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FHCA is an award to show appreciation for lady bloggers who reached out to their sisters and galpals in the queendom and kindly fix their crown. Overall, this is a kindness appreciation award. FHCA was created by a blogger named Cindy. Her blog is called Cindy Goes Beyond. 


I would like to thank Fadima for nominating me for this award. Fadima is a blogger from Malaysia. She blogs about travel, pop-culture, lifestyle, and edutainment. One of my favorite posts from her is her post about IU and Audrey Hepburn where she did a character study on how similar both of them are. She posts her artwork on her Instagram Gallery. Here is a link to her blog so you can access her ig and popular posts: 


1) Thank the person who nominated you and link to her blog. 
2) Copy and paste these rules to your post and please include a link to the Fix Her Crown Award post. 
3) Post three photos of just yourself and write a short caption beneath each about why you chose that photo.
 4) Nominate seven women for the Fix Her Crown Award, women who lend a helping hand to the woman whose crown seems too heavy, who appreciate the sister who dares to be her own glorious self, who raise strong young women, who smile at the sister journeying alone and walk alongside her for a time, who stand with the sister whose crown has been knocked off her head time after time and women who shine as their own beautifully unique selves. 
5) Link to the blogs of the seven nominees.


Fix Her Crown AwardFix Her Crown Award

i) I love headdresses. My favorite place to get hair accessories is Angelic Pretty. 

Fix Her Crown Award

ii) I love the smell of white roses. 

Fix Her Crown Award

iii) I love Disney + painting my nails in different colors. 


iii) Nicole 
iv) Taryn 
vi) Kyra 
vii)  Bexa

Take care, 

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