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I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily. Thank you for the free copy of this book to the author and to Book Sirens.

I made a total of 117 Kindle notes and highlights of this book. I think I've mentioned this before in my book reviews, but every time you catch me making a lot of annotations and writing at the margins and edges of pages, you know it's a good book. Before getting into the review, I would like to apologize for taking so long to get this post up. It was meant to be published, three months ago, but I ended up working on other projects so this got set aside for a little while. And at that time, I was waiting to finish reading all of the other books I was currently reading so I could publish all of them together in one go. Three months later it's finally happening. 

I gave this book 5/5 stars. I had a really great time with this book. I remember whenever I could catch a break or after finishing chores or errands, I couldn't wait to get back to reading this book. I'm not sure if there is already an audiobook out for Best Foot Forward, but I would also like to see this book in that format. It would've been great if I had that as a companion to the book because I could just jump into any chapter I was in while driving or waiting in the car. 


1) Female friendship - I really love the chemistry between Libby & Cassie. There was enough page time (the equivalent of screen time?) to present their friendship to the reader. I love that their friendship gets an adequate spotlight with everything else that's going on. The characters themselves feel fleshed-out and authