Girl's Day | Irvine Spectrum Center | The Alley, Barnes & Noble, Sephora | Target & Ulta



This day was so fun. It’s just girls going out to shop, browse, and talk. I didn’t find the pink pullover I was hoping to get at Brandy Melville. They had lots of pink, white, and blue items but none of them caught my eye. I like how the items I picked out were 100% cotton, so I think that’s why the prices are the way they were.  Overall it was a nice time. I love my mom for driving us where wanted to go. No place is too far away. We ended the day at Huntington Beach. I love Surf City. I was just reading about it in a book before we went to Cali, and being able to be in the same place as my favorite characters in the book is so amazing. 

There is also another Girl's Day part two that I forgot to add. It's the one where we kiddos just went to Target and Ulta. I had a lot of gift cards so that's what we used for the majority of the purchase. 

If my period didn’t leave me out of commission for two days, I would’ve been able to go to the Citadel. Oh well, maybe next time. There’s different talks and ideas about which new city to visit, so I’m not really sure when I’ll see her again. Hopefully, I’ll see California again soon. 

                           The videos are up on the lilac highlight stories under Travel &  đŸ€  @dazedmari


  • Anaheim Packing District
  • Downtown Disney
  • Universal City Walk
  • Estate Sale
  • The Source (I’ve only been to Buena Park but it was when it first opened; I wanna see how different it is now)
  • Crystal Cove
  • Tyler Galleria
  • Long Beach 
  • Malibu 


  • Mama Bear - Moroccan Treatment Hair Oil 3.4 oz/ 100 mL
  • LJ - Sol De Janeiro Cheirosa '68 Beija Flor // Tower 28  Beauty LipSoftie Hydrating Tinted Lip Treatment Balm in Ube Vanilla - Sheer Burgundy // Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey 
  • Joy - The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Exfoliating Toner 
  • Me - Nothing. Because I had Self-Control lol. They were out of the cherry one for Summer Fridays Lip Butter balm so I didn't grab anything. Also, the fragrance section almost got me. But I still have a lot of perfumes that I currently need to finish so I also didn't grab anything from there. I wanted to though!

It was great to have Apple Pay ready. Like long nails and credit cards are just not meant to be. So, I'm happy I didn't have to embarrass myself while paying for everyone's goodies c: I just pull out my phone and BAM! Transaction complete. It was awesome how everyone had a different taste in their beauty selection. My mom focused on hair care. My little cousin focused on mist and lip products. And my aunt liked the skincare more. 


  • LJ - Wild Fable Salon Clip Hair Bow 2 pc // Scunci Black Hair Snap Clips // Banana Boat Ultra Sport Sunscreen Spray // Universal Threads Jumbo Two-tone Hair Clip // Beloved Pineapple & Papaya Hand Lotion // Elf Glow Reviver Lip Oil in Jam Session // Shade & Shore Dark Green S bikini // Art Class Girls' Ribbed Cami Tank Top in Black & White 
  • Joy  -Banana Boat Ultra Sort Sunscreen Lotion // The Honest Company Hand Sanitizer  // Method Body Wash Mini in Grey // Dr. Bronner's Lavender Hand Sanitizer // Disney Pastel Minnie Mouse Tee Shirt (& other toiletry stuff. I don't know why the rest of them aren't showing up on the Target app Purchase history) 
  • Me - Mini First Aid Kit // Wet n Wild Boost Me Up Lash & Brow Serum // A New Day Straw Linen Seashell Headband // Compton Cowboys 1988 Tank Top (rusty burnt orange) with ruche at the sides // Grey Pull-On Perfect Fleece Gray XXS // Classic Target Tote Bag from Bullseye's playground

My aunt had to put the pastel bikini she found back because it wasn't very flattering. We also bought a bunch of candy. The shark gummies were my fav. I ended up buying a tote bag because I forgot you had to pay for a plastic bag in California. 


    • LJ - She got a bunch of cute, trendy tank tops 
    • Joy - She bought stuff for her friends. She was their personal shopper for the day.
    • Me - I got pajamas and more loungewear because I love soft clothes lol c:
    • Mom - I convinced my mom to get the Mari Mekko-inspired cardigan. I love all the flower details in bright colors because it looked like the 60s and it's when my mom was born c: 


    • Me - Angel baby tote bag | Paris, Texas Lone Star Tee | Blue striped mini shorts
    No one else added anything to their cart so I didn't get them anything. I was pretty disappointed that I couldn't find the elusive dusty pink pullover. I'll try my luck at Pac Sun. It's funny how I keep finding Cowboy Western stuff in Cali but not so much in Texas where I'm from. Like the Coastal Cowboy aesthetic is really popping off. In Texas, you have to go to a specific cowboy boots store to find some cute Cowboy merch (It's where I got my Marlboro Cowboy Tee that says Cowboy Land). I gave my cousin LJ her early 16th birthday present so she said she would show me her haul sometime. And then for my aunt, I'm gonna send her Cowboy boots and a Stanley cup around her birthday.


      • LJ - She couldn't come with us but I did bring her back hot Funyuns from Walgreens and also Nacho Fries and Baja Blast from Taco Bell 
      • Joy - I got her a classic light blue Adidas cap and I think a white top? I forgot what the other item was ( I successfully convinced them that I needed to pay because they needed to go to Daiso before it closed haha)
      • Me - Nothing but I enjoyed browsing c:
      • Mom - My mom got a bunch of linen trousers c: And I also got her the Clinique Happy Perfumes that were made in Switzerland. My mom went crazy perfume shopping. Her perfume collection is growing on her vanity shelf along with her skin care routine. 

        MINI  ULTA HAULS: 

        • LJ - Nyx Butter Gloss in Rocky Road // Elf Cream Glide Lip Liner in Plum & Get It // Touchland Power Mist Mango Passion // Elf Squeeze Me Lip Balm Peach 
        • Joy - The Ordinary Pycnogenol 5% 15 ml / Touchland Impulse Power Mist Citrus Grove // The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics // The Ordinary Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% oz 
        • Me - I didn't get anything because nothing really caught my eye. But I was thinking between ColourPop and Half Magic. 

              I could only convince one of my cousins to let me pay for their stuff. I could usually trick them by saying I'll get in line while they look around. But that didn't work this time around. My aunt did like the free Barnes & Noble tote that I picked out so that was also one of my gifts for her during her first visit to Cali. 

              I’ll see you next time, sharks! Until then, take care xx

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              1. I visited the Irvine Spectrum Center when I went to California last year. They had so many cute shops! We went to the Hello Kitty cafe, ate, got macarons, and visited some of the cute stores. I forgot to go to the Barnes & Noble tho! We were all hungry so we went to get food first but then I got carried away and completely forgot to go visit. *cries* ♥

                1. I saw your story highlights!!! I love your food adventures!!! I was drooling over the cafes you visited. I saw the Hello Kitty cafe but we didn't go in because we were already pretty happy with just looking at the outside display! Irvine Spectrum Center is soo pretty. I felt like I was in a bazaar! ♥

                  I hope you get to go to the Barnes & Noble next time you're in Cali! I was trying to look for some new Tarot decks but I couldn't find their Spiritual section for some reason ; o ; so I didn't end up buying anything.



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