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Stuff I loved in December. Mainly just a chronicle diary of what happened the whole month. Also, this is going to be my last favorites post ever. Ok, not ever, but from now on my favorites post would be infrequent bursts or more sporadic throughout next year. I love doing this throughout the month in a way to practice gratitude, but when it comes to putting it together it becomes really overwhelming because it’s such a giant post. I’m thinking of doing a favorites post next year when a month has really stood out to me, but other than that I don’t think I’ll be doing any consecutively. This series has really helped me get through 2020, and I’m so thankful for it. I’ll do something similar to this, just in smaller doses. 

I’ll keep updating this post weekly as December goes on x 

Current Favorites, December Favorites


x Pikachu ASMR | Pikachu by the Patio

x Trying Canva Pro for a month | I love my animated pins so much ! Favorite effect is Stomp

x @Pix_Bun character designs of her Honey series 

x Dancing with your lover in the halls of an abandoned castle playlist | Prelude, reflections 

x Things that made me sad: ; - ; I’m going to lose my health coverage early. It’s supposed to expire February but with Covid they had to get rid of the department that processes the renewal of my coverage and hire a third party to do it. And now I don’t know what’s gonna happen . _ .  I think it’s a scam. And I think I almost fell for it. This made me cry just thinking about losing my support system of my pcp, behavioral counselor, psyschiatrist, gynecologist, and wonderful nurses ; - ; 

Current Favorites, December Favorites

Current Favorites, December Favorites


x Pokemon Lo-Fi Mix 

x A lot of my packages start coming in :D

x I made a sale on my printable shop! Thank you so much for paying full price for my items. 

x Solved the POP Socket issue. I didn’t like the chemical scent it had because of the glue, and with Mama Bear’s suggestion, I made my own fragrance. I neutralized it first with just baking soda (sprinkled it on top), and then I made a cocktail of my hair perfumes and wiped it on the socket itself and now, it smells super nice and I like reaching for my new phone again :3 

x Finished organizing all the apps on my blue iPhone 12 Pro MAX and I really like the current winter Korilakkuma & Chairokoguma wallpaper I have. They’re wearing entwined scarves and mittens in a pink background which I think is super cute. I am just having issues with my Kindle at the moment as all of my books are currently not loading ; - ; 

x Reached 1k views in just the first week of December 

x Gotten better at filing my nails 

x My Taylor march came in! The vinyl record I have is light blue and it is so pretty! It also came with stars and moon confettis ! 

x Pikachu and Tranquility

x Putting my crocodile plush (Indy, Indiana Jones; named him that because he’s made in Indiana) beside my pillows so he’ll eat all of my nightmares away | I’ve been only having sweet dreams so far :) 

x Gigi perching on my knees whenever I give her blueberries or raspberries (She’s getting better at being comfortable with people near her)

x Chubby as sweet as ever 

x My TF order finally shipped! 

x Lake Serened - Slowed version. 

x Canva Pro - Free Trial | Still struggling with saving my projects in the right size . _ . ;;; 

x So excited to nearly completing my new project (2/3 Completed)

x Cary Grant and Carole Lombard in “In Name Only” (1939)

x Carol Ann Duffy / Rimbaud / Angela Carter 

x New blush technique: overpowering blush / blush on bridge of nose | Brought out my missed products from Nyx because now I have use for them :3

x My new boyfriend: The handsome Blue Nutcracker I picked out 

x I won the giveaway for 'Balcony of Fog' | I think from either BookRiot or Books on Tap

x Reached 1k views/ 2k views / 2.5k views / 3k views 

x Spiced Bun Holo Textured nails from I Scream Nails 

x Organized Jewelry Box | Tossed the tarnished ones 

x Chatting with Silvia about fashion on ig 

x Chatting with Valerie on Fashion Potluck 

x Updated my header and my media kit. It looks so sporty, I love it! 

x Borrowed the Cherry pendant invisibobble from Mama Bear's Marshall find

x Fresh linen 

x Finally got around to watching Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (1999); o ; 

x R2-D2 

x Mermaid Blanket 

x T3 hairdryer from Costco from Mama Bear as a birthday gift | My hair is so shiny and volumized I love it. And it has a snowflake in the cool settings and I don't have to continue pressing it when I use it :3

x Can't wait for Christmas 2021 | Release of The Mandalorian S3 and The Book of Boba Fett | S4 too

x Mandalorian 90s Anime Opening 

x Catching up with more Star Wars films so I don't miss any more Easter eggs 

x Crawfish Poboy + Gumbo 

x Rin asymmetrical hairstyle

x My iPhone X isn't water-damaged (During the early days of the pandemic where everything was being sanitized) Only the screen was broken. I'm giving it to my little sister and the Kate Spade phone case with Swarovski crystals on it 

x Been able to take three good selcas for 2020. I felt like all year they weren't carrying the heat that they used to D:

x New category for my blog that will probably be the dominant theme of next year 

x Finished reading Ikigai: The Japanese Secret To A Long And Happy Life by Hector Garcia Puigcerver and Francesc Miralles

x Antifragility concept 

x Cleaned my desktop. My new wallpaper has Chonky Rilakkumas inside a candy gachapon machine! 

