Review + Swatches: Bad Habit Beauty - Rosé  Highlight Collection


Introducing Rosé — this six-color highlight collection features an exclusive formula that is creamy, intensely luminous, and easy to blend. The shimmery gold and pink tones of Rosé celebrate our favorite summer sip.


 nice formula - it claims to be 'creamy' but i when i pressed my fingers in the pan it didn't really feel soft or buttery. i think by 'creamy' they meant they blend well with your skin without emphasizing any textures
 pretty name - i drank rosé a day after a break up last year and it helped a lot. so naturally when i was making a decision to purchase a highlighter palette, i immediately gravitated towards Bad Habit’s collection  
pretty packaging - gradient, faded pink color
pretty black shipping box - it had ‘bad habit’ written all around the box and it looked so elegant and lux. i’m reusing the box. not sure what for yet, but probably more eyeshadow palettes i’m going to collect throughout the year
has a huge mirror 
pretty shade names - make up names always make me even more excited to use the palette c: 

 more warm tone than cool tone - only a con for me, just because i realized warm tone highlights, for some reason don’t look that flattering on me. it may have to do with my golden / olive undertones. but it makes sense why they would have more warmer shades since it is called a  rosé palette. 
paper-y like packaging - i got some of my foundation in front of the box which made it look prettier and more used and loved. but i got mascara or black eyeliner at the back and it sort of messed it up. i couldn’t easily wipe it off. i have another one of their palette - the artistry ii palette - and the finishing touch for that was more of a gloss so if i ever get anything on it, i could easily wipe it off. the packaging it came with was more glossy, but it didn’t match the actual palette. 

I like how hard pressed it is in the pan to assure less fall out and it doesn’t emphasize any small bumps or textures near my cheekbones. I also like how in one layer, it’s very subtle. But you are able to build it up to make it look more blinding. A beauty hack that I want to try is putting on a clear vaseline on top of my cheek bones as a primer to make these pop even more.  While I’ve noticed that I don’t look good in warm-toned high lighters,  (there are 4 of them in this palette vs. 2 cool toned palettes (shine and #allday), I am willing to play with it more to make it work. I also want to try mixing the cooler tones with the warmer tones and blending them together before applying them on my skin to make it more of a pretty neutral highlighter. 

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