Empties #2


These are Empties I've accumulated over the past six months or so. Let's get started! 

Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water Matcha Green Tea Extract $12

repurchase? yes |   no   |   [ maybe ]  

I still have my Kiku toner that I’m trying to finish up. I’ll give this another try if I don’t feel like waiting for Amazon to ship my stuff. 

Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots Ampoule $2 

repurchase? [ yes ]  |   no   |    maybe 

Sub for Joico conditioner which retails at $30. Better bang for my buck. 

Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free + Balance Foundation Stick $7 

repurchase? yes |   [ no  ]  |    maybe   

I want to invest in a higher-end foundation. As soon as I finish up my NARS samples and Wet n Wild foundation, I’m going to purchase the NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation. 

Joico K-PAK Revitaluxe Bioadvanced Restorative Treatment $24

repurchase? yes |  [  no  ] |    maybe 

Didn’t really do anything for my bleached hair. I’ve found a way cheaper alternative. The packaging is super pretty though. 

Joico Blonde Life Brightening Conditioner $19

repurchase? yes |   [ no ]  |    maybe   

I liked it the first couple of times I’ve used it. Afterwards though, it wouldn’t really do anything for my tangled, damaged hair. Again the packaging is super pretty. 

Maybelline New York Dream Cushion Fresh Face Liquid Foundation On-thego in Warm Nude 30 $7

repurchase? yes |   no   |   [ maybe ]  

I prefer the coverage of this over the Lumi one by L’Oreal. I hope they don’t ever discontinue this product, although I have a feeling that they already are. Anyway, this product was great for every time I come over to a SO’s house to sleep over. Helps me get ready quickly in the morning. They also have a wider set of skin color range than a typical BB cushion from Korea 

Katinko Counter irritant $7

repurchase?  [ yes ]  |   no   |    maybe 

This product works every time I have mosquito bites and also when I have a tummy ache. Wish this was readily available in stores everywhere. At the moment, only Amazon has it. 

Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel [gift]

repurchase? yes |   no   |   [ maybe ]   

I want to try and get the Peach Bellini one instead. This one is super great for the holidays though. The scent wasn’t overpowering. 

The Ritual of Ayurveda Foaming Shower Gel  by Rituals  [gift]

repurchase? yes |   [ no ]    |   maybe   

It smelled really nice. But for a small bottle that costs $10, I don’t think I could bite the bullet on this one. So won’t be repurchasing. 

Soo Ae Revitalizing Rose Mist $6 

repurchase? yes |   no   |   [ maybe ]  

Got this at Walmart. It lasted a really long time. It has anti-oxidant properties and worked really well as a toner. Not that much of a fan of the rose scent. 

Harry’s Shaving Tool 

repurchase? yes |   no   |   [ maybe ]  

Paired this with ‘Dirty’ by Lush. It was a pretty good combo. Men’s razor and men’s shaving cream. I’ve been gifted a lot of women’s razor that surprisingly is on par with men’s razor, so I haven’t been able to pick this up in a while. Might soon, though when I run out of razors to use. The elephant in their logo saying "hi" is super cute btw. 

L’Oreal Paris Elvive Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm $6 

repurchase?  [ yes ]  |   no   |   maybe  

HG. So yes. This is the cheaper alternative I was talking about that I have implemented in my skincare regime to replace Joico. 

Sea-Tox Mermaid Approved Sea Mineral Body Polish Detox by Bath and Body Works $14 

repurchase? yes |   no   |   [ maybe ]  

Super cute packaging. I’m not really into body scrubs anymore. I used to be 3 years ago though. So not sure yet, if I will repurchase.  Actually not sure if they still carry this. I feel like it’s been discontinued. But BBW packaging has been really on point lately. 

Cotton Puffs + Cotton Rounds 

repurchase? yes |   no   |   [ maybe ]  

The only one I’m repurchasing is the one from Daiso. The 150 pieces for $1.50. It’s in a further location which sucks. The Daiso near me doesn’t seem to have this ever on stock. 

Face Shop samples

repurchase? yes |   [ no ]   |   maybe  

I wrote a post about this. You can check it out [here].  I did love these but after using them for a while, I feel like they broke me out so I won’t be repurchasing. 

Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Conditioner Revitalisant (Bio-advance Peptide Complex) $30 

repurchase? yes |   [  no ]    |   [ maybe ]   

I liked this for rescuing my hair after it became super bleached. But it’s just too expensive to keep repurchasing. So I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this anytime soon. 

Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash Fragrance Free $14 

repurchase? [ yes ]  |   no   |    maybe

Only body wash with no scent that didn’t make me all ashy. Super moisturizing. Worth the money.   

Aveeno Positively Nourishing Calming Body Wash (Lavender, Chamomile, Ylang Ylang) $7 

repurchase? yes |   [ no ]   |    maybe    

Has a pleasant scent. Not as drying as other body wash I’ve tried but it isn’t like the previous Aveeno product I’ve mentioned. 

Equate Nourishing Nail Polish Remover (Enriched with Vitamin E) $3

repurchase?  [yes ] |   no   |   maybe

Doesn’t make my nails flake like acetone so will be repurchasing again in the future. 

Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Gel $3 

repurchase? [  yes ]  |   no   |    maybe     

Sub for ‘Dirty’ from Lush ($15). Works really well and doesn’t run out as fast. 

  Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water by LUSH $12 

repurchase? yes |  [  no  ]   |   maybe 

Purchased this out of loyalty for LUSH for introducing me to the world of toners. But, this isn’t something I particularly enjoy.     

Slow FE supplement  $15 

repurchase?  [ yes ]  |   no   |   maybe 

Super gentle on my tummy so definitely would repurchase again. Good for that time of the month when you’re specifically iron deprived for a whole week.     

100% Whey Protein Isolate Cookies n Cream 

repurchase? [ yes ] |   no   |   maybe 

I have two other different flavors I need to finish but as soon as I’m done with those I’m coming back to Cookies n Cream. I love this product because it helped me gain weight. 

Nivea Moisturizing Body Wash Care & Sparkle (Shimmers with Sparkling Diamond Powder) 

repurchase?  yes  |   no   |   [ maybe ]  

Love the fragrance o this one. Haven’t noticed it making my skin dry so will most likely repurchase. 

Outro: Those are all of my empties for this past couple of months. What are yours? Let me know in the comment section below. 

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