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Rating: ✮✮✮


This book is filed under 'Haven't Finished, But I Want To Circle Back To It As Soon As Possible.' This is one of those books, where you have to give it your undivided attention. It's very rich in details and it's very well-written and not only that but it's also well-researched. I'm working on clearing my TBR and CR right now, so I can go back and pick up this book again.  I was really sad when it automatically got returned and I didn't get the chance to finish it. Anyway, I just wanted to drop by and say that this book is awesome, please don't sleep on it. And that you'll probably see more 'Wife' series on my blog pretty soon. Because I'll be wanting to review other historical fiction books like this too. I'll come back to edit this later and write a full review. Thanks for reading! I'll see you later! 

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