As always, take care xx!



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  1. Oh wow you look like you did a lot of traveling this summer. I love going to wineries what is not to love lol. Did you use to live in Paris?

    Allie of

    1. Hey Allie! Yeah I did a lot of traveling. I wanted to see family after three years of Covid and isolation. This was my first time going to wineries and it was a lot of fun! I learned a lot and I appreciate red wine more now that I know how it's made. I didn't use to live in Paris. Aww but it would be so nice if I could xx



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