x Sunny weather while at the same time it's cold

x Brown x Gold nude nails 

x Recovered Rilakkuma Farm info 

x Reached Sapphire League 

x Madeleines were on sale at Costco 

x Tiger ASMR | Garnet Sound | Nemo's Dreamscapes

x Pusheen: Pip's present (good and simple animations always cheer me up)

x Taylor’s Swift’s sister album for Folklore | Top Three from Evermore: Tolerate it (#1 because you know I love the painful tracks the most), Willow (that MV tho), and Long Story Short 


x Completed my new project! Ex Libris: Sealed Love Letters Series  

 Alchemist    //   Billet Doux //   Three of Swords //   Singularity 

x Things that made me sad: ; - ; being triggered from something that happened three years ago; wifi being wonky and slow; I miss Kat; Gigi and Chubby had a fight and now we have to start operation rebond; Ch 16 Season 2 of The Mandalorian - I couldn't see the last ten minutes of the show properly because my tears were in the way ; o ; Articles saying Baby Yoda is leaving the show for good like the Razor Crest; Baby Yoda palette no longer sold at Ulta; Multiple sleep paralysis and waking up in dreams (hypnopompic/ post dormital sleep paralysis); I don't want Canva to use my original extractable images to be searchable. I want my flowers and seals to be exclusive to me. I need to to contact them about it ; o ; Two of my nails broke but I'm not filing down the rest of my nails because they did nothing wrong

Current Favorites, December Favorites

Current Favorites, December Favorites


x Jupiter and Saturn conjunction 

x Open the Door · Ludwig Göransson | Ch 16 score ; - ; Bawling my eyes out my dudes. 

x Come with me  · Ludwig Göransson | *cries harder*

x Reading books at home

x Half-pear, half-apple fruit

x Giving Gigi and Chubby Blueberries

x Getting a handmade holiday card from relatives at Cali. The snowflake drawings they made were so cute and pretty

x Getting presents from grandma and my aunt. Sending 'I love you' texts to both of them

x Still not over Ch 16 | But I like people reassuring me that Baby Yoda will survive another Jedi purge because if he died then Mando would've whooped Kylo Ren's ass !

x Baby Yoda theory that he will become a Mandalorian Jedi just like the maker of the Dark Saber

x The Christmas lights are up. We have snowflakes one, regular golden fairy lights, and one where it looks like it's raining meteors

x My candle arrived safely! I'm so happy :) !!!  Once it's empty I can reuse it as a jewelry box! 

Things that made me sad: Seasonal depression coming back during the winter solstice . _ .  I've always been good at regulating my emotions but that bepression wave hit me out of nowhere - it made me want to delete all the letters I wrote and worked so hard on; missing package is still not here - I was looking forward to a new candle to light. It said it was delivered in the morning but when I went to check in the afternoon it wasn't there ; o ; So many good online sales I want to jump on but with the holiday shipping and everything they're just stuck at my cart; no new sales on my shop; skin being weird and painful on my birthday week; pinky skin peeled off from stapler; anker charges and separate components; 


x Nitro whipped cream (Barista series) + fancy festive mac n cheese 

x Got my snaccs for when I'm sad again: hot funyuns and fortune cookies

x Our Christmas tree + nutcracker is finally on display 

x Getting baked goods (bibingka) from our dad's friend/aunt :) 

x Doing really well with Japanese lessons especially w/ Kanji at Duolingo :3 Happy Owl-idays to my fellow polyglots!

x My Nike hoodie has two pockets I didn't know about! 

x Tem Morrison's ig bio 

Remember the Night (1940) ft. Barbara Stanwyck | How I wish I could live inside a TCM film | Minus the racist shit in the 40s

x Fixed my broken nail with nailene | I hope it lasts a couple of weeks

x 3.5k views / 3.6k views

x My sister using the iPhone X

x Taking care of our rabbits and cats

x Doing light exercises again. My fav is the one with the elastic band

x Using the little crevice at the side of the bed to hold my consoles and some work out gears :3 

x Finished Postscript for Alchemist

x The ornaments are up! 

x Took out the splinter after a day of trying

x I have the same birthday as Temuera Morrison! The actor for Boba Fett! 12/26! I knew I liked him right away! We're both December Capricorns :3 Best birthday present ever! 

x I think me and my dad are both witches. We can tell when someone's being fake. And we're both in the same wavelength when it comes to our intuition. We can tell when my mom or sister's friend is not a true friend and we both agreed that going outside during your birthday is like tempting fate to take a shot at you O: I'm going to be reading my astrology book and make a hot cocoa bar for my birthday!

