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I love love love this palette. I love all of the colors curated and the packaging is just stunning. The colors feel like they are plucked straight out of my favorite animated Disney film: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. This palette is so magical and romantic that I can’t get over the price point and the quality it delivers. I did start reading other reviews about it and some people think it’s an ok palette and just a dupe for the KKW one or UD’s Ultimate basic palette. And I’ve seen those palettes before, and the way they packaged them, plus their exorbitant price tags attached to them,  I was  just really turned off or didn’t really think much about them so I ended up not buying them. I think Bad Habit actually did a very good job, in convincing me to buy this palette over the more expensive palettes. I noticed that there are a lot of more explicit and direct dupes out there now, and drugstore companies seem to get a bad rap for it, but dupes have been happening in the make up industry for quite some time now. I think it’s just easier to share the dupes now than it was before. Plus, I don’t think color palettes can be copyrighted, can they? Anyways, this palette for $12 and their amazing quality in relation to it’s price, astounds me. I love it so much and I can always create an easy soft glam everyday look with this. And I can always change it up with the two other trendy colors if, I’m in the mood for diverging away from my usual make up routine.  

I love the name and the quality and the color of this product. It’s a perfect fawn and terra-cotta nude color that looks very flattering. I think it would have had more longevity if I don’t mix it with a gloss, but while I love a semi-matte finish, I don’t like my lips to be dry. I don’t mind re-applying it, plus the gloss makes my lips look more plump. It only retails for $6 and it’s fragrance free and does an amazing job. I’ve fallen in love with this brand. I love you, Bad Habit x! 

After playing with this palette, I thought it was an all right palette. Didn’t really wow me. There were a lot of kickbacks. Never had a palette like that before. I’d hear beauty gurus saying that a lot, but now I guess I get to say it now too c:  I actually did end up liking it enough to put in my favorites. I think this is a great palette for a beginner in smoky eyes. I never put anything dark on top of my lid. The most I did with a smoky eye was to put a little bit in the outer corner and that was it. I originally was going to use this palette split from dark and light. Putting only light colored shadows as single shadows on top and then using the dark eyeshadows on the bottom of my lid in the outer corner. After using this palette with their 3 tutorials included, I think I became more confident in creating more eye looks that are out of my comfort zone and for that I love this palette. I got it for $14 from Walmart, which made it a little bit easier for me to pick up this item. If it were still on the $20 range when it was first released, I might not have given this palette a try. After trying this palette, I want to try using my Naked 2 and Naked 3 palettes again. And give the darker colors a try! 

It’s only .99 cents from Walgreens (got it from their summer sale) and it has two of my favorite colors pink and white! I use it to blend my stick foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer and I absolutely love it! I used to be only a sponge or puff kind of girl, but this brush made me like brushes. It’s very soft and doesn’t hurt my face when I swirl it around. I’ve had other higher end brushes like those from Too Faced or Bare Minerals that actually pricked my face and those brushes made me shy away from ever using brushes. Maybe I just got a bad or old batch, so I don’t know. It could have just been the brushes I got. With Wet n Wild though, I’m glad I get to finally say I have a favorite brush!  

I never got to wear these kind of earrings in my whole entire life! I just always cling to dangling or regular earrings. So I was pretty excited to get them in the mail. I think I paid $2 for these in AliExpress. They took about a month to arrive, but I didn’t mind the waiting at all. I feel much more feminine with these earrings and I love that feeling. 

Low buy: $25 limit 

I started doing these after I’ve noticed that, although I don’t have a huge make up collection like other people, I was starting to forget some of the other make up palettes that I already owned. Like I would only remember, after looking at old selfies or old haul photos. And it’s really sad that I haven’t even picked up most of them and only swatched them or used them once. So I’m glad I’ve decided to implement this as a consumer. This budget isn’t limited to just make up, and it allows me to spread my money more. Whether that’s supporting an artist that I really like, grabbing he occasional milk tea, or buying small trinkets that make me happy. 

Increased productivity and creativity
I actually started my Day 1 of productivity on Dec 31 and was actually quite proud. I got done with my Katakana lessons and now all that’s left to do is to keep practicing. I did a lot of reading this month as well. I started to fall off the wagon a bit while I was on my period. But I’ve already expected that since I do get heavy periods and there are days where all I could do was rest and wait for the cramps to calm down. But I was able to pick it up again while I was editing beauty products and decided to actually re-open my blog to do reviews and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve noticed that doing beauty reviews has increased my motivation in getting up every morning. I have so many ideas floating around my head, I’d get excited going to bed and filling out a lot of pages on my notebook dedicated to all things beauty.  

Eating healthy 

I’ve been eating a lot of avocados this month :3 Let’s get this Omega 3 y’all. Been eating lots of strawberries and celeries as well. And increasing my carb and protein intake as well. I’d like to increase my weight by June so that I always don’t look fragile or get sick easily. 

I think this is her best book so far. I have the digital edition on Kindle. I’ve read the Snow White one and the Beast one and I gave those a 3/5 stars on Goodreads. I love how the characters are more hallowed out and the descriptions of sceneries are just amazing in this one. I couldn’t stop highlighting stuff on my Kindle. I’m a little bit sad that there aren’t more villains story for her to make spin-offs of since there aren’t more Disney female villains. I think she’s covered them all. Anyway, I’m still in the process of reading it. But I can’t wait to mark it as finished. If you have Goodreads, please share them with me and let’s be friends there! I’m always down for new book recommendations x ! 

 Elle & Harper’s Bazaar Magazine 

I got a whole year’s worth of issue for both magazines during their holiday promo of selecting each one for a dollar so my total purchase for around 10-12 issues is around $2 - $3? What a steal! I’ve never bought a collection of magazines before although I love them so much. I guess when I was in high school or uni, I didn’t really know how to get my hands on them. I’d always see them at the grocery stores or at Barnes & Nobles, but I don’t know why I never bothered to pick them up. I think I did back then for like a couple of times, but ended up not continuing to do so, because I couldn’t keep up. Now it’s so convenient to have them delivered every month and I love it! Will definitely keep my subscription with them. I think for two years, you just pay $24 for all the issues they’re going to release? So it’s still within my budget to keep using their services. I love flipping through the glossy and colorful magazines,  legs crossed up in the air like a mermaid, ready to unwind, after a long day. I get so excited flipping the pages as you get closer to the perfumed pages. Paper pages already smell good on their own, but magazine pages are something else. Plus, it also makes me feel super feminine, just like how make up and nail polishes makes me feel c: Sighs. I love being a girl so much. Don’t you? 

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