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 Hi guys. It’s me again. Mari. We’re going back full circle. My very first posts were all about reviewing a single product review, and I couldn’t get enough of it. And sometime later, I got tired of posting swatches of eyeshadows, and I stopped doing them altogether. I would get new eyeshadows coming in my collection, but I wouldn’t post them anymore, except for maybe in my private Twitter or a small story for my Instagram highlights. I’m so glad I’m down to do these kinds of posts again. 

I know this post is a double surprise to my viewers since I, not too long ago, posted a podcast script episode of “Saying Goodbye to Make Up” on Kitsune Now. I promised in that post that I would no longer do make-up hauls. And I was able to do that successfully for six months for the year of our lord 2022! So as a reward, guess what I bought (not using my own money per se)? A palette. I know. I know. Hear me out. That sounds just as ridiculous as someone in rehab finally going sober and rewarding themselves with whatever substance they’re addicted to. But I bought this palette using my gift card from Fetch Rewards. This explanation might be a bit long-winded, so feel free to skip a couple of paragraphs down to hear my thoughts on the actual palette. I’m sorry about that, but I have to explain how I got my hands on this palette without technically breaking my No-Buy streak.  

So Fetch Rewards is an app where you can scan receipts (gas/grocery/essentials restock/impulse purchases/you name it) and you get points for it until you’ve accumulated enough and then you can unlock gift cards from any store you want. They have a wide range of selections. You can even ask for a cash card/visa gift card. For me, when I collected enough points, I decided to go with Ulta. This is my second time actually redeeming my points and I always get excited once I meet that threshold. So, I reached 10,000 points which is the equivalent of $10. I wait about three days for it to be verified and then from there you get an email and a notification that your gift card is ready! For some people, they only have to wait 20 minutes, but that has not happened to me yet. 

So I went to Ulta Online to check if “Citrus Fizz” or “Beachy Keen” was stocked in my local Ulta. It said it did, so I drove there in the Fourth of July to get my $0 palette, which was around closing time because that’s when I get off work. Got there, and neither of those products was stocked. And I’m there thinking like, “Do I drive to another Ulta? But with these gas prices, honey, I don’t think so.” So I tried to shop around the drugstore section a bit, and all of the $3 holy grail items are already in my collection. Could I have bought a backup? Yes, but I also, already have backups of my favorite elf mini eyeshadow palettes. The only thing really catching my eye was the “Of Quartz” palette. I read past reviews, and I know the quality was only so-so. But from a collector’s POV, it’s a must, just for the packaging itself. I’m a sucker for packaging. Sucker is my middle name when it comes to pretty packaging. No cap. 

Thoughts on Of Quartz: I’m soooo glad I did NOT pay full price for this. Fourteen dollars for an average palette? No ma’am. Fourteen dollars is like seven Baja blast drinks! Chucking out $4-$5, yeah it’s fine. Does it beat my $3 palettes? Hell no. But again, I’m only here for the collector in me. Even if I was buying nail polish from Ulta (especially when they send me $10 gift cards in the mail), I would still be paying taxes anyway. So going inside that store, I already know I want to use the gift card with a bracket of spending around $2-$5. Nothing more than that. And I was successful in that mission. Because with tax and the remaining balance after using my gift card, I ended up paying $5 for this palette. And I scanned the receipt again for points on Fetch Rewards. The little bell noise after you scan a receipt is so fun, you get addicted to it, I swear lol. The mattes weren’t sumptuous. They were nearly bone dry, but it still deposits pigment, so I’m not mad at it. The middle row was the amazing, soft, shimmer formula that Colourpop does so well. My favorite shades are Sio (pale gray lilac matte)  and Transform (pale rose gold metallic). Honorable mention shades are: Magmatic (twinkling rose gold shimmer) and Granite Access (pale rosy-brown purple matte). The bottom row was meh same as the first row. Even with all of the gripes that I have with this palette, I do enjoy having it in my collection. Gone are the days when I play with eyeshadow three times a day. I only do one look per day now. And I’ve used 90% of the shades within two days. But I’ve been playing with this palette for about five days now, and I’m always inspired to try a new duo shadow look, so I’ve been having a lot of fun with this palette. And it bears repeating that the packaging really soothes the soul when it comes to having a cosmic/gothic/witchy vibe to it. I think I have a lot of palettes that are neutral, but I don’t really have any spooky-inspired palette because I’ve said no to a lot of other releases like the Beetlejuice palette and the Nightmare Before Christmas one. 

For the next six months, I want to actually buy the Darth Vader palette (with my Fetch Rewards gift card), now that I’m more comfortable playing around with cool tones. I saw that it’s currently on sale for $11 but I didn’t wanna pay shipping and wait at the same time. So, maybe around my birthday, I will pick it up. Although, I will say that it’s kind of shady of ColourPop to release a Darth Vader palette when they know Disney+ was rolling around the episodes of The Book of Boba Fett with Obi-wan Kenobi just around the corner. I guess they wanna hedge their bets with the more popular characters like the Mandalorian and Vader. But they could’ve made a bundle of the different characters with their own shows. That’s just my honest opinion. I’m sorry if that’s a bit of a rant. 

Thanks for reading til the end! I’ll see you in the next post! Take care xx 


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  1. Those look like nice neutrals.

    1. Hi Karen!!! Thanks for stopping by! Yeah they def look nice. They caught my eye while I was browsing around the store x



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