March Favorites


March Favorites

I thought April was supposed to be the cruelest month . _ . Not trying to jinx anything or tampering even more with the universe, but I always like March every time it comes around this year, but this one feels like the end of the world. 

Anyway, this is my attempt to remember the good things that happened in March. I’m surprised there’s actually a lot I have to write about despite a lot of things that have happened. 

x I don’t have anything to mention other than the fact that I enjoy playing with my collection and getting to know each palette that I have a little better. A lot of the stuff that didn’t work on me before is working wonderfully now :D 
x Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara (Pink). I used to not like this because the wand was kind of stiff that I feel like I was going to stab myself with it. But I’ve learned how to use the wand a little better now and I like how spiky and separated my lashes look. They look very princess-like as the bottle claims. 
x No Poreblem Primer by Touch in SOL used to give me mini breakouts when I first tried it. But now that my skin got used to it, it makes my pores look amazing and it makes my brows look really nice and sharp when I use this as a primer all over the face. 
x The Soap & Glory Kick Ass All Day Wear Foundation in 04 also no longer give me mini breakouts :D 
x I’m back liking metallic eyeshadows! I only wore all matte last year with very little shimmers. But I’ve taken out my Manga Anime Book 2 35 eyeshadow palette and I love all the rose, gold, and brown eyeshadows I get to play with :3 
x My Harley Quinn Birds of Prey inspired nails: Pop FX in Seeing Sparkles, Sinful Colors in Thimbleberry, Essence Gel polish in Jeans On! 

March Favorites

x There’s only Coronavirus memes going around. Which is sad and scary and nice at the same time. Laughter is the best medicine and it’s very good to have around to boost your immune system amidst all of the panic that’s going on. 
My favorite one is the Italian guy saying ‘Mama Mia’ after finding out the pasta shelves are empty lol. 

x Mama Bear’s Crawfish party! I’m one happy cub :D It’s perfect for the cold weather. 
x Lots of Frappuccinos :3 You can see more of what I like in my Food Diary that I’ve posted recently! 
x Canada Dry Ginger ale :3  I love this stuff. It’s what root beer tries to be but couldn’t lol 
x Tamago + the crispy salad it came with ; o ; I miss it so much now that we’re in quarantine. 
x My little sister made me tik tok coffee and she bought be matcha cream boba :3 

March Favorites

x Pokemon Mystery Dungeon for the switch is out. I haven’t gotten my hands on the game, but I’m glad gameplays are ready for me to watch when I’m ready to YouTube binge. 
x Mobile Games: Animal Restaurant & Rilakumma Farm & Woody 99

x Numbers are stable. But I feel like I’ll have to jump to a different platform to see if I could get my readership to explode. So it’s either Tik tok or Youtube ): Or both. Which doesn’t make me very happy because I feel like that’s extrovert territory? 

x I still haven’t finished ‘Book of Dust.’ I don’t know why it’s such a slow read for me. There are parts that I super get into, but then the plot goes back to being slow so I put it down. Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading more girly books after this. I’m thinking either Sex And The City or Princess Diaries. I don’t know why I’m craving early nineties / early 2000 stuff lately.  

x I finished all six seasons of Sex And The City. It was really good. I was inspired to write more post every time I saw Carrie type on her laptop. A lot of scenes felt like Deja veux. Which was a nice feeling. 

March Favorites

x Hands down, ‘Birds of Prey’ :3 I loved the costume design, story, soundtrack, script, Margot Robbie, the villain, EVERYTHING! I can’t wait to own it once my No-Buy for 1 year ends; o ; 

x Getting to see Mama Bear and Papa Bear safe every morning. 
x Chubby and Gigi making my heart feel lighter during this time
x I just wanna give my mom The Mama Bear award. Even though shelves are empty she keeps getting me snacks that I like ; - ; 

x I talk to Kat about a lot of stuff when I’m worried about things :) 
x My relationship with myself is pretty healthy :3 
x Naomi listening to me during my pandemic concerns. She took the time to write out a sweet comment to me when I was panicking about my mom’s health. 
x Kat also helped me feel better when I was being so stressed out about Covid19. 
x Derek and I are friends again :) We made up. I know he reads my blog sometimes, but he mostly looks at the photos, but Derek if you’re reading my post, I wanted to say thank you for the beard photos and photos of Miloslav! 
x Without Naomi, Kat, and Derek I don’t think I could have pushed through March. Thanks you guys! 
x I know a lot of people cope with stress by falling more in love, but I tend to be the opposite. I need to be alone and it takes a while before I resurface. 

