Let’s Catch Up: Juicy Peach Horror



I split this Let’s Catch Up Post into two parts. You’ll see the other one in a minute. I’m trying to get everything up this weekend because I’ll be gone during the weekdays. I bought my very first Mario game that didn’t make me want to cry, scream, and throw up every time I lost lol. It’s The Princess Peach Show Time. I love the dress up aspect of it. I haven’t cleared all the floors. I’m at the second floor at the moment. But I’m very much looking forward to unlocking Mermaid Peach and Detective Peach. 

I also gave my Switch a pink Sakura make over. I might make a reel or a post about it soon. I hope the Princess Peach Milk Tea is still available at Kung Fu Tea 🧋 House. I just haven’t had the chance to give it a try. I also got the pale neon pink joycons. Because pink is the name of the game. I have no regrets because I love looking at my Switch every time I look at her. I haven’t been back in the gaming scene for a while. I’ve been focused on work, rest, and studying. My co-workers have actually inspired me to give it my best, because they are also studying and working full time like me. So it’s been a blessing to be surrounded by people that are so hard-working, motivated, and goal-oriented. 


  • Detective Pikachu Returns
  • The Princess Peach Show Time
  • PokĂ©mon Mystery Dungeon 


  • Only For A Moment by Elena Aitken
  • Gang of Ghouls Eva by Eva Chase (I finally subscribed to Kindle Unlimited again after Elvira, my book Threadstie, recommended this book to me) 
  • Elements of Style: Designing A Home & A Life
  • All In Good Taste by Kate Spade 
  • Cosmic Calendar by Christopher Renstrom 
  • Bitterthorn by Kat Dunn (Recommended by The Book Leo) 


  • MacGyver (The original from 1985) | I’m at Season 5 but I am working my way backwards to Season 1. I’ve seen the two movies set in London. And I just finished the episode with the psychiatric twins. I love RDA. 

We got a new puppy around March. This is our first time being a dog-owner. I think Mama Bear and Papa Bear are craving grandkids because they put Scully on a swing at the playground and they’re also very dedicated to her toilet training. Her first day of training was yesterday and I got her a Juicy Couture blanket with a bone pillow. It’s like the cutest thing. I also got her an Apple air tag just like Magnum’s and we bought her a heart tag that has my mom’s contact info. She’s so spoiled with so many new toys and treats. She still gives a lot of love bites and love scratches because she’s only a two month old puppy. She has hazel eyes and she’s very adorable. If she’s not featured on this blog post, you’ll see her in the next blog post. And it’s already up on my ig @dazedmari. Which by the way, went through a complete rebirth. I’m so glad to be active there and I found really great supportive girl group chats on there. I love connections I’ve made. Microblogging has been a great way for me to keep on blogging while I’m busy. But I’ve said it before, nothing beats traditional blogging. This is my safe space.

Thank you for reading. Take care xx !


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  1. You make me want playing a new game! I haven't bought a new game in a while and feel like I'm in need of a new video game. haha

    OMG! New puppy! What breed is it? ♥


    1. Princess Peach Show Time is super funnnn!!!! I highly recommend it! I also found out about Delta which you can play emulator games on your iPhone. I still haven't set it up because I've been sick but there are so many new games I want to try!

      We're not sure what breed Scully is. The vet and the trainer said she's a mutt. But she looks like a Pit bull and a Labrador to me c: ♥

  2. You make me want playing a new game! I haven't bought a new game in a while and feel like I'm in need of a new video game. haha

    OMG! New puppy! What breed is it? ♥


    1. I'm 1/3rd done with PPS! My dad found an old couple who was giving away puppies and they never told my dad what kind of breed Scully is unfortunately. Would have been nice to unlock that backstory lol



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