Daiso Haul - Snack Review


Daiso Haul - Snack Review

It’s so hard to do a food diary, but I’ll try to release a more relaxed post for my next food snack review. I have so much respect for vloggers and food bloggers who are patient enough not to devour their food the minute they get their hands on it. I only picked up seven items from Daiso. I usually go crazy inside that store but I only got the newer items that caught my eye. Before I decided to turn my food diary into an actual series, I usually put the food I like or tried in the Empties or Favorites posts. We used to not have Daiso in my state but we do now. Actually, we had one in Dallas, but not in other cities. 

- Star Rating -

✮✮✮✮✮   Chef’s Kiss Award
✮✮✮✮ Nearly perfect except for one thing
✮✮✮ She’s ok. I’m not mad at it. 
✮✮ Didn’t meet my expectations. 
I couldn’t enjoy it 

Daiso Haul - Snack Review

Calbee Grill-A-Corn Mala Flavoured chips | ✮✮✮✮ 
She gets four out of five from me. It really is good and you keep reaching for the bag once the flavor hits but it didn’t make me obsessed or crazy about. The only chip I remember doing that for me is the Kusuka Cassava chips from Indonesia. This one made me insane. Like if I knew I was running out of my stash, I’d go to our pantry downstairs and take the backups that are in there even though my family members would have been upset that I took them. I didn’t give a hoot. It’s every man out there for himself when it came to Kusuka chips. The Mala flavor was really interesting though. I like the kick that you get which is super nice for spicy snack lovers. I thought this flavor originated in Singapore but it’s only distributed by Singapore. The texture and shape are kinda hard to describe. From the photos, it looks like a crooked, drill that tapers off one end. It looks like a mini Flintstone club like in the Stone Age.  

Daiso Haul - Snack Review

Calbee Pizza Potato chips | ✮✮
The worker at Daiso warned me about these not tasting good and I think he was sort of hoping that I would say to not include it with my purchase. But I was like, I’m not changing my mind. I had a hard time rating this one. I wanted to give it a three because I didn’t mind the slightly funky aftertaste of the” melty cheese” they claim at the front of the packaging. It’s hard to describe. But if you lived in the East, your palate is different from if you lived in the West your whole life. I used to live in the Philippines when I was a kid, and the aftertaste tastes familiar. It was sort of like this Greenwich Pizza place (similar to Pizza Hut in America). I remember when I first moved to the states, all the food tasted really weird. It didn’t feel like food. Not even pizza. And I thought the pizza was the universal food language. So there’s that. I would have given these a three if I was still a kid, maybe more. But now that my palate has changed because I’ve lived in America for a while, I am giving it a two. Because it does taste strange, a little bit. On the cover, it looks like it’s been garnered with green onions. I didn’t see it when I opened the bag. They just looked like ordinary cheese-powdered ridged chips.

Daiso Haul - Snack Review

UCC Milk Tea | ✮✮✮✮✮   
This one’s a major hit for me. I’ve tried the plain UCC one, which I think is the OG product, and I have to say this one with the Assam Flavor is my favorite. It’s very soothing. I don’t know how else to describe it. The taste is also very pleasant. And I love the blue, white, and brown color palette. It reminds me of the Royal Milk Tea that mimics a china porcelain tea set. I will repurchase in the future. 

Daiso Haul - Snack Review

Suntory Green Tea | ✮✮✮
This got a three from me. The first time I tasted it, it felt kind of weird. I couldn’t exactly describe it. But the more I tasted it, I want to say it has a very “earthy” taste. It’s very grounding. And refreshing in that way. I’m not sure if I’d repurchase it again, but that unique flavor was a pleasure to try. 

Daiso Haul - Snack Review

Kirin Iced Tea  (Darjeeling?) | ✮✮✮✮✮   
This tastes exactly the same as the one I previously bought so I’m assuming it’s Darjeeling. The packaging is slightly different this time around and in English, it just says “Rich Taste.” This was featured in my November Favorites. It feels very refreshing and sparkly. I like using this to wash down about anything. I like it paired with anything. It makes me happy drinking it. I guess it’s sort of like aromatherapy but like for your mouth? I definitely enjoy the scent of this as well. 


That concludes this Snack Review post. Please leave me a comment if you enjoyed this. Or if there are places you’d like me to check out. I’d be happy to do any requests you may have. Right now my focus is just convenience stores. I’m thinking of doing Aldi, Trader’s Joe, or 7-11 next. I can’t believe there’s 7-11 in the US. In my state too.  I thought it was only available in Asian countries.

All of these were around $2-3. I think I paid a total of $20 for one trip. That is very expensive considering how I can buy a pack of water bottles at Costco. I guess snacks are still considered a luxury for my non one percent wallet :’( 

I don’t see it as a hobby loss for investing some money in your hobbies. In this case, blogging. It gives me purpose and I am slowly un-learning the Capitalist consumer mentality slowly. If you haven’t seen my New Year’s Resolution post, you should check it out on the sidebar under ‘Recent posts.’ I talk more in detail about the No-Buy rule I’m doing for 2020. 

Which is super ironic, considering how I planned so many years ago, about how I’m going to make the return of the roaring twenties during my twenties a year of decadence. 

If 21-year-old Mari could see me now, she’d probably strangle me lol. 

I’m sorry for rambling while trying to close this post. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and I really missed it. 

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Daiso Haul - Snack Review


  1. I don't think there is a Daiso near me which is a shame I would love to try some of these. The Calbee Grill-A-Corn Mala Flavoured chips also the UCC Milk Tea sounds so good.

    1. Hi Sarah!

      Thank you for taking the time to read and respond on my post! x

      Oh no. I hope they open one up, near you soon.

      I think if you go to any local grocery store, you might find the UCC coffee they have in the international isle.




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