Simple Everyday Warm Spring Make Up Tutorial


Simple Everyday Warm Spring Make Up Tutorial

Simple Everyday Warm Spring Make Up Tutorial

Hi guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted! I got a lot of viewership for the month of March and I am very thankful to each and every one of you! Really, thank you so much. I’ve reached nearly 1,000 views this past month even though I’ve changed my schedule and reduced my blogging workload. My new schedule is now just going to be a weekly post. The publication will most likely be released on Saturdays from now on. I did enjoy posting three times a week, but I’ve only just realized that one post takes up 3 days to complete and that’s nearly halfway through the week. So, I’d either be behind schedule or I would overwork myself. I don’t regret it. It was exhilarating working on my blog, but there are other projects I am currently working on. Anyway, I apologize for this really long blurb. I am ready to jump into the tutorial as much as you are; I just felt like I had to explain my absence before doing so. That being said, I have a lot of exciting posts to share with you guys that I can’t wait to roll out this month! And now onto the tutorial! 

 So I’m not doing a typical rosy or pinky spring tutorial. Surprisingly, enough. I wanted to do one, however,  I feel like I poured out all of my ideas for reds and the pinks on my two Valentine’s tutorials which you can check out [here] and [here]! So for this look, everything is going to be very minimal and simple. The focus of this makeup tutorial is to create a flawless base with a single shadow look. 

✦  B A S E

+ Dr. Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30 
+ Mamonde Lip Sleeping Mask  in Plum Blossom 

Simple Everyday Warm Spring Make Up Tutorial

- ✦ E Y E S ✦ - 

+ Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Demolition 
+ The FaceShop Designing Eyebrow Pencil in 03 Brown
+ Original Dolly Wink Black Liquid Liner
+ Colourpop single shadow in Beach Blanket 
+ Sephora Collection LashCraft Big Volume Mascara 
+ Rude Cosmetics Make Up With An Attitude Manga Anime Book 2 Palette 

Simple Everyday Warm Spring Make Up Tutorial

Simple Everyday Warm Spring Make Up Tutorial

Simple Everyday Warm Spring Make Up Tutorial

Simple Everyday Warm Spring Make Up Tutorial

I have started to really like CC creams over foundation, BB creams, and tinted moisturizers this year. And sometimes, sunscreen is even enough for me alone. What I really like about CC creams is that it gives you this very thin veil of sheer coverage, and I really like how it feels light on my skin. My desire for such a product has been translated and captured well by  Dr. Jart’s Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30. It’s great because it also contains sunscreen. It doesn’t have heavy coverage and the imperfections do peek through, but I don’t actually mind that. In fact, I prefer some of my sunspots to show for this look because for some reason the product is just so damn good at blurring and softening everything else that those imperfections kind of just adds to the look itself.  Do be careful to avoid it around your eye area, if you have sensitive eyes. I do have to grab my regular sunscreen for my eyes as an eye primer, and that is the only caveat I can think of for this product. Other than that, it’s perfect. For the lips, I’ve actually been loving my own lip color lately, so I didn’t bother listing a lipstick in this tutorial. You are more than welcome to add any lippie that you’ve been loving lately. For this look, I do want it to look natural so maybe try a nude or a mlbb shade. The only thing I used for my lips is the Mamonde Lip Sleeping Mask in Plum Blossom. It makes my lips look super moisturized and brings out my raspberry lip color really well. 

Now moving on to eyes: I chose a fawn and peachy like color and that’s Colourpop single shadow in Beach Blanket. When I think of spring, I think of the sun and warmth returning, so I was more inclined to choose this shadow over light pink as the all over lid color. Also, I’ve seen several posts and trends, that insists for you to bring your favorite autumnal shades into spring this year. And they also had the same idea that browns and terra-cottas are perfectly lovely to wear during spring as the brown family color evokes cozy and happy feelings in general. I just pat this shade until it coats all of my upper eyelids.

For brows, I used my trusty The FaceShop Designing Eyebrow Pencil in 03 Brown. This product has been with me for three years and it’s still as creamy as ever! I’ve had products dry up on me after only a year and I get super disappointed. Never with this brow product though! 

For liner, I used the Original Dolly Wink Black Liquid Liner on my upper lid. I just follow my natural eye shape and create the puppy eye by making the wing just extend horizontally instead of upwards like you would with a cat eye. And then to define my eyes, even more, I just connect that line with a dark brown liner from Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Demolition. For highlight, I use any gold shimmer shadow I have at my disposal. In this tutorial, I used Rude Cosmetics Make Up With An Attitude Manga Anime Book 2 Palette. I’ve marked them down below. I then used my Too Faced Teddy Bear liner brush and placed it along where the center of my eye seats. It really widens the eyes and just gives you that really pretty, brightening dolly-like effect. 

Simple Everyday Warm Spring Make Up Tutorial

For mascara, I used Sephora Collection LashCraft Big Volume Mascara. I love how this mascara gives me the smallest dramatic flare and still makes my lashes look simple and natural.
It feels light so it goes with the theme of looking fresh as a daisy for this tutorial. So my favorite part about this mascara is that it dips down very slightly at the ends of my lashes and it opens up my eyes so much, I love it. I didn’t even know mascaras could do that! I have the sample size from my Sephora Playbox and I am definitely thinking of picking it up soon!  

For blush, I didn’t use any. You’re more than welcome to add a light pink blush if you’d like. If I did decide to add blush, I would choose a sheer wash of pink around the eyes to give the look an even more dainty look ( Igari technique). If you didn’t know about Igari makeup, it’s a makeup technique where you place your blush higher on your cheekbones instead of placing it on the apple of your cheeks. It gives you this cute,  innocent, vulnerable kind of vibe that Japanese girls love so much. 

For highlight and contour, I also didn’t add any. This makeup didn’t feel incomplete even without additional face products. I really loved how my selfies turned out. And this makeup tutorial just screams spring with all the light and airy theme. With this makeup look, I feel like I'm immediately transported to an enchanted forest where I could frolic about or nap by murmuring streams.

I wish I could have shown you step by step on how I do my eyes, but I’m only comfortable showing you the products I am using and describing to you how I apply them for now. Once, I get a newer camera (I am using an iPad Pro atm - an upgrade from my iPhone 5s), I may be able to do those detailed, zoomed in on just your eye kind of tutorial. I just feel like I still struggle to do photoshoots of that kind. If you have any tips on how to best capture eye make up tutorials,  please leave them down below because I feel like I always get the wrong angle for them.  I might make a mini video on Instagram and include it here in the near future, so please be on the lookout for that!  

I hope you guys enjoyed this look and I will see you all soon very soon! 


  1. That manga eyeshadow palette is so cool! I've never seen anything like it. You're so pretty btw x

    - Jacqueline |

    1. It is the coolest thing I own! I wish I had a better camera to capture how special and unique it is!

      Like the plain white shadows you see actually have this cool holographic tone to them and most of the browns have these cool olive and deep blue tiny glitter specks in them c:

      And omgosh thank you so much for the compliment ; o ; ! !!




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