Valentine's 2019 Gift Guide For Her ✦


i) white comforters $120
ii) venus et fleur mini le mini round $39
iii) chloe perfume $125 
iv) love you to the moon and back band $25
v) moet et chandon $60 
vi) black velvet ribbon $25 
vii) collective journey’s dangling  heartmaker earring set $30
viii) lady godiva - valentine’s day chocolate tower  $40  

1) White Comforters $120

If you need a nice, new blanket, why not splurge? It would incite new excitement in the relationship. Whether it’s a steamy session or simple cuddles during the polar vortex or even sparking that playful energy again by making blanket forts! The cost might be a bit of a turn-off, but you could still consider it as a $60 purchase that’s under $100 since both of you are sharing the fun! 

2) Venus et Fleur Mini Le Mini Round $39

Venus et Fleur are notorious for their over the moon prices for flowers that wilt after a year. But then again the symbol of your love for her should be exactly like that. Something that you renew every year! Fall in love with her all over again and make everything new just like the first time you met her. If you can’t afford the gigantic bouquet of roses, you can still say "I love you," by giving her a single rose to let her know how much she means to you. in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ only one flower was featured in the film and yet it said so much. So don’t feel bad about only getting one single rose. It is still magical and romantic and plucked straight from the fairy tale itself. 

3) Chloe perfume $125 

If she already has a collection of perfume, worry not. This perfume still says you care. What better way to be intimate than to gift her your favorite scent on her. Plus this gift also works as a gift for you because you can smell her every day with your choice of perfume! love is indeed in the air! 

4) ‘Love You To The Moon And Back’ Gold Band $25

For some reason, humans are wired to forget that they are loved. It must have to do with our vestigial survival instinct to never let our guard down and ruminate on all possible stress to keep us alive. But with a simple gift like this, you can tell her that you’re always going to be there for her. 

5) Moet et Chandon Champagne  $60 

Love is something that deserves to be celebrated every single day. But you can celebrate extra on the day of love. You can unwind with Netflix, popcorn, and pj’s. Or even cook together if that’s your thing. Pop open some wine and celebrate!

6) Black Velvet Ribbon $25 

Soft velvets are a new trend for 2019. Why not impress her and let her know that you’re all about being up to date with trendy items. This small yet meaningful gift also translates as you appreciating her beauty in every way and  a subtle way to tell her you like being tied up to her ;) *wink wink* 

7) Collective Journey’s Dangling  Heartmaker Earring Set $30

Girls are already dazzling on their own. But why not let her shine some more with a new pair of earrings? She’ll always think of you, every time she puts them on. 

8) Lady Godiva  Valentine’s Day Chocolate Tower  $40  

Chocolates may be expected, but it’s so classic it never goes out of style. Both of you can share this gift as you reminisce on sweet memories together. 
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