Review: I Dew Care Sugar Kitten Hydrating Holographic Peel Off Mask


sweeten up your complexion with memebox's sugar kitten mask. a peel-off mask infused with real ruby and pearl powder starts out a shimmering iridescent emerald color then transforms into a soft holographic pink upon application. rose water and hyaluronic acid work together to hydrate and revitalize dry skin for that dewy-looking, post-facial glow.

ingredient highlights:
  • pearl and ruby powder brighten dullness
  • rose water boosts elasticity and calms irritation
  • hyaluronic acid hydrates and moisturizes


(i) before

(ii) with mask


(iii) after 

(iv) crumpled mask 

✨ not too messy / runny. you just scoop the product and it doesn’t make any mess. 
✨ gentle - didn’t hurt to peel off
✨ don’t have to wash or clean up afterwards 
✨ smells really nice :) reminds me of lemon oil that i put in my humidifier to boost my mood immediately! it lingers even after you take the mask off for hours and it’s so pleasant
✨ made my skin super soft, supple, and evens out my skin tone :3
✨ gives my skin an air-brush, filter-esque, and flawless look afterwards. u know that feeling when u try a new product and ur skin just becomes really happy soaking it all in and makes u feel like ur cute but u can’t rlly describe it in anyway except u feel like ur killing it with flawless skin? but that feeling only lasts for a couple of hours? well this mask makes my skin still look good and it’s been a whole day [writing this review at night]. i’m still really impressed by how long lasting the glow effect is
✨ skin feels moisturized so u don’t even have to add moisturizer after exfoliating :D 
✨ worth the price ($23). also half the price / quarter the price of high-end masks like glam glow ($69) and too face mask ($43)
✨ i like the ingredients ruby and pearl and rose water  :D makes me feel like a princess and a mermaid! 
✨ such a good find and it makes me so happy thinking about this product
✨ applied a very thin layer and it still did an amazing job. means i can use this product for a year and have it last that long
✨ great for dry skin!
✨ gave that tightening / lifting effect that i love from fresh face masks from lush. only with this one, i don’t have to worry about repurchasing it every 3 weeks
✨ it did everything it claimed to do!
✨ fun to use. i’m actually tempted to exfoliate 3x a week now instead of doing exfoliation only one a week
✨ made my nose feel so smooth! it’s usually bumpy :’( 
✨ i almost didn’t want to do my night routine because i didn’t want to wash off all the radiant skin going on :’( 
✨ firming 

✨didn’t come with the brush or a free spatula / had to use a spatula from my other k-skincare products 
✨ opened up my pores near my nose. feel like all exfoliation products do this to me so i don’t really mind. and this one doesn’t make it that noticeable unlike other exfoliating products i’ve tried
✨ not 100% mess free. like cleaning the spatula and some of the product that gets on your hand. but i think with an oil cleanser and a cotton puff, it’s very easy to clean up. 

i give this product 4/5 bunnies. this is the first time i’ve raved over a product. so i’m pretty happy that i decided to give this product a try :3 i feel like i’ve already elaborated on how much i love this product on the pro section of this review. i would recommend this product to change up your skincare routine! well done memebox! Have you tried this product? What did you think of it? Leave your comments below :) ! 

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