Target Try On - Tops and Pajamas


Target Try On - Tops and PajamasTarget Try On - Tops and Pajamas


x Mario Tee
x Kodak pullover 
x Off-shoulder jumpsuit with moon pattern all over 


x Rolling Stones Tee - 1975 US Tour ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
x Giant Square Sunglasses (Reflective)
x Cat Person pullover in light pink 

Target Try On - Tops and PajamasTarget Try On - Tops and Pajamas

I can’t find the Men’s section at Target anymore. They usually have what I’m after for. The XXL shirts with cool logos and typographies D: I don’t like the new remodeled Target :( It really strains my neck looking around. 

I’ve been doing good for the past month and a half. I have not touched any makeup purchases. At all. So I figured, I’d go ahead and proceed with the cheat day which is really just the exception I talked about in my New Year’s Resolution post. 

I feel like my superpower is manifesting fashion items, I’ve been looking everywhere for after a separation/ break up. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the Rolling Stones Tee. 

I’m still looking for a flight suit/pilot wear that’s army green. I saw it before but decided not to purchase it. And now I can’t find it anywhere. 

I hope no one is put off by the boy shorts. It’s technically a short short, I guess. Doing this sort of reminded me of those IG TV uploads where everyone ‘Got Ready’ starting with just their underwear and they slowly started layering up. 

The total amount is $43. It didn’t break the bank but it still hurt to look at :( I was planning on just doing a simple Try-On and just walking out of Starbucks with a Matcha Frappuccino drink. So it looks like I still spent money there when it was time to leave. But I ended up picking up three items, I knew I wasn’t going to see again. 

What’s cool about Target though, is that they don’t get angry at you for taking photos for your Wish List. There’s literally a whole community on Instagram with a lot of girls obsessed with their Target finds and Target supports them with this No-Buy approach. Very cool of Target to do that. 

I wanted to do something similar to that. A lot of the aesthetics that they currently have right now doesn’t really fit my aesthetic. My fashion style is basically looking for pajamas that I can also get away with sporting outside. Like translating an XXL shirt to a blow up balloon dress. I can’t wait for summer when I can just wear breezy large shirts and pair it with slide-on sandals and big sunglasses. 

I could have sworn the shirt said 1972 when I picked it up. I was a bit sad and wished it said 1975 instead. Because it would have more of sentimental value to me and meant a lot more to me. But then I double-checked the next morning after completing this post, and it said 1975!!! That’s two manifestations come true in one day! 

Target Try On - Tops and PajamasTarget Try On - Tops and Pajamas

I sort of felt guilty purchasing the cat person sweater. Maybe a real cat person would have loved to grab it. I’m more of a kitten person, personally. But I picked it up because I don’t have enough pink in my closet. I’m a rabbit mom, but they didn’t really have that to purchase. It’s on clearance for $12. But I got it for $10 because I couldn’t find the clearance sticker attached to it, so the employee at the self-checkout gave it to me for $10. It was originally $18. 

I also really loved how soft it felt, so as much as I didn’t want to add it to my cart, because technically it doesn’t qualify as a rare item, the texture felt so soft and nice, I had to get it. And I like simple tops that I can just slap on with a white short and head out of the door. Outfits that I don’t have to think about too much are a must. 

The giant sunglasses looked so similar to the giant sunglasses Olivia Palermo always wears, so I had to get it. I’ve been looking for one that is flattering on me, everywhere. Only aviators look nice on me, in my opinion. Also, I feel like my nose is my only attractive asset, so that’s also another reason why I kinda have a lot of sunglasses. And the reason why I’ve been looking for these giant sunglasses that cover half my face is because I’ve been getting a lot of sunspots over the years on the side of my head near my temples. My mom said, she didn’t have those until her 40s, so I felt weird that I’m in my 20’s and I already accumulated quite a lot of it. My skin could just be naturally thin, so I think even with sunscreen coverage, it may still not be enough. Hopefully, these glasses will do the trick :D 

Target Try On - Tops and PajamasTarget Try On - Tops and Pajamas

I would have loved to get the other tops that I tried from the 30-70% clearance rack, but I wanted to walk out of Target without buying anything or at least spend under $50. Which I sort of did. Small victory :O 

For me to take home something, my skin has to really like the texture. 

Target Try On - Tops and Pajamas

Target Try On - Tops and Pajamas

Target Try On - Tops and Pajamas


Does anyone else dress up for their date with Target?  I know I do :D And then you catch yourself in one of the tall mirrors and realize you look like shit LOL. 

I wasn’t sure what to title this post.  I was gonna call it ‘Come to Target with me’ but I was too self-conscious to vlog. 

I was going to go straight to the fitting room but I didn’t have enough breakfast. So I went on a fairly long line at Starbucks. Ordered a pink cake pop, croissant with ham and cheese, and a tall matcha Frappuccino. 

I got accused of being a napkin thief because a lot came out when I tried to get one lol.

Mood picked up when they started playing The Cure - Friday I’m in Love while I was inside the dressing room. I keep imagining the Baby Yoda meme. 

Target Try On - Tops and Pajamas

Target Try On - Tops and Pajamas

Target Try On - Tops and Pajamas

Playlist that was playing on Target was such a mood. I wish there was someone to make out with me inside ; O ; Well not just anyone. 

I feel like the lighting is kinda too bright inside the dressing rooms, so it was hard to film in there. Sorry for switching between portrait and landscape. 

Most of the stuff they have are for ig girls with more of an e-girl vibe with a lot of pastel colors and weird fonts.  I wasn’t really digging it. I wanted more grey stuff but I couldn’t find a lot of it. 

But I like the stuff that I did get to try. The size was on point and they fitted right like it’s already been altered. Especially the romper. It feels couture D: If only I brought my 1% wallet with me. 

There was one black tee that said ‘Cat Person’ with a nice faded font but I have too many of those kinds of tees already. 

Advance apologies for having to stare at my chicken legs :D 

Please don’t comment on my weight. The doctors I’ve seen have verified that I’m an ectomorph, so it doesn’t matter how much calories I consume in a day. My body would just automatically translate it to energy instead of storing it because I have a fast metabolism. I eat a lot of burgers and chocolates and all sorts of junk food, especially during my period week. 

P.S. I also saw a lot of cute St. Paddy’s and Kiss me I’m Irish socks, but I didn’t want to get them since winter has been awfully hot lately . _ . Usu, Feb is still super cold. 

Target Try On - Tops and Pajamas


Let me know if you liked these kinds of posts in the comment section below. I think I’ll be doing Zara next. I want to look for a blue dress to complete my Ravenclaw ig feed. 

Going to study now! Bye, everyone! 

Target Try On - Tops and PajamasTarget Try On - Tops and Pajamas

Thanks so much for hanging out with me! I think it’s too soon to tell you, “I love you guys” like most outros by influencers. So, I’m just going to tell you, take care :D 

Target Try On - Tops and Pajamas

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  1. Everything you tried on looks so good on you! The Cat Person sweater is my favorite. I also really love your hair!

    xoxo Simone |

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my post x ! And thank you for the compliments xx
      Your posts are amazing! The Cat Person sweater is really pretty :) I agree!




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