Easy Hot Pink Monochrome Make Up Tutorial for Valentine's Day 2019



in a hurry? running late? too lazy to do a glam look but still want to look like you tried? can only carry one cosmetic item inside your cute but small purse? why not try this easy and simple 5 minute hot pink make up tutorial. this is my second valentine’s tutorial and it focuses more on the seductive and steamy aspect of valentine’s day. i like how undone and effortless this make up’s finished look turned out and i hope you do too. if you’re opting for more of a soft innocent look though, i also have a tutorial for that. check it out here!


+ milani strobelight instant glow powder in 02 dayglow 
+wet n wild photofocus face primer dewy lumineux 
+maybelline fit me! shine-free + balance foundation stick in natural beige 220 
+milani make it dewy setting spray 16 hr wear in 04 

+the face shop designing eyebrows pencil in 03 brown 
+heroine make long and curl mascara super film in 01 
+l’oréal voluminous lash paradise base in millennial pink 
+original dolly wink liner in black 
+urban decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in demolition 


+ wet n wild’s  mega last liquid catsuit matte lipstick in ’oh my dolly’ 


+ wet n wild stippling brush in their essential collection 
+ pikachu mini cover cushion spf 50+ pa+++ in 01 skin beige (highlight center of face or eye base) 
+ yu er gong zhu lashes or sho-bi decorative eyelash in #4 play chic  
+ dolly wink glue 
+ dream magic eye adhesive 


you’ll be able to get this va-va-voom look, within 3 easy steps:

1) after putting on your base make up, get ready to write an ‘x’ and an ‘o’ over your eyelid on the outer v part of your upper eyelid using wet n wild’s ‘oh my dolly’ liquid matte lipstick. pick up your stippling brush and blend. don’t worry if it spreads to your  lower lid, it’s supposed to look messy. also if you don’t have this lip product, feel free to use any other hot pink lipstick you have at hand. this is the one i happen to have that was displayed on my vanity. 

2) next you add 2-3 dots of the ‘oh my dolly’ lipstick on the apples of your cheeks. blend with a cushion puff or a sponge. this liquid tends to dry fast so if you feel like you can’t blend it right or you’ve blended too much making the left side of your face too pink (happened to me), just add more foundation to start all over again. 

3) then add the lipstick to the middle part of the lips and blot it by putting your lips together. 

and you’re done! after using only one product you’re ready to go! 

you may add any lash that you’d like. my tried and true favorite is the fluffy yu er gong zhu lashes from amazon that i got for like $3. my favorite part of this look is the blush. it lasts a long time and actually shows up in photos! hope you feel like the hottest cherry pie trying out this make up c: enjoy loves. 

p.s. after removing your make up, it does stain a bit. i washed mine 2-3 times to get it completely off. washing it once gave me a faded rosy look and i was really digging it. but i decided to wash 3x just to let you guys know that it is not permanent lol. 

also, i just realized, i could have also done  this make up tutorial with make up revolution’s ‘girls best friend’ in both the satin and matte finish lipstick bullet they have. but i completely forgot that i had those two. those would have been easier to remove because they have a creamier formula. so you could definitely use those other two options if you’re afraid of the eyeshadow look staining. 

until next time x

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  1. Such a pretty makeup look for Valentine's Day xx

    GemmaEtc.com ❤️

  2. ; 0 ; thank u so much for coming back to my blog!!! && thank you for saying my make up tutorial looks pretty! xx




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