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Maple Glazed Syrup & Strawberry Sprinkles Quint Eyeshadow Palette by I Heart Revolution $7

Strawberry Sprinkles & Maple Glazed Syrup Quint Eyeshadow Palette by I Heart Revolution $7

“ Serving up five intensely pigmented shadows in matte and shimmer finishes, this irresistible palette is sugar-coated with a squishy exterior that opens to reveal a range of tempting hues. With a scrumptious scent sweetening the mix, even more, look to this kit for your daily fix of eye candy.

Vegan and cruelty-free.

Maple Glazed Syrup & Strawberry Sprinkles Quint Eyeshadow Palette by I Heart Revolution $7

Maple Glazed Syrup & Strawberry Sprinkles Quint Eyeshadow Palette by I Heart Revolution $7

Maple Glazed Syrup & Strawberry Sprinkles Quint Eyeshadow Palette by I Heart Revolution $7

Maple Glazed Syrup & Strawberry Sprinkles Quint Eyeshadow Palette by I Heart Revolution $7

Maple Glazed Syrup & Strawberry Sprinkles Quint Eyeshadow Palette by I Heart Revolution $7

Maple Glazed Syrup & Strawberry Sprinkles Quint Eyeshadow Palette by I Heart Revolution $7

Maple Glazed Syrup & Strawberry Sprinkles Quint Eyeshadow Palette by I Heart Revolution $7

x Cute cute cute packaging - good for displaying on your vanity
x Names are cute
x Nice color palette selection
x Affordable if you’d like to try it
x Doesn’t irritate my eyes
x Vegan & Cruelty-free
x Matte shadows are smooth + performed/swatched well
x Shimmers didn’t tug or pull on application on the lids
x Pigmented
x Long lasting on the lids

x Packaging issue: Plastic-y + fake sweet candy smell which irritated my throat like hecck
x Another packaging issue: Little sprinkles fall off which may prove to be hazardous around children
x Expensive if you compare it to other drugstore products and even within the line of Revolution makeup products themselves where you could get more shadows for the same price
x Not in the same standard as other Revolution eyeshadow palettes I’ve tried before
x Shimmer shadows didn’t feel good to swatch (Very rough and gritty)
x Hard to follow the numbering label at the back of the packaging. It would have been nicer if the clear plastic on top of the shadows included the numbers instead


I first saw these on @Zabrena’s Youtube channel. I thought they were super cute and I was hoping to just buy it even if the formula underperforms (@Zabrena didn’t highly recommend it because of the formula) just to put it on display in my room instead or take pictures with it. Surprisingly enough, the shadows performed quite decently. I only wish that Revolution Make up left out the fragrance part in creating this product. The biggest issue with me is the fragrance. Fragrance is okay, if done right. But that’s not the case in this product. Now, I’m gonna try and walk you through the experience of how much headache, back ache, neck pain, stress, disappointment, betrayal, and regret I experienced (still experiencing) from this deceitfully cute but evil $7 product. Because I feel like writing about it now, it looks like I’m calm and the issue is mild, but don’t be fooled. I am super and rightly pissed. Let me tell you, I am super pissed c: I’m not just talking shit about a product for attention or doing this to bash on a brand or judge a product too harshly. I’m writing an honest review of it.

I think the only way I’ve been compensated by this product is the top headline of this paragraph with the pun in all caps lol. You don’t actually need to read the rest of the review if you don’t want to. The TL;DR up there is all you need to know about this product.


 After watching the review, I went ahead and decided to check it out at Ulta and see the reviews online. It has a 4 out of 5-star rating. And I can understand that. I did have more pros than cons on my list. The common complaint I’ve seen is the fragrance issue. @Zabrena also mentioned this on her review, but I thought they only did that specifically for her, for the whole PR presentation. At this point, I was pretty torn. I wanted the cute packaging duality of the makeup and the squish, but I didn’t want the scent. I didn’t order it online because I didn’t want to pay for shipping when there’s a store near me 20 mins away.

So I went to Ulta. I didn’t smell any detectable scent. So I went ahead and bought it. I didn’t smell anything in the car either on the way home.

In hindsight though, Ulta’s store always smells nice so that may have masked it, but later on, I did notice that the scent is actually faint but it slowly builds itself up in the 20 mins that you are doing your make up. So while I was in the car, I couldn’t have turned right around to return it untouched.