x Mama Bear bought us winter decors that were 50% off | She also got me red sugar cookies that were on sale for my birthday 

x Holiday (1938) ft. Cary Grant & Katherine Hepburn 

x Bonding with Gigi and Chubby by laying on the floor with them

x The increased stimulus checks are signed!

x I got 'Greenlights' by Matthew McConaughey in the library on the night of my birthday. Best third gift ever! Libby said it was a 6 months wait, but I got it in a couple of months? The audiobook is also out so I can't wait to check that out too :D I'm more than half-way done

x Teaching my little brother Miko about Greek mythology 

x Reached Ruby league. Finished #3 from Saphhire league 

x Really grateful to have reached the age of 28. I was anxious about it this whole year. 

x Hedy Lamarr quotes | She's giving bisexual vibes in one of her explicit quotes :3

x Getting a lot of stuff done off of my to-do list sticky notes

x I made another sale at my shop at full price!  

x My grandma on my mom's side called us from the Philippines because it's my birthday and she was more excited than me for it :D

Things that made me sad: splinters on three of my fingers; tummy being weird again; Mama bear being snappy; friends forgetting my official name day ; o ; 


x Nailene - Water doesn't lift up my nails. It stays put even with all of the pandemic handwashing routine! This stuff is amazing!!! 
x Valentine's stocks are showing up
x Seven Stars - Domoken | I ain't playin' - Ryoga | Thoughts of her - Dallas Cotton | Hurt You First - Niia & Niia's covers
x I can't find my Bible from a long time ago so I downloaded four apps on my phone that I can hopefully use for free and not have to sign in and stuff 
x Found a new way to bond with Chubby and Gigi that hopefully works! 
x Decided not to release the extended version of Alchemist because I feel super mushy. And I can't make my thoughts coherent lately. The stuff I was gonna include were: throne rooms, sapphires, and deluge. Maybe later I might when it stops getting views. 
x Screen Rant Pitch Meeting: Star Wars Compilation
x Star Wars Theory channel
x Bought two Dark Side Funko Pops | Classic Darth Vader w lights + sound effect (bought him because I loved the hallway scene from Rogue One) & a Pink Storm Trooper Valentine's Edition. Can't wait for it to get here
x Choosing my Sith lord titles from Old Latin words | Darth Uro 
x JW Library | King James Version | New World Translation | Found my favorite verse again | Proverbs 27:11; I almost forgot about it and got it confused with Psalms 83:11 
x Peko Pop app 
x I bought a couple of palettes from ColourPop & some heart-shaped jewelry from XXI
x 3.7k views / 3.8k views / 3.9k views / 4k views / 4.1k views 
x Can't wait to be a toy/collectible figure blog next year. Still going to be a beauty blog but I just want to do more merch stuff. Hopefully, I can have a nice display soon. I only have like four figures from giant franchises at the moment :3
x Revenge of the Sith is my favorite movie from the Prequels 
x Hayden Christensen is back with Ewan McGregor!!! :3
x Still thinking about that ten-cent store/dime store from Stanwyck's Christmas movie ; o ; && now I think Dollar Tree is expensive
x Padme's Funeral Suite (Remastered) by The Last Sith | 0:59 - 1:06
x Finished watching The Empire Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi ; o ; I loved the moon teddy bears and I cried at the scenes between Vader and Luke
x Miniso eyelash curler 
x Darth Vader Comics in Comixology 
x The Cat House is up. Me and Mama Bear put the circus tent back for the stray cats 
x Helped Mama Bear cover her garden to protect her baby plants from the winter frost
x New Year's Eve dish: noodles with bone broth :3

x Things that made me sad: so far nothing which is great :3 oh wait, I've been having trouble sleeping again because of indigestion. _ . ;;; If I skip out one time on fruits and exercising this shit happens. I don't like this part of aging; also my period is starting in a couple of days - this shit where I get my period twice a month (one week at beginning of the month and one near the end) is gonna last till March o: talc n asbestos are both linked to cancer and I can't enjoy makeup as I used to; people that hate the prequels ; o ; the senate blocking the $2k stimulus checks :[ ; more sleep paralysis episodes; my right temple hurting and my middle finger knuckle too - my bones are really weak during winter ; - ; 

Current Favorites, December Favorites

Current Favorites, December Favorites, Winter Favorites, Winter Loves

Current Favorites, December Favorites

Current Favorites, December Favorites

Current Favorites, December Favorites

Current Favorites, December Favorites


  1. Those ice cream cone polishes are so cute, and look like very wearable colors.

    1. Hi Karen!!! They are indeed cute :D The formula is pretty good but I think I hyped them up in my head so much I was a little bit disappointed in how they performed. Still testing them out though xx

  2. Loved your current favorites! Happy New Year my love! <3

    1. Aww thank you Marta! Happy New Year to you too, sugar ! <3



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