The Last Letters | Lost Love Letters | Volume III



1; You're a siren with shiny, raven hair with sooty eyes to match. I was completely smitten until I've been replaced with a different playmate. I wished several times my eyes became hollow, rather than to see that again. And while bottled tears can not drown you, I definitely felt like I plummeted down to a depth I could not get out of. 

2; Emotional bruises. The ache is easily softened by your honeyed voice. I know honey has healing properties and it cleanses everything too, but all it did was make me more attached to you. So by the time, it was time to sever ties, I still held on to the cloying, sonorous symphony every time you uttered my name. As if I were a particle, following the discourse on the Super String theory. One pluck away by your mellifluous voice, and you've got me wrapped around your finger. 

3; We had fewer days together than a butterfly's existence. Did those three hours make you happy as it would've if it were three days?  After we leave do we become fairies or ghosts? Not here, or there but somehow remains. Like gauzy, pale chiffon in an abandoned house.  There is this show that I wish you could analyze for me because that's how I first met you. The deep inflection of your voice always put me at ease. Do you think we're nothing more than Quantum Entanglements? An intersection of atoms that drifts apart after brushing against each other. There is an us where we are together and another where we are not together like Shrödingers' cat. I guess this is a story we'll never know. It would be so nice if I can hear you explain the mechanics of love because love is one strange phenomenon. Do you think dreams are memories from a different timeline stacked on top of one another? Because I dream of you often.  I can no longer observe you and reality felt like it has collapsed. 

Footnote: These are my top three lovers, so to speak. They are like those tattoos that you see in those mummies that have been found in the desert with their ink still intact in their skeletal frame that refuses to decay.  It defies fading away. When I first heard about it while I was in university in one of my anthropology classes, I was fascinated.  Not even death could preclude it from dissolving. These three are hard to scrub off  my essence. Writing this series has made me realized that love is too absurd to be dismissed so easily and I shouldn't try to. I'm sorry for wrapping the last couple of letters with science and romance together. My brain hurt too while writing this. So apologies in advance if I made you mentally exhausted. In fact, I think I'm well-prepared if we ever hit the zombies in our 2020 Bingo card because I think I just grew a third brain cell hahaha. The allusions and references are from my favorite show slash light novel called "Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl". I can't wait for more of it to be translated fully in English.  I'm a sap when it comes to sci-fi stuff so of course, I have to include it in one of my creative works that I deem most important: these love letters. Kind of like how Fitzgerald would add vague references to his works from authors that inspired him to write. I do not take credit for coming up with the original Quantum theories and philosophies. I am merely an enthusiast, trying to seep it into one of my works. And lastly,  I'm completely taken by surprise that all three past lovers all turned out to be water signs lol. 

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  1. These look very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Aww thank you @ The Exclusive Beauty Diary :') xx You're welcome. I hope you're having a wonderful day!

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  2. Love your short snippets and insight! Great post!

    1. Awww thank you so much Aspen :) xx I've been loving your writing too, on Ruby, your Red Riding Hood retelling! Can't wait for more to be published!

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  3. What a beautiful description for an important part of you :)

  4. Look fantastic, perfect design ❤



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