Then I got home. Sniffed it again. I still didn’t detect any fragrance again even as I was unboxing it. I was temporarily happy that I found a product with no irritating scent. I proceeded to do swatches. Swatches are like my favorite thing in doing beauty reviews. I also enjoy watching and looking at swatches as well. It’s so mentally satisfying when I don’t have a new product to swatch. Swatches are especially fun with shimmers and metallics. I didn’t think it was possible for a product to take that little joy away from me D: So upon initial contact, the shimmers felt so rough. The pigmentation did show up quite intense and looked nice in photographs, but I had to drag it across my skin to get that effect. At this point, my first thought is that “Okay, it’s not the best eyeshadow formula in the world, but I can work with it.” I went ahead and played with it. It didn’t look bad on the lids. I especially love the different, deep shades of reds because I love doing Igari makeup looks. And the peach and brown eyeshadows are my go to every day make up. And that’s why as you can see in the photos inserted below, I still look pretty happy.

Maple Glazed Syrup & Strawberry Sprinkles Quint Eyeshadow Palette by I Heart Revolution $7


 Okay, I think I’m done with the puns now. I’m not sure if I could just toss this straight in the bin because of how cute this packaging is. Also, I’m not one to give up on something immediately. For now, I just placed it near my window to hopefully de-scent it. I have a feeling that might take a while. Because similarly to the BH Cosmetic palettes, it took 3-6 months to not have any strong scent lingering. I also don’t think I could give it away, because who would want this product FOR FREE when it comes attached with so much stress?

The smell isn’t particularly offensive or strong, but it does go straight at the back of your throat and irritates the fuck out of it. It feels like someone pepper sprayed my throat. Not a good feeling. I’ve since tried to put it out by eating popsicles, hot milk, green tea with honey, pineapple, and gargling with salt and water but so far no results. My throat is still irritated as I’m typing this review. I’m hoping it goes away in like a couple of days. After completing this review, I’m definitely grabbing the acid reflux medicine downstairs.

There are a few things I do quite like in this product, so this would most likely go to my ‘Let’s Try This Again’ series after it’s been de-scented. Also, the last thing to make of note, is that right next to the cruelty-free logo is the PETA logo on top of it, so I’m not too sure how much I trust it when it comes to the ‘cruelty-free’ claim.

 If anything good does come from this situation, I think it’s that this experience has pushed me to go fully on my anti-haul goal quite early. I was going to start next year with $0 purchase of any new beauty release. The only spending I would be doing is re-stocking items. I’ve been on a low buy for 3 months+ now and I enjoyed it. So this transition should be much easier now. I’ll still be able to push content because I do have a lot of stuff in my collection that I haven’t reviewed yet so I won’t really be needing to add any new releases any time soon.

So that’s the bright side. I’m sure no one is really surprised about stuff being a MISS from Revolution Make Up. I’ve read and seen quite a lot of reviews where people are pissed. And they have the right to be pissed.

 I wish I could get a refund for my $7 and spend it on a HIT instead of this big MISS.

Maple Glazed Syrup & Strawberry Sprinkles Quint Eyeshadow Palette by I Heart Revolution $7


 How can they do this to girls? Okay, I know boys also use makeup. But the majority are girls. Like girls go through so much in life already. How can they exploit them on the things they love? I’ve seen this on both high end and low end make up where the quality of a product is not thoroughly checked.

And I don’t think this can only be seen in makeup. It shows in films, fashion, games, and books as well. The quality is that it’s either sub-par, doesn’t last long enough, too much micro-transaction gacha scams, and people forgetting to hire an editor for obvious mistakes.

Anyway, no one should have to feel sick after using makeup. That’s just not acceptable. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered this problem five years ago. The only problem would have been the product underperforming. It was only with recent purchases towards the end of last year where I’ve tried Indie brands that made not want to buy makeup anymore. And this is really the last straw. It feels like we’ve circled back to the early days of makeup where people used mercury or bird shit in their beauty regimen. It breaks my heart that makeup is supposed to be safe now and yet there are still products being made where there’s hardly any consideration for the consumers. Whether or not you have a sensitive nose/skin, toxic smells shouldn’t be anywhere near our system. I know that sounds dramatic, but even if it’s just a glue that’s causing the weird smell, even taking in small doses of that can’t possibly be good for someone’s health.

2 / 5 bunnies

I know I listed more pros than cons, but the lingering scent that was totally unnecessary and made the rating much lower than I would have liked to rate it. If the fragrance wasn’t an issue, I would have given this at least a 3 / 5 bunnies.

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