Hello There 2024 | Happy 5th Anniversary To "Dazed Mari" xx



Hey guys! This is the part two of the “Let’s Catch Up” post. I’ve been collecting a lot of pink this year because it’s the year of the cherry blossoms. I finally got to see it at 31. And I meant to do something four months ago for my blog to celebrate our fifth anniversary, but it was just the longest flu season around January and February. 

It was so scary last night how my iPad was acting so buggy. Haven’t opened my iPad and MacBook in months. I was so worried it wouldn’t charge anymore. My laptop which is turning 11 (who has been with me through hell and back)  worked so smoothly like a baby’s bum last night. All my photos were synced, Fire Alpaca 🦙 was on fire, the cloud gif converted was fast, and Pinterest was also loading so nicely. I couldn’t believe it. I think my laptop must’ve also missed me blogging. 

I called it a day at 11: 15. My lilac moon lamp has been helping me sleep really well this past week. I’m really into using Threads. I think it’s one of the best apps to ever exist. I got 500 followers within like a week of using it. I mean I made several accounts but my public one has the most engagement same as my Ig which is at 20% engagement. I’m @dazedmari on Threads and Instagram. Let’s connect and grow there together! It’s a lot of fun. 

X is my least favorite app to use at the moment because it’s shadowbanned me there twice. It unfollowed everyone I was following. It restricted who I could interact with. Overall, it’s just a mess. 

Trying to keep connected with my family more so I bought my aunt and grandma in Cali flowers from Venus et Fleur. The flowers will be delivered around Mother’s Day with the limited edition hat boxes in Brise D’Est. I got my aunt the Mini Le Plein in Blush Suede and Pink. And for my grandma I got Buttermilk Yellow roses in Le Petit Round. 

I bought my mom a Clinique perfume because she loves Clinique. I’m gonna try to look for the original Happy one because I couldn’t find it at Ulta. I got her Happy in Paradise. I was debating between that one or Happy Together. It should get here today. It also came with free goodies like make up brushes, moisturizer, and an eyeliner. 

Favorite holiday nail I wore is Sacrificial Lacquer by Holo Taco. And I love PopFlex so much. I have the Tie Breaker Dress in Dove and the Twirl Dress in Country Blue. 

My birthday went really well. It was small dinner and I got a couple of nice presents. My cats and rabbits were in good health. And the last Cold Full Moon fell on the 26th of December which was my birthday. It’s so magical. 

Thank you for reading. Take care xo!


  • Good Days by SZA
  • Saturn by SZA
  • Sweetly by Lord Kael
  • Dark Beach (Slowed + Reverb) by Tazzy
  • Cherish the Day by Sade 
  • Bad Btch Energy by Shanin Blake
  • The Way It Is by Keyshia Cole 


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  1. Happy 5th blog anniversary! I didn't know you were on Threads? I have to follow you! I've also been loving Threads and how peaceful it is compared to X which I also don't like. haha

    Did you like that mushroom coffee? I've tried a few different brands and just can't get into it. I have yet to find a non-coffee that tastes like coffee. ♥


    1. Thank you Michelle!!! I'm so happy to be so close to 250k total viewership. I hope I'll be able to hit that mark before December.

      I followed you back on Threads!!! Sorry for this late reply. I've gotten sick and been having long shifts at work. Threads is definitely more enjoyable for me than X as well!

      Sadly, I didn't like it either. I also tried mushroom chips and I didn't like the taste either. The only non-coffee that actually tastes like coffee is black rice coffee! And I highly recommend it.

      It's easy to make. All you do is toast white rice on a frying pan until they turn black. They'll look like black sesame seeds once done. And then all you do is add hot water and brown sugar and voila you're done c: It tastes sooo good. It's what I always drink when I have a dry, irritated throat and when I also run out of my favorite mulberry tea bags. x



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