Ex Libris: Sealed Love Letters | Billet Doux


    noun: billet-doux; plural noun: billets-doux
  1. a love letter.

Origin. French. late 17th century: French, literally ‘sweet note’.  A correspondent of letters between lovers. 

H, do you remember when we went on our summer date and we had to pay for the parking spot with quarters? I remember the lady saying they do indeed accept quarters, and we had to scramble fast on our seats because there were people waiting behind us? It felt like we traveled back in time in the 1950s where coins still had a lot of value. 

Did I look pretty with my lilac tennis skirt spread across my thighs on your passenger seat? You noticed it at the end of the date. And when you thought you'd say something that could've hurt my feelings, you easily smoothed things over by saying you're much of a copycat too. 

You said I was intense and then I told you that I liked the name of your sports car. You laughed after I told you, Prelude means 'foreplay' in French. I blushed and then we laughed again because it sounded like another sinner's prayer. 

And when we were in that film class for a semester, you didn't mind that my long black hair dripped over next to your phone.

Falling in love with you for a day is wearing a  water fairy tale couture dress with pressed petals. I hold it close and in turn, it holds me close. 

I know it, you've already replaced me with better memories. 

Light, light, light, until that one winter's night, you've decidedly forgotten about me. 

As for me, it's better to have happened only once, than for it to never happen at all. You know those stories, of folklore and myths, where two lovers could only see each other once or only see each other during the dawn or in a garden maze at midnight? It always felt unfair. But sometimes, the universe can just come up with something so wonderful on a whim. And the shortest amount of time makes up for it. It doesn't need centuries to develop that kind of magic. I think that's why these kinds of memories don't get repeated. And it doesn't need to be. I don't need a hundred days or a hundred years to know what I felt that day. 


Footnote: I'm so happy I was able to extract all of the images that I wanted and put this series together. Otherwise, I would've given up. I chose Sakura for the seal of course because it just embodies ephemeral love quite well, and the dark parchment, because it reminds me of underground nightclubs with jazzy music. Purely chosen for the ambiance/mood it brings. I'm not sure if I'm quite ready to write a fourth letter to create a tetralogy. It will be modeled after my 'Lost Love Letters' and will probably be comprised of five letters.  I'll do it as soon as I find my pink ribbon. I like how 'sweet note' can pertain to many things: a note from an indulging fragrance, a handwritten letter, or a note from a favorite tune. 

Ex Libris: Sealed Love Letters, Billet Doux


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