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Stuff I loved in September. Mainly just a chronicle diary of what happened the whole month ♡♡♡



x Lilac/Lavender/Purple nail polishes from Target

x Using nail polish thinner to revive my old polishes. Now I feel like I have a brand new set

x The Violets by Juvia’s Place 

x Love and Beauty Planet Shampoo: Coconut Oil & Ylang Ylang | I picked this up at Target and it made my hair softer, bouncier, and def got rid of the grease in my hair now that my original hair is coming back 



x TifJef069. I like her honesty. I know it’s weird that I’ve put her and Juvia’s place together.  I really didn’t know what happened / scandals and stuff. When I pitched for Juvia’s Place earlier this year, they were also pretty rude/unprofessional in their reply . _ . ;; But I still forgave them in the spirit of BLM.  And the amazing quality of eyeshadows can’t help that their CEO was mean to smaller YouTubers. I’m still not very good at separating artists from their art. 


x Aviation Gin: Home School Edition adv | “Middle school is the worst”


x Aggretsuko Merch from B&N! So over the moon! 


x Trenta Pumpkin Cold Brew

x Cream Cheese Pumpkin Muffin

x Catfish (Lemon & Chive) + Rice + Sweet Potato tops 

x Cinnamon cookies from Tiff’s Treats 

x Salad 

x Pink kutchinta with coconut shedding 

x Cauliflower + Jimaca snacks 

x lemonade (has my digestive system purring like a kitten)

x lemonade with cayenne pepper and honey 


x Got out of my slump where I don’t feel like editing anything 

x Reached 1k views only three days in, September 

x Surpassed my views from last month by 1,100 views, and it’s only the middle of September

x Chef Julie featured me on her blog in an interview :D 

x Kat featured me and my ASMR content in her ‘How to Fall Asleep Post’ :’) D’awww. And ofc her content and design always makes my heart happy to see it!!!! xx 


x I got my first ARC approved from NetGalley :D And I DM’d the author on Twitter and she was so nice too! Can’t wait to post my review in December! 


x Watching Demon Slayer 

x Watching Season 4 of Bravest Warriors :D Catbug is sooo cute.

x Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer dropped! 


x Rascal Does Not Dream of Dreaming Girl (Really love how they kept the Quantum Entanglement theme :3)


x PMD Chapter 8 out Chapter 22 



x Gigi’s 1st birthday c: 


さとうもか「Lukewarm/ SATO MOKA Lukewarm

x I Wish You Love - Nat King Cole 

x I Wish You Love (Cover) by ElizaTwinkies 

x I Wish You Love (Cover) by Trang Tooc 

x As Lovers Go - Dashboard Confessional 


x Weather feels balmy and nice on Sept 1 

x Setting up shop on Gumroad 

x Got approved at Brand Backer :D 

x We have green onions in our backyard and our blackberries have flowers and they’re blooming! 

x Got a difficult task out of the way

x Auden panties from Target are amazing! It feels like I’m wearing nothing! :D 

x PBS:  Pinkalicious and Peterific. The first episode I watched was when lassoed a star from the sky? I love the purple and pink theme going on. Usu kid’s show only has primary colors in them. I also liked the Operamatic episode. 

x Drinking pumpkin spice cold brew + eating cookies while catching up on Youtube is the best 

x My mom can wear any scent/fragrance. I wish I was like that. But I always like to shower like a dead lobster in hot boiling water. It’s very typical to say that you admire your mom, but I think it’s true for everyone out there. Your mom is always the prettiest and smells the nicest to you. 

x I have this jacket that use to not fit me, but now that I’ve gained weight it fits and looks so nicely. 

x EZGif; o ; 

x Blackpoint Edit  | Shadow Edit 

x Finally learned how to get the leaves off the Moringa plant gently and faster! 

x World Science Festival

#things that made me sad

x My friend from a couple of years ago on ig has decided to take a one year break from social media. I already miss her. We first became friends after I noticed we were both studying Japanese. I already haven’t used my ig for years, but she made me happy to start using it again, even if it’s just occasionally. And now she’s left (temporarily ofc). And I feel kind of sad even though I know it’s better for her to not be steeped in social media. She did say I could reach her by her number before her break announcement, but I wasn’t sure if I qualified as a close friend to ask for it . _ . ;;; I hope she’s happier now though and that she’s doing well <3 x In the mean time, I've barely hopped on ig. 


x Had to trim down all of my nails. Without my talons, I feel less powerful . _ . 

x Sides of my tummy hurt

x Skipping my voice lessons . _ .;;

x Having to go on a high fiber diet . _ . ;;; 

x Not being able to drink matcha for a while. 

What were your September Favorites? Tell me in the comments below :D 




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  1. Flowers in your garden look amazing and that candle must smell gorgeous.

    New Post -

    1. It does! It smells so nice :D And thank you! They are my mom's blackberry blooms x

  2. I love a good favorites post. Nail polish is a real game changer! That scary pumpkin mug is so cute! ♥

    1. Awww thank you! My mom got me this pumpkin mug at Home Goods :D x ! Yes, nail polish is an essential beauty item! I hope you're having a nice day :)



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