February Wish List


February Wish List

February Wish List

Hi everyone. Castlevania Season 3 is returning on Netflix, March 5, 2020. I’m so excited :D It almost made me want to get Dracula Vlad Tepes Funko Pop, but I am currently at a No-Buy. Isn’t he too cute? I hope Graham McTavish comes back somehow; o ; 

Each Jane Austen novels with the prettiest silhouette covers are $65 a pop; o ; It’ so expensive. It costs so much more than my Fitzgerald one, which was $20. Not sure, if I’ll get it all in one fell swoop. Most likely, I’ll collect it one by one. But I’m also scared that if I do that, I’ll end up missing one item because they feel like limited edition covers. 

I want to get the 1975 and Saint Motel shirts and pair them with fur slide ons. I couldn’t find grey fuzzy sandals, but I’m currently on the hunt for it. Finally found a brand that is reef-friendly when it comes to Sunscreen. It’s called Australian Gold, and I’m definitely going to pick it up once I’ve finished up sunscreens that I currently have open. 

Now, I know I promised I was never going to purchase another Too Faced product, but the new release that they have exudes so much 90’s Sex And The City kind of vibes that I’m sort of tempted to pick it up; o ; Eyeme is something I’m definitely looking forward to trying though. It’s recommenced by Wengie. Wengie has finally started posting Beauty posts again and I’m so excited! She’s been focused on her music career for a while. I missed her Beauty videos a lot. 

Once, I’ve used up two of my foundations, I’m really looking forward to Pixi’s H20 SkinTint. The Unicorn Glow brand is also something I am curious about. 

The jewelry box from Pottery Barn is so pretty. I can imagine putting Dracula right next to it haha. 

I’m pretty surprised that I’ve included Jacklyn Hill, Lime Crime, and KVD on my Wish List. They are brands I shy away from because of the controversies it’s been in the Beauty World in regards to safety and whatnot. But I have to say that the packaging has really won me over. And although I’m not really sure if I’ll ever pick them up, I am pretty content to look at them and feature them on my blog. 

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February Wish List

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