Spring Wish List ☆彡


Spring Wish List ☆彡

Hi everyone. Sorry for being MIA. I’ve had to deal with personal stuff offline. If you know my personal Twitter account, there has been a lot of stress and anxiety to deal with. A lot of angry tweets also.  All of the details are there. I don’t know how to elaborate on it here. 

But more to the point, I hope no one gets mad that I have decided to upload regular content. It isn’t because I am insensitive to other people’s suffering. But I have become overloaded with the news that has been broadcasted every day. And this is the only way I can cope. So please no “Let Them Eat Cake” accusations on my DMs or comments; - ; 

Of course, the number one item on this list is the vaccine for the virus. I hope a lot more people beat Covid-19 no matter how old they are. And that the blood plasma tests keep progressing to help those with weaker immune systems to also beat Covid-19. 

And the second item on my wish list is actually this bike that has this cute basket at the front. When this is all over, I’d just like to bike again near the park with a lake (well more like a little puddle haha) near my house. And I know I can still do that now, but I just have a lot of anxiety going outside. I’d prefer to just walk in the backyard for fresh air or work out inside the house with the windows open because I do have family members that have underlying conditions. 

Pusheen has also been really good at cheering me up when a lot of bad news came flooding in between March and April. I might bet a subscription box once this is all over.  I just love this fluffy, grey cat :D 

I’m only Window shopping for now, because I don’t want to overwhelm the Post Office in this current crisis.I want people who need it more to have their packages readily delivered to them for example,  mom’s who are pregnant and the elderly who rely on their medicine being delivered via mail. 

So I also encourage you to do that. Just hold off a bit on material items for now, and maybe make a Wish List like this to plan for the future because we will have it. 

Spring Wish List ☆彡

Spring Wish List ☆彡

Spring Wish List ☆彡

Also, I’m super paranoid that I won’t be able to wipe the surface enough of any items that I bring inside. So I feel like it is a good decision to stick by purchasing nothing unless they are essential items, so those who need their essential items  can get it faster. 

I don’t want to come across as selfish by saying do a No-Buy for those who use shopping as a way for stress-relief, but I still stand by with what I said earlier. Think carefully before you purchase new items. Try to look at stuff you already have at home. Re-reading old books, or cleaning your wardrobe, or playing with makeup collection that you already have. You’ll be surprised at a lot of the stuff that you already have. 

And I also don’t want to look like I’m opposed to supporting small businesses. I don’t want small businesses to have their support completely cut off, but I think gift cards are also an acceptable way to show loyalty to the brands you love. Or for creators, you can always hit up their Patreon or Ko-Fi links.

That’s all I have for you in this post. I’m working on getting batches of post ready to be uploaded so please stay tuned. 

I hope you are taking care of yourself, mentally, physically, and emotionally.
And remember to practice proper social-distancing. Don’t forget to wear your gloves or masks or raincoats when going to the grocery, bank, or the doctors. Keep yourself protected and follow the #stayhomeorder 

P.S. If you saw that burger from Burger King at the bottom, it’s because I’ve been craving the “Impossible Burger” for a while now lol :D. But I don’t want to go out for food via drive-thru or do take-out as much as possible because I want the people in the frontline to have more access to it first. Like people who are too tired to prepare their own meal because they work at hospitals or grocery stores. So I just try to eat at home and eat whatever leftovers we have. So I’m not against eating out, I just want to do it sparingly, like when I really need a break and I just need some comfort food. And then there’s also times when we can’t find the ingredient we need at the grocery store because the shelves are empty so we, of course, opt for take out and just wipe the outer packaging entirely to reduce transmission risks. 

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Take care, 

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  1. I love the Pusheen mug and socks, they're super cute!! :) xx

    Holly | www.gollymissholly.uk

    1. Thank you Holly :D! Pusheen merch is indeed super cute xx



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