Review: [ It's Skin ] Babyface Petit Mascara & Majolica Majorca Lash Expander [ Long Long Long ]


Full Disclosure: This is my first attempt at reviewing a beauty product. I am attempting to do at least one beauty review per month. I am doing two reviews for this month since I used up January waiting for the products to arrive and to also test it out. Also, I don’t have a professional camera yet, and only relying on my phone so please forgive me for not having high-quality photos that you can zoom in to properly to look into the details. By the end of the year, I am hoping to get a camera then. Also another apology in advance for not being completely thorough in reviewing these products. I only realize what I should have added, only after I’ve already finished editing my content.  Again,  I really did just want to do this for fun and to also try a new format for blogging in 2018. Please enjoy  

[ It's Skin ]  Babyface Petit Mascara in Volume 02: Tube type petit mascara for superior volume lashes like a doll. Gives nutrition by black food compex and acetylpeptide; strong volume setting ; 7.5g  

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander [ Long Long Long ]: Super Long type / waterproof / High-performance treatment ingredients to care for eyelashes / Color:BK999 (Define Black) / Size:width 17 × height 110 × depth 17(mm) / Contents: 6g / Made in Japan 

  [ It's Skin ]  Babyface Petit Mascara in Volume 02: First impression of this product is that it has a very unique packaging. It comes in a tube. I’m used to seeing mascaras in cylindrical containers. I was expecting for it to be soaked with formula upon the first draw of the wand from the container, but sadly, it arrived dry. The shipping took about a week and another week for it to be in-transit. That could be the reason why. After the first application, I didn’t see any dramatic difference in my lashes. The second coat did the trick. Though it appeared to lengthen more than volumize my lashes. It didn’t really give me that va - va - voom effect I was hoping it would. I also noticed that you have to be very careful when you apply it on your lower lashes or it could smudge and make a mess on your foundation.  

Price for this mascara is  $2.31,  with standard shipping comes out to about $6 from LoveCosmetics. The price isn’t bad for the decent quality it provides. It does give you that frail feathery look that makes you want to bat your lashes at every eye contact, which I do love about this mascara. It didn’t irritate my eyes after going out to eat and while I was driving, so that was also a plus for me. The wand has a rectangular shape with one half of it having a wide back comb bristles, while the other side has a smaller closedly space bristles. So far I've only really liked this mascara using the wider side of the wand. It reminds me a lot of my other favorite mascara Salon de Cara by Clio and how the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara wand looks. I might have to play around more with this mascara on how to apply it to unlock it's full magical effects. 

  Majolica Majorca Lash Expander [ Long Long Long ]: I’ve never tried a fibre mascara before, so I was excited to try this out. I was quite disappointed, however, at how messy the wand looked when I first opened it. It had fibers sticking out everywhere. I’m not really sure if it’s supposed to look like that. After my first coat, I noticed fibers falling at my under eye area and cheeks. Had to clean up, before I applied a second coat. During the second application though, it transferred on my upper lids, making me re-do my eyeshadow. So, I think you really have to be careful with this product. While, I was outside, driving late at night, I kept making a fuss near my eye because the fibers irritated my eyeballs so much. Had to keep blinking to stop it from bothering me so much. From what I’ve noticed, it does lengthen your lashes very similarly to the Babyface Petit Mascara. It is also very waterproof. I don’t have the swatches for it, but I went to sleepover at my SO’s house and I didn’t bring my Bifesta  oil cleanser with me. I used my SO’s Cerave gentle oil  and foam cleanser instead, and the mascara’s wouldn’t budge. I think it t took a couple of washes before it was somewhat removed. So I suppose this is safe to use for any time you want to go to the beach, pool, or do some major crying LOL. Another thing about this product is that the packaging is so so so pretty. I think that’s what made me jump in to purchase this right away. It looks so luxurious that it made me think of vintage cosmetics like that in the 1920s. Very Gatsby-esque and elegant in it’s appearance. So even though the fibers irritate the heck out of my eyes, I’m glad I have this mascara in my collection :P Another reason why I’ve made this purchase is because I have  also wanted to own something from Majolica Majorca for the longest time now. 

Price for this product is  $14.20 with free shipping from a third-party seller from Amazon. The wand is shaped half-moon with very small bristles. It's nice for grabbing every lash, even in the small corner of the eyes in the upper eyelids, but somewhat difficult to apply at the bottom lashes. 

captions: (i) open eyes (ii) up-close (iii) closed eyes 
(i) (ii) (iii): majolica majorca is applied on the left side of my eye (l) and babyface petite mascara is applied on the right eye (r)

 (i) with glasses (ii) without glasses

The end result is that both of these mascaras lengthened my lashes quite well. I do love that full fan effect it gives when you close your eyes. I think the major selling point for both the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander and the Babyface Petit Mascara is their pretty and cute packaging and their brand names. Some of the claims didn’t live up to what it claim it does or that there were drawbacks, but maybe, that’s just me and my small almond eye shape. Judging between the two products, The Babyface Petit Mascara costs less  ($2) and has more product content (7.5 g) than the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander does at 6 g for $14. Would I repurchase both of them? I don’t think I would, after just testing these mascaras alone. If I had bought the lash primer that came with their own respective lines then I might have been more impressed. If I could recommend a product for both lengthening and curling, I would highly recommend Clio’s Salon de Cara WP back comb. The packaging isn’t as eye-catching, but it does the job perfectly well. I might do a quick mini review in the next post! Forgot to mention that both of these mascaras did grab every lash that I've had upon application, which was quite impressive. But you still have to do it slowly and carefully to get that effect.  

 I give both of these products a 3 / 5 bunnies in my book.

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