Whatever I did for you last year, I cannot do it again


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I'm barely making a dent in any of my reading materials :( I'm finished with AML though.

Finish at least 50-70% of LTC  Cook Pesto Pasta .  Clean kitchen .  Start new anime .

Have not touched manga in a while. Something is so relaxing about reading black and white pages. I've caught up on Masamune-kun Revenge. They also finally adapted it into an anime series. I'm not sure if I want to start watching it yet though. I really want Ch 40 to be released first ; - ;

My real problem tho.  Is which new anime to start watching.  LOL. 

I can't seem to stop crying in the past few days. I feel worn down too.  Not sure what's making me so sad lol. I did a longer version of this on my OmmWriter, but here's a minimalist version. If I could describe the most emotions I felt in each year:

2014 content
2015 hope
2016 frightened
2017 uncertainty

Bullet Journal:

1-26 - Dentist appointment
1-27 - Got7 Fanmeet, Downtown <3
1-28 - Sleep all day 

Calming Mental Image
 No matter how intensely  the feeling is of missing you, I would cut off my own hand before I ever reach for you again.

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