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Hi everyone! Today I'm bringing you a post in collaboration with Photowall. A huge thank you to Photowall for kindly gifting me their newest wallpaper design, Beauty Everywhere in Red. Photowall is a company based in Sweden and they sell wallpapers, murals, prints, posters, and canvas for your interior decor needs. They ship worldwide and their delivery service is fast and accurate. I got my package within a week. Their packaging is eco-friendly and it was packaged with care. 


I chose this wallpaper design because it reminded me of cherry blossoms and soft pink clouds. I also really love the sentimental feeling I get from it. I'm glad I went with this one because I think it goes really well with the fairy tale theme I have going on in my vanity table. I have shadow puppets of Sleeping Beauty and I like how it ties in together.  The tree and forest motifs were something I also wanted because it gave me Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice vibes and especially that scenery where Lizzie travels with her aunt and uncle to Pemberley. I always drink in that scenery every time I watch that film, and now I have something very close to it in my room/day studio. Beauty Everywhere is the perfect combination of all the other wallpapers I was looking at. I've listed their names down below. If you fancy a different color, Beauty Everywhere also comes in various shades. I remember there is a green and a brown one too. But I ended up with red because I think it's just so dreamy and romantic. I'm very happy and pleased with how my wallpaper turned out. I have gold mirrors and gold hexagon shelves on my interior decor wish list right now. I think those two elements would really make this wallpaper stand out even more. The hexagon shelves would look really pretty on the tip of the branches. 

This was a great project for me and my mom. She helped me out a lot as I've never done wallpaper before. She did the upper half of the panels, while I did the bottom half. It's definitely a fun bonding experience, especially if you're in quarantine or lockdown and you're looking for new ways to renew your space. It only took us a few hours to put up the wallpaper. I've linked down below the link to the official tutorial made by Photowall. It's very beginner-friendly and I watched it on my iPad before beginning the process. All of the panels are numbered the instructions are very easy to understand. 

Some tips & tricks, I've learned from putting up wallpaper is that having a soft towel is really handy when you want to smooth out all of the panels you've laid out. You can see the blue towels in the Behind the Scenes recap I've included along with the other photographs. Also, another thing I was so worried about was that my wall has textures. Luckily for me, it was slightly textured and is already sanded down. So there wasn't anything truly sticking out. And what really saved the day is that Photowall offers premium wallpapers. I'm not sure what the exact finish of my wallpaper is but it's like semi-matte and semi-gloss and it helped hide any of the errors I made and actually made them unnoticable. 

The other wallpapers I had my eyes on were:
  • Garbo & Friends 
  • Flora Hysterica 
  • Wander Trees Green 
  • Botany Banana 
  • Blush Clouds Daydream 
  • Cuckoo's Nest in green 

This is Photowall Sweden's Instagram handle and link: @photowall_sweden  & this is their hashtag for you to browse even more gorgeous wallpapers #photowallsweden

Garbo & Friends was second on my list. It's perfect for a dark, autumn, moody aesthetic. When I'm ready for a change, I'm definitely going back for it!



 I followed the instructions from Photowall's Youtube Tutorial for their easy wallpaper installation. 

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It is valid for a month and you save 25% off your purchase from Photowall. 

Code expires: April 9, 2021.  



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  1. Absolutely love the wallpaper! As soon as I'll have my own place i will look back to this! Thank you for sharing x

  2. I absolutely love Photowall's product. It's so high quality and the one you chose is so pretty! It ties everything together in your room xx

    lenne |

    1. Hi Lenne! Thanks so much xx ! Yes, I agree, I love the quality of their products :) I hope you're having a lovely day <3

  3. It looks sweetheart really beautiful !! 💗💗

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, Kinga! Hope you're having a lovely Saturday ❤

  5. Wow that's very impressive! Love the design you chose!

    1. Thank you, Karen! I forgot to add that I love how it also reminds me of the Dior Book Tote with the blue Toile de Jouy motif ❤



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