Review: A’pieu Strawberry Milk Sheet Mask - $2


If you’re looking to achieve a brighter, more even complexion, using a sheet mask packed with antioxidants is a must.
This sheet mask is soaked in a milky essence formulated with strawberry extract, an ingredient that brightens skin and evens out complexion with antioxidants and vitamin C. Pearl extract also helps to take brightening to the next level, while milk extract, hyaluronic acid, and fermented ingredients impart deep hydration to the skin. The special air pockets in this sheet mask allows it to retain moisture for longer and spread the essence evenly throughout skin without causing irritation.
- [taken from soko glam]


x pink 
x cute packaging
x smells nicer than its other two counterparts (green tea and vanilla). fragrance reminds me of body shop’s strawberry body butter lotion. 
x performed as a regular mask should. 
x skin looked healthy and glowing after use

x hard to open at the slits. scissors required
x fairly expensive (see verdict section)

out of the three masks that are available in this line, i highly recommend getting the strawberry one. it smells the nicest. price is actually quite pricey to me. $2 for one item is fairly expensive if you compare it to lululun’s 8 pc masks that you can get for $7. but i guess the cute packaging definitely makes up for it. it made me happy to use this mask because it was different from a regular rectangular shaped mask. and it’s very instagrammable. 

i give this product a 3 / 5 bunnies. 

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