being in love with me probably feels like being dehydrated & drinking what u think is a bottle of water but turns out it's bacardi lmao


Listening to: Cosmo's Midnight - Walk With Me ft. Kučka (KOA Remix)
Food: Bowl of fresh strawberries for breakfast :3

I've sort of stopped feeling ill this morning. I think earl grey, strawberries, and eating carbs has set my tummy right again. I just can't believe that I have been feeling my mortality since December. It's a pretty scary feeling that can't easily be shaken off. My health has dipped really low these past two months.

I'm gonna go back to reviewing my Anti-Money Laundering unit today. And hopefully, I can get started on LTC. Take the exam on Monday and start making appointments on Tuesday. I know that's like super slow, but my health won't let me otherwise.

Speaking of my frail health, I don't think I can go to Yokohama this summer ): It's a shame because I had this all planned out since last year. If I can recover within the next 3 months, I might still be able to go. I'm just worried with crossing too many time zones again. I hope I can book a flight that allows me to adjust to the time zone of each city so that my health won't be compromised. I really want to see Pikachu 

Actually, I was really close to seeing the Pikachu Parade twice in Singapore. There was one in November, but of course I had to book in  December o: Then just right after I left Singapore on the first week of January, a couple of days later, they were hosting Pikachu Run in Changi ); and Mr. Masuda was there ; - ;

I only have like three things that I'm looking forward to locally for the next six months:

✧ Go to Dallas - Visit the new Japanese Bookstore + Daiso + Round 1 Game place
 Go to San Antonio - Shop at Little Surprises Kawaii store
✧ Release of Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild & Nintendo Switch

I really hope they announce more games for Nintendo Switch. Maybe, possibly, a Diamond and Pearl re-make <3 I want to customize the shit out of Dawn's clothes + make up + hair :D LOL

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