June Favorites | Summer Favorites | Summer Loves


June Favorites | Summer Favorites


This one is super late. I meant to post it earlier and title it as ‘Current Favorites.’ Didn’t happen :\  I hope these Favorites also help you remember the brighter side of things during Quarantine :D Some of the stuff was around the last week of May, but I just decided to tuck it in here because I already published my May Favorites earlier. 

If I don’t have the photos, I included in my list, it’s because I’m probably planning on revealing in a separate post. I just don’ like repeating stuff because I get really confused on whether I’ve already included /discussed about the products or not. So please stay tuned in the upcoming future posts! Thank you! 


June Favorites | Summer Favorites


x The Best-est by Essie. It’s the same formula as Mojito Madness and I’m so happy :D It’s the perfect blue-grey! 

x Lips are looking great. They’re not as chapped since I’ve been drinking a lot of water / gatorade. 

x Winning Summer Combination Base: Make Up Obsession Picture Perfect Pore Blurring Primer + Nyx Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil in Beige Camel (or) Cover Girl Clean Fresh Skin Milk Nourishing Foundation in 550 Light/Medium + Soap & Glory Kick Ass Foundation 

x New drugstore loves: Wet n Wild Hello Halo Blushlighter in I Met Someone && Essie Couture nails in 412 Steel The Show && Maybelline The City Mini Brooklyn Nudes palette && Elf Pumpkin Pie palette 

x Blink and Wink mascara (Betty Boop collection)

x Been able to cut my own hair and it turned out pretty well. I have a nice, layered hair that doesn’t look too shabby :3 

x My nails have been able to grow back. 

x Maybelline Nudes of New York 

x Colourpop Sailor Moon Pretty Guardian palette ; O ; I couldn’t get my hands on the blush. But I did get my hands on frisky business. And I think the Peach collection is the prettiest packaging CP ever did. 

x New ideas for nail polish that didn’t work out the first time.  

x Hatomugi toner && Skinfood rice cleanser  ♡♡♡

June Favorites | Summer Favorites

June Favorites | Summer Favorites

June Favorites | Summer Favorites

June Favorites | Summer Favorites

June Favorites | Summer Favorites

June Favorites | Summer Favorites


x Orange Gatorade Mama Bear got me

x Anti-Oxidant hiking snacks that Mama Bear also got for me :3

x Making my Poor Man’s Sandwich. I wanted to put chips on my sandwich similarly to the detective in that movie with Denzel Washington where he was a drug lord king pin. 

 x Iced Matcha Latte w/ Cold Foam & Strawberry Puree ♡♡♡ (Going to attempt a copycat recipe)

x Mocha Mamon from Red Robin ♡♡♡

x Guava Passion Fruit Tea + S’mores frappuccino (Going to attempt a copycat recipe)

x Yogurt + Granola clusters + flax and pumpkin seeds 

x Blueberries :3  ♡♡♡

x Strawberries 

x The Impossible Burger at Burger King :3 

x Mocha coffee at Costco 

x Blue Gatorade 

June Favorites | Summer Favorites
June Favorites | Summer Favorites

June Favorites | Summer Favorites

June Favorites | Summer Favorites

June Favorites | Summer Favorites

June Favorites | Summer Favorites

June Favorites | Summer Favorites

June Favorites | Summer Favorites


x I’ve been playing a lot of free desktop games from Steam! I’ve been enjoying Grimm’s Hollow and Your Dry’s Delight! 

x Final Fantasy 7 cutscenes 

x Hello Neighbor’s newest release: Hello Guest Alpha 

x I’ve been able to unlock a lot of stuff in ‘Animal Restaurant’ (Current Mobile Game I’m playing) ♡♡♡


x I’ve re-branded! I finally got my own domain :3 Welcome to “Dazed Mari” 

x I love my new theme :D 


x Comixology - I downloaded a bunch of free stuff. Also, It’s been ten years since I’ve read anything from TokyoPop!  I’m so glad they’re still alive! I wanted to work there since I was a kid. It was the first publishing establishment known to me. My younger self would kill me for not reading more TokyoPop now that it’s more readily available! Anyway,  I like the art in Constance and Nano, Zombie Cherry, and Zero’s Journey.  

x Officer Katz and Houndini 

x I haven’t been reading books in a while but I’ve started reading ‘No More Bad Dates’ by Kate O’Keefe  ♡♡♡


x I haven’t been watching a lot of television series. But I did watch one season of ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’.  I am on season two now :D I like how the main character is always so bright and goofy and her spirit is unbreakable!


x Weathering With You is really beautiful. I highly recommend it. 10/10 

x A Whisker Away. Another Best Film of the Year 10/10 


x My therapist really said ‘Give men another chance” lol :D Not gonna happen. 

