Mari and Vader Together In: Bordeaux



I spent more time in Bordeaux than any other city we’ve been in so I think I’m attached to it more than any place we’ve visited in Europe. We were there for like 4-5 days. I’m gonna try  to remember everything we did. 

Bordeaux OOTD #1: Nude Tieks ballet flats / Cornflower Blue midi skirt with floral patterns (courtesy of my aunt Joy) / Black tank top from Target / Vader gold heart necklace / Amethyst ring / Light blue scarf ( courtesy of my aunt Alva) in case it gets chilly at night (It did get chilly) 

This is my outfit for the farm restaurant (where I fell asleep because of the Jet lag from Rome) we went to for lunch and also the boat restaurant we went to for dinner. 

Bordeaux OOTD #2:  Nude Tieks ballet flats / Navy Blue Asymmetrical skirt (borrowed from my aunt Joy - because my shorts were in the wash) / White tank top from Target / Vader gold heart necklace / Amethyst ring / Rose gold sunglasses from Oakley 

This was the outfit I was wearing when we were walking around the area where the palace was and were the fountains were as well as the Mirror of Bordeaux. And also at the ferry ⛴️ when we went to the exact middle of Bordeaux. (I forgot to add the photo; maybe I’ll do it later). 

I definitely remember the sauna. I felt like a dumpling inside a hot pot lol. That was my first time trying a sauna experience. I liked the swimming pool we went to where the water massaged you. That was so relaxing. The name of the place is Calicéo. My cousin Raymond said we should go during winter because it’ll be so nice with the wam water against the cold winter air. I almost lost Vader in the sauna locker room. Haha, Vader wanted to stay there forever. I liked the dry bar they had before exiting the building. It looked so pretty, but I don’t think cameras were allowed. 

It was so pleasant sharing stories and laughing at the dinner table. I learned how to set up the table the French way. And it was so nice helping prepare stuff in the kitchen while looking at the lake outside. My aunt asking me about Vader when I was helping wash the dishes late at night and while she was washing the clothes. That moment really comforted me. 

My aunt also tells us so many stories and I love listening to her because I participate in conversations by listening instead of jumping in and telling my own. It’s so fun hearing a lot of her stories because we can even talk about sex openly and I guess that’s just the French way of doing things because we were also talking about any topic during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

I also loved the girl talks I had with my aunt in the bedroom we both shared. My aunt is really good at listening and I like her soft, calming voice. We exchanged stories and we both had a lot of fun laughing. Catching up after 20 years was so wonderful. And my aunt’s hair is naturally light brown. It’s so soft and straight and pretty.  

I remember this one time we were at the elevator, and I told my aunts that I thought our neighbor who’s a CEO was married to his business partner and they all started laughing at me because they said that he is not part of the queer community. He’s just a divorced dad with twins. I’m so bad at reading people lol.

Our step-uncle is so very nice to us. He agreed to help me fix my Polaroid even though it was probably broken already from the turbulence we had from Rome. And he also had a lot of stories to share like my aunt. My aunt told my dad not to overwhelm him with English because he’s not as fluent at it, but my dad just keeps on chatting with him lol.

Timothy was so adorable. I wish I had a pet dog so that I knew how to play with him. But I just copied what everyone was doing, so I think I kinda learned how to haha. I’m just so used to my cats being so independent and ignoring me that I didn’t know how to handle dogs lol. 

Before we were to go have a Beach Day, we went to Auchan for grocery shopping. Me and Joy found a Rosè Cider and we found strawberry tarts to go with it. We ended up eating it for dinner instead of the picnic though lol. 

Joy and I also went to Etam (I bought her and me lingerie) and we also went to Lovisa but couldn’t find any trinkets that we liked. We bought matching perfume at Kiko Milano because we couldn’t see the store during our stay in Italy. We were hoping to go to Primark, but we finally found the crèpe store we were looking for so we left the place early.

We also visited other regions of Bordeaux and I made two separate posts for it. Please be sure to check it out. I appreciate your readership. Thanks x ! 

Let me know your guess below in where I should take Vader next! I always love to hear your thoughts. Thank you so much for reading. As always, take care xx! 


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