x The whole soundtrack for ‘Birds of Prey’ :D 

March Favorites

x Spoiling Chubby and Gigi as always :D They always like I haven’t fed them for years every time I check up on them lol. 

x Finishing laundry
x Voting for the Primary Election
x Using ‘Favor’ while I still have free delivery 
x Showered after two weeks of being sick. I know that sounds gross. But it feels super nice to be clean even though showering means you have to be in the right mental and emotional space to do it, it’s always worth it in the end. 
x My mini classroom! I’m working on becoming a tutor and my set up is something I’m really proud of. I worked on it while I was grieving/stressing about my grandpa’s death/coronavirus. If you know my private Twitter account, you’ll be able to get a peek. I’m not uploading it just yet because I don’t want to jinx anything, but I am so happy with how it turned out :3 
x Emergency Purchase: Birds of Prey digital copy on iMovie. I know that’s breaking my No-Buy rule, but given the circumstances, I really needed the emotional support and anti-anxiety help that it gives. Under any circumstances, I would have waited until the end of the year, but I really needed it to not feel like utter shit with all of the virus/funeral stuff we had to go through March.
x Rediscovering old books and video games that I can use for Quarantine activities. 
x Ballet Beautiful - Swan Lake workouts :D I love love love this! Thank you to the amazing  Alexa Chung from introducing me to this channel! xx 
x Emma Chamberlain! Binging her channel has helped me reduce my anxiety episodes tremendously! Thank you, Emma! I love you! 
x Spring Cleaning. Did a lot of dusting and it made me feel like a Disney Princess. Room looks clean and organized. Favorite part of the room is the pink flowers that I have topped with fairy lights next to my makeshift nightstand. 
x Bullet Journaling with my grey Moleskine notebook with the gold sakura waxed seal. 
x Weather Kitty 
x Detective Pikachu also helped with reducing my anxiety 

March Favorites

x Postponing a lot of studying :\ I know it’s my fault.
x Being too nervous to complete my demo to become a tutor 
x Obvious candidate: Coronavirus panic. People being selfish. Dumb president. Capitalist greed. 
x Period giving me insomnia and not helping me boost my immune system D: 
x My grandpa in Cali died. We couldn’t say goodbye to him because of the lockdown and it wasn’t safe to travel. I’m so sad for my dad. He couldn’t see him again for the last time. And I’m really sad because I never got to pay my grandpa for all the gifts and money he gave to me ever since I was a kid ; - ; He’s the second grandpa I lost. My grandpa from my mom’s side passed away two years ago in 2018. I miss him a lot. I’m essentially grandpa-less now . _ . 
x Panic attack that came in waves for about a couple of days. My chest/boob area usually hurts around my period, but my anxiety was off the charts because I kept thinking it was the virus and that I was going to pass it on to my mom or dad or sister . _ . I’m glad the anxiety has calmed down now. 
x Allergies . _ . My nose was chapped and dry and flaky every day. 
x Longing to go outside and the convenience of going outside to get food whenever I wanted to. 
x Being paranoid and careful all the time
x Looking at One Year Ago photos. It hurts to look at. Everything was brighter then. 

Take care friends! I hope to see you soon! 

Dazed Mari, Mari the Illustrious
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  1. Thanks for sharing you March favourites. It was abit of a writeoff wasn't it, but so good that you have pulled some positives from it.
    Talking about memes...if you have seen Netflix's Tiger King, you will be living for the memes coming out of it...I know I am!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

    1. Yes, I didn't expect to have written anything down. I thought my March Favorites was going to be empty.
      I've seen a lot of memes on ig, but I have no idea what's going on. I'll have to check it out !

      Thank you for commenting x

  2. Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed this post :)

  3. It is great that you've found some neat beauty products! I should do the same to kill some time hehe. We are a generation of memes... No matter what happens, there will still be memes. It is great that you got to play different games! Thanks for sharing some of these neat things happening while on lockdown!

    Nancy ♥

    1. Hi Nancy :D Thanks for reading my long post all the way through! I'm also enjoying your posts during lockdown!


  4. A lot of folks seem to be going to YouTube but once they do, they're lost to me if they don't also keep up something in non-video format, as I just don't watch beauty videos online ... I like to savor images and study them and can't do that when they're flying by my eyes so fast.

    1. I feel the same way! I hate it when they get lazy and just make a blog post with a video added to it instead of a typical blog format with photos ): Like you might as well have just given me a link to click. I appreciate people who add videos at the end of their blog post with lots of photos and graphics as the main content instead of just tagging their most recent video.




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