x She said “I had great coping skills” and it boosted my ego for like a whole month :D

x I’m going to have a session once every month via the telephone and she said I could email her if anything bothers me :D 


x Food Court - Potsu 

x App - My First 

x Sweatpants - Santiago 

x Decisions - NTR.MND 

x Daydreaming - Mark Generous 

x Lindecis - Soulful 

x Waiting - Dominant 

x Pokemon Peace Smile - Full Version ♡♡♡

x L.Dre - Avatar’s Love But It’s Lofi Hip Hop 

x This is America - Eugene Tsai Remix 


x Chubby and Gigi’s butt dance when I give them a banana for treats 

x Chubby and Gigi chasing each other for exercise. It’s so cute how they go inside the rabbit castle as their tunnel. 


 x Sweet dreams | Dreams about food :D Cake + Cookies 

x Uquiz reminds me of the good ol’ xanga days 

x Mama Bear loving her garden project

x Tumblr being untainted by social media promos. It’s like going to a digital countryside and I just enjoy all of the posts there that genuinely feels refreshing to the soul | { Empress } My Tumblr account link :3 

x CDC announced that surfaces aren’t high carriers or doesn’t transfer the virus as easily. It put me more at ease when it comes to opening boxes / getting groceries and such. Not that I stopped washing hands or been lenient about not touching my face. But it was definitely a load taken off my shoulder. I’m still careful, I’m just not as stressed as before. That was good for my mental health, because I am literally MONK.

x Speaking of Monk, I showed my mom the Peacock video ft. Mr. Monk in Quarantine and she laughed a lot :D 

x Finally made a link tree 

x Re-learning Katakana && Hiragana | Also learning about Kanji structures (radicals, on, kun) 

x Watching a lot of stationary videos 

x Megan Fox in Blood Valentine MV 

x Mama Bear’s completed garden: the solar lights are so pretty at night :D 

x Surface transfers + fleeing encounters don’t pose that much of a risk of contracting the virus

x Sailormoon x Colourpop restocked! 

x Cleaned my closet. It’s organized by season now instead of colors. All I had were sweaters before and now I can finally see where my tank tops and shorts are from all the mess I made from putting off organizing. 

x New iPad wallpaper: Steven Universe background art 

x Organizing my room a lot. I’m so proud :D All the dust bunnies are gone :3 

x Cardcaptor Sakura and Avatar: The Last Airbender (animation) is now on Netflix :D 

x I reached my targeted weight goal!!! I’m so happy! I gained 20 lbs!!! :D I’m over the moon! 

x Hannah St. Luce ♡♡♡ & Ms Makil and finding more Black Creatives | They all have perfect skin :3


x Consecutive nightmares 

x Pinterest not letting my new graphic design as much view/exposure. Guess the algorithm changed again.  

x I feel like I’m failing at Blogging. I didn’t try so hard last year and I was able to get brand collaborations. Now, it’s the opposite. 

x Family members doing shady shit D: Ugh. Right after being nice to them. I hate being so thoughtful and considerate all the time D: 

x Losing a friend because of Covid. Because I’m asian, I’m the scapegoat for the virus outbreak? I talked about this on my Twitter and I was kinda sad that they’ve been hinting that they don’t want to be friends anymore. It was a good friendship while it lasted. Anyway, I haven’t been watching their Youtube channel anymore. 

x Feeling like giving up on my blog . _ . 

x Turning off sync on gmail by accident has caused it to not remember any of my old passwords saved D: UGHHHH. I hate bad things stacking up. I feel like I can’t catch a break from 2020 D: And I hate that stupid guest option that makes me so paranoid ): I’m so bummed out . ____ . 

x I met a Karen outside of Kinokuniya who shrilled at me even though she is the one blocking the entrance. I couldn’t exit properly so I was just standing near the doorway waiting for them to stop blocking the doorway, and she screamed “watch out” to her son in the most racist tone possible. Like, I’m the one wearing my mask properly and been waiting for them to patiently let me pass, while they have their mask hanging by their ear or not wearing them at all D: Jesus fucking Christ. 

x bad tummy ache from a salty bun 

x TX particularly my county reaching Level 1 Red Alert D: FUCK THOSE PEOPLE THAT DIDN’T WANT TO WEAR A MASK 

x :( Bloggers who aren’t nice 


What were your June Favorites? Tell me in the comments below :D 

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Don't forget to wear your mask, wash your hands frequently, and stay positive! 


June Favorites | Summer Favorites | Summer Loves

June Favorites | Summer Favorites | Summer Loves

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