Review + Mini Tutorial: Bad Habit - Artistry II Eyeshadow Collection


The Artistry II eyeshadow collection allows you to explore your creativity with a 10 shade range of neutral to bold hues in a combination of matte and pearl finishes. Super blendable mattes in three neutral shades—deep chocolate brown, warm caramel brown and a creamy ivory—give you the tools to perfect your ‘no makeup’ makeup look. An additional rich earthy matte red goes on bold and can be sheered out for a warm wash of color. The pearlized shades include a silvery white, pale gold, gold, and copper, as well as two stunning saturated trend colors in rich, royal blue and plum burgundy. 


design - yes (sturdy, beautiful, stunning, luxurious packaging design. love the royal blue and silver and white combination. the  square shape where the pan sits in looks neat and precise. also love the giant ‘II’ covering the front as it reminds me of the gemini sign which i love. sometimes in my head, i call this the gemini palette)
color selection - yes (it has everything. mattes, pearl / shimmers / transition colors. this palette feels very complete. i never really reached for another palette that this palette didn’t have. has my favorite fawn brown transition shade [stella] and rustic red shade[bacchus]. the curated colors for this palette are phenomenal.
  pigmentation - yes (every shade felt so soft to swatch. i was careful not to dig my nails into it, but alas, excitement, got the better of me. and i digged my nails on [stella] my most used loved shade in this palette)
names - yes (they are all beautiful and well-picked. the colors really reflect that pope/cardinal kind of vibe that reminds me so much of ‘the borgias.’ )
mirror - yes (it has a wide mirror) 
# of eyeshadow - yes (includes ten eyeshadows)
price - yes ($12 - under $20 is such a good bargain. it didn’t hurt my wallet. and it made me happy that i could get something this small and beautiful during the holiday and not have it break my bank -  it delivers in quality and aesthetic.  it felt very much like an expensive gift which is such a pleasant feeling)
travel-friendly - yes ( it’s small-medium size and is compact enough to have everything that you need. it doesn’t include a brush but no one  i know really uses the make up brushes that comes with the products anyway, so i feel like that isn’t or won’t be an issue)
fragrance-free - yes (i hate it when my cosmetics come with a strong fragrance. so this was such a nice, pleasant surprise. because most other drugstores or other indie make up brands that sell for a low price usually have a weird smell to them but this one, delightfully, didn’t have any of that!)

none? tbh i don’t have any complains about this palette, but i will add another bullet so that this post won’t seem like a biased review
shipping price - $5 standard at the check out but i could have used that money to buy one  more of their lip products which is $6. i know bad habit does have a promo where you could spend like at least $35 and then u get free shipping, but if you’re like me who only crave two items at a time, or you’re still new to the brand and don’t want to  jump in to do a big haul just yet, then the promo isn’t really at your disposal to try. that being said, i do like how exclusive it is online. my heart would break if this brand suddenly becomes available at ulta, walgreens, or cvs, and have it ripped open by rude customers without paying. even when there are samples available, ready to swatch, some people go out of their way to open a box, swatch it, and then put it back like nothing happened. people that have done this, i don’t think, are new to the beauty world, so i don’t think there’s any excuses for them.  it’s one of the top beauty peeves that i have that grates on my nerves every time i see it.  and i can’t go confront the person because, i am sadly, not a very confrontational person. sorry, i went off tangent. but like i said, i am somewhat okay for paying the shipping fee since it assures me that no one has touched or tampered with my new purchase.  this should actually be in the pro bullet list, but i listed it down here for other people who might say that a con of buying this palette is that it is not readily available to pick up on a whim. which now that i think about it, is kinda sad, since i like going to target to pick up some snacks and it would be great if i could just pick it up during my late night errands. 

i love this palette so much! it has a ten all across the board for me.  i got it for my 26th birthday and oh my god, i was so happy when i got it in the mail! after unboxing it, i would want it close to me all the time. i’d put it next to me right next to my macbook instead of my vanity table. i’d walk around my room, and then stop, just to pick it up to look at it admiringly for five minutes straight, and then close it again. and i love the sound it makes after it closes. there’s weight to this palette as well. so when u pick it up, it feels very luxurious. i love the silver marble design and the royal blue typeface glittering every time you hold it up in the light. it is so stunning. and i’m so surprised at the price! it’s only $12! this palette is amazing! i’ve written down one mini tutorial in this review. but i’m planning on doing a part ii where i include three-four more looks that i’ve tried with this palette and ended up loving. 

does anyone else get so excited writing / raving about a product and u end up taking a long time to type down the paragraphs or finding the words because you love a product so much you can’t contain yourself?

you can see it right here, i’m trying. 

so each eyeshadow that i’ve swatched, i had no problems swatching. it felt buttery and creamy and very soft. they blend well. the shimmers/pearl finishes are amazing and didn’t need any help with a wet brush in my opinion. the colors in the pan, match what you put on your eyelid because i hate it when eyeshadows show up differently on your lid. i think most of the eyeshadows can also be worn as a single eyeshadow with a help of a transition shade, and you’re basically ready to go out the door. it has everything you need from warm to neutral shades to the mattes, pearl finish, and transition shades, and even two trendy colors included that’s there for you whenever you wanna switch up your look.  

i always feel so happy every time i’ve finished putting on my make up, because it makes my look feel  so complete yet i didn’t put that much effort into it at all. 

wish this make up wasn’t underrated and that more people get to try it. that might be difficult tho because the make up world has been successful and saturated that there are too many make up brands to try all at once.  i hope people that are new to make up or those who are still into expanding their collection, gives it a try, because i  honestly feel like this palette presents itself in such a unique way that it doesn’t feel like a repetitive release from other make up releases. it actually feels like a new palette for me to have in my collection as opposed to just buying it just because it looks pretty. 

favorite shades are [stella] and [bacchus] and i can’t thank the make up gods above for blessing us with this gorgeous palette with no fragrance! 

so yeah, i think it did live up to it’s claim. more so, imho. 

5/5 bunnies c: 

thank you for reading!

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