February Favorites


February Favorites

I know this isn't my most popular series, except for a few that do make it to the top views, but I still like doing favorites every month. It's sort of like my gratitude diary. Somewhere around February, I was thinking of discontinuing this series, but I'm glad I decided not to. 


February Favorites

x Playing with colors on my lids :D I never thought this day would arrive. I’ve tried teals, plums, navy blues, and dark brown and it doesn’t make my eyes looked weighed down. 
x Capture Youth Age Delaying Cream by Dior - Smells a lot like the baby bath water we used to do for my little siblings in this cute shallow pink bear tub. Smells like rose stems and herbs. 
x Naturally Nude palette by Physician’s Formula. I can’t believe I let this sit on top of my vanity for 6 months without using it. I think it’s because the first time I used it, I didn’t use a primer so it didn’t wow me that much. But paired with Proof 10 eye primer from Etude House, I must say it’s sooo good, I’ve fallen in love with peach and brown shadows all over again. My favorite shade is the dark brown at the very lower right corner. Because it comes out as this elusive, perfect rosy brown I’ve been looking everywhere for. Also, all the highlights are too pretty. It lasts a pretty decent amount of time too. I don’t understand why the packaging is so bulky. I hope the shadows pans are so deep and that is the case. I don’t like the flimsy plastic cover on top of the shadows. I feel like that’s not enough to protect the shadows when it comes to traveling. But I still love it :D
x Chemical exfoliation using Laneige. My hyperpigmentation has shrunk and lightened after a couple of days of using it :D I used to be so against chemical exfoliating but I think that’s just because I haven’t found the right one. 
x Getting to know my own palettes from my own collection instead of buying a lot of new palettes. Getting to know The Nubian by Juvia’s atm. 
x I have a new go-to makeup for face make up: higher blush + nose bridge highlight only 

x Rilakkuma shoving a whole sushi roll log in his mouth xD 
x Baby Yoda subtitles about Animal Crossing on the Switch 
x Tori from Bobblejot lol. He heals my soul. The cutest corgi ever. (Tori is actually a girl. I can’t believe I misgendered her this whole time; - ; Her full name is Victoria. Ahhh. I always think dogs are boys.)

February Favorites

February Favorites

x Crawfish and boiled potatoes :D 
x Trufu Raspberry dipped in white and milk chocolate (hyper frozen/crystallized) 
x Timmy Chan’s 
x Squirt Soda :D 
x Beard Papa’s Strawberry& Matcha  Eclair Cream Puff (Only beard action, I’m getting . _ .) +  Venti Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino :3 
x Cheddar Rocket Crackers from Trader Joe’s 
x Bacon + Rice w/ Quinoa 

February Favorites

x Boris and the dark survival release 2/13 :D I love Boris! 
x Not really into Animal Crossing, but everyone’s so happy and hyped, that I’m also happy and hyped :D 

x 150k monthly viewership 
x 163k monthly viewership 
x 174k monthly viewership 
x Finally made my media kit :3 Took 3 times to edit before I’m finally happy with it. 

 x Behind on these; - ; But I got a lot of new stuff with pretty covers that I want to read I got for free from Bookbub :D 

February Favorites

February Favorites

x Sex And The City S1 and S2 (Edit: I actually reached Season 6, and the show is still good! People don’t know how to write episodes and seasons anymore nowadays!)
x Castlevania returning March 5 

x Manifested the Rolling Stones shirt I saw in Sex And The City that Carrie Bradshaw was wearing while she was working on her column :D It would have been great if it was the exact grey top because grey is my favorite color. 
x Also found these big sunglasses that look like a dupe for Olivia Palermo’s giant reflective square sunglasses. I did make an exception for rare items on the No-Buy rule. Technically, I guess it’s a cheat day? But not really. Because I included it in the rules. Still going strong in resisting makeup purchases 

February Favorites

x Sex And The City 2 - I was oddly feeling very reminiscent of the 90s out of nowhere. This was the only SATC I could get a hold of in HD as it is not available on Netflix; - ;  

x non-romantic but still important: Kat & Naomi Galentines tag 2/13 :D Thank you! I love you guys so much! 

Old Soul - Saint Motel 
Anna - Gunnar Madsen 
Meant To Be - Squirrel Nut Zippers 
Playboi Carti Magnolia Lofi Remix Prod. Majora 
Misty by Ninjoi ♡♡♡ 
Letskey - Memories
Alone - Domo 

x Gigi got her heart treats | She and Chubby did a butt dance 

February Favorites

February Favorites

x Girl in Calico | Fawn aesthetic 
x Tarot readings resonated | New Tarot readers 
x Kitty weather app
x Pikachu as Chonkosaurus in his Gigantimax Form in the Galar Region | Chonkachu 
x Made 3 pitches :D Go me! Actually 5 :D 
x Cat conversations with the black cat with green eyes in the garden :D She always looks so shocked when I say ‘meow.’ I think the whole gang of stray cats actually left me a token in front of my door :D It was so sweet!  
x I have enough stuff for my Ravenclaw feed photoshoot | Finished it but I’m not sure if it’s any good. 
x Writing by the window when the weather is all nice :3 
x Graham McTavish voiced Dracula and he’s a Capricorn too! It’s too bad he won’t be back for Season 3; - ; 
x Saw 6 lazy cats on Saturday 
x Fixed the shelf that kept snagging my hair with Rilakkuma stickers 
x New ideas for food locations for my food diary posts! 
x Castlevania Desktop Wallpaper 
x Sephora and Ulta finally let me use my clipper tool :D 
x Polar Bear Day x Pokemon Day 2/27 
x Switching to Honest Beauty to help save the Polar Bears :D 
x 1975 US Tour Rolling Stones Tee  ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 

x Stress :’( My arms start aching sharply or my taste goes awry. And I get nightmares. 
x Ruminating gives you dead brain cells. Never overanalyze, kids. 
x Wish I bought more Muji tank tops. 
x Shiseido gel moisturizer broke me out :( Good thing I didn’t pay $70 for this. Here’s hoping that the Chanel one doesn’t break me out either. Both of them had nice scents. 
x Three of Swords | Ten of Swords | Seven of Swords :’( 
x I liked December and January more than I did February. Those two months felt like everything was balanced and February was just a shit month for me (for the most part). 
x I got accused by a Starbucks employee on break on being a napkin thief lolll. A whole chunk just came out because it was nearly empty and I wasn’t gonna stuff it back in. That’s unsanitary. I already touched it. 
x Super hot in my room :d But super cold in the kitchen ): 
x My bank account got hacked? I think it was an  Apple Pay issue. 
x The turd in Saturday became real when mama bear bought fertilizer from Costco o: 
x Dreaming of waking up so many times; - ; and each time is a new nightmare 
x Might have to go use another platform to promote my blog; - ; 
x My nose not letting go of unpleasant scents. Had to use charcoal to cleanse room/clothes. 
x Didn’t get to do a lot of art because. _ . Um, wanted to find the perfect time to do it, and I never did. By March, I should pick it up again though. 
x Water break/flood in my city. Boil water has been issued. Been eating take out food. Have to throw it away for safety. My area was under the exception so I’m not sure what’s going on :( And the hours I bought my food were approved OK after the water was examined in the lab. I feel so stupid. I was more worried about the COVID-19 looming over my head that I didn’t overreact and stayed at home instead. _ . I’m so dumb, I hate myself ): I was super excited about gaining weight/food series content that I wanted to do. I’m so dumb during a crisis for going food shopping D: To be fair, there was no red emergency alert while all of this was happening. At least during the hours, I was out, as I said before. Better safe than sorry, so everything has to be tossed. 
x Chubby has red feet which is a sore hack. Probably from her being overweight / needing to trim her nails. We have to take her to the vet as soon as the boil water order is lifted. 

Take care friends! I hope to see you soon! 

February Favorites


  1. I love how much you include in your favourites, I'm so excited for animal crossing too x

    1. Thank you :D The design for the AC Switch is also super cute don't you think? x

  2. Great February favorite Mari! Very impressive list. (and love your photography/editing, very pretty) Thanks for sharing xx Manon | Bondi to Basic

    1. Aw thank you, Manon :D Thank you for taking the time to read and comment xx

  3. I love this post! I am so glad you decided to continue doing it each month! Also I'm sorry your hot dad crush didn't work out!

    1. Aww thank you so much for saying you like my post Sarah :) Yeah, I was pretty sad about it. I must have jinxed the whole thing when I posted him on my instagram. He was in my monthly favorites from September to January :'( He's still in my February Favorites because I'm still grateful to have met this person. Maybe the timing is just off for now. Maybe we can be friends again in the future.

      Thank you for listening xx !



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