19 Things I am Grateful For


/1 Grateful for our family rabbits chipping away at the leg of the wood table in the corner of the room on the second floor at 2 AM. Makes me feel like I’m not alone with my thoughts. And the repetitive banging sound is oddly comforting 

/2 Grateful for physical symptoms of the heartbreak easing off. I thought I was going to get stomach cancer from constant stomach pain that I’ve got from the past weekend. Thank heavens, it’s a lot milder now. && also my new doctor is amazing! She listens to every anxiety symptoms I have, even if they sound ridiculous, she never makes me feel that way! I’m so happy she’s my new doctor! 

/3 H&M copper polish in ‘Copper Penny’! It’s amazing, opaque, and a two-coat formula! I’m buying all of my nail polish from H&M from now on. 

/4 Being over two of my exes without getting under another man c: 

/5 Peaceful isolation in my new private Twitter account. I feel like I’ve been healing 10x the normal speed! 

/6 Still looking pretty after this breakup. Usu, I’m a mess. Butt, I feel like I immediately skipped to the glow up part and it hasn’t even been a week yet c:

/7 Grateful for sleeping like a baby every night although my ex has moved on :3 

/8 Grateful for things going well at work. My promotion is finally here and I also get to have a Bonus by the end of the year. Something that’s never happened in my old job before! 

/9 Grateful for the pretty lady in LA who helped me at the airport when I got confused during the boarding process. She was so nice ; o ; I wish I sat next to her during the plane ride home 

/10 Grateful for my spirit animal, Sen Mitsuji. 

/11 Grateful that I have a low tolerance for bullshit now and know that when people fuck me over, there is no going back to them. 

/12 Grateful for the Pokemon Company announcing Pokemon Sleep. No one has cared about me this way before :’) 

/13 Grateful for my new motto: Be creative and cry. I’m really surprised at how I’m able to be productive and do extroverted things even though I was so upset the past few days. I guess breakups are all about transformations. 

/14 Grateful for the nice drivers on the road. I didn’t get honked at this whole week I went outside; - ; So thank you for not adding to my stressful situation. 

/15 Grateful for being less attached to things. 

/16 Grateful that my prayers to keep my family safe is always being heard. 

/17 Grateful for gaining weight c: My weight gain journey is going well. 

/18 Grateful for finding the pearl hairpins that I’ve been looking everywhere for! Please let me find a sheer pleated midi skirt soon as well ; o ; I need it for Chitose Hibiya vibe look I’m going for 

/19 Grateful for future travel plans! I am definitely going to work hard on being healthier this year so I can go next year and watch the Yokohama Pikachu pride next year! 

Outro: What are you grateful for so far in 2019? 

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