Review: Green Tea Milk Sheet Mask (Soothing) by A’pieu


disclaimer: i tried to take photos without any filters but the lighting felt off. like it looked muddy, although i can see from the mirror that it clearly has that dewy look that i liked so much ; O ; so i ended up taking photos with an instagram filter that perfectly matches what i saw in the mirror and natural light. i know that kinda counts as distorting the photograph, but the lighting wasn’t cooperating o: 

milk extract - hydrates skin and prevents further dryness
green tea extract - gently soothes sensitive skin
witch hazel extract - balances oils to maintain clearer, healthier skin

(i) back, front

              (ii) essence leftover,  inside of sheet mask

         (iii) before, after 

 ✨after taking it off, i immediately went to take a selfie and wow it made my skin looked like there was a glow / light infused within. 
✨ noticeable glass skin effect. felt like my skin had highlighter added  to it even though i didn’t add any to take for the after photo
✨ a lot of left over essence that you can rub on your arms and legs. initially, it looked dried up. was pleasantly surprised that there was plenty left c:
✨ hydrating and milky 

 scent smells like a car refresher - ^ - ;; if they could re-make this product, I wish they could make it smell like matcha because that’s what i was expecting. 
 runs slightly bigger for small faces. struggled a bit flattening the sheet out because it just keeps drooping in folds. only a problem if you have a small face like mine );
 was really hard to open. had to use scissors. 

i would this recommend if you want a quick pick-me-up mask. like if you’re going to an event or a date. it gives you that really pretty and sculpted glow. i don’t like the scent so much. a lot of other reviews seem to like the scent or not mind it. i sort of agree. it reminds me of lemon cake. disappointed tho, because i wanted to sniff matcha for 10-15 min haha. good for dry and sensitive skin. i’m giving it a 3 out of 5 bunnies because while i did like the glowy effect, the scent just didn’t make it enjoyable for me to multi-task while i had the mask on for about 20 minutes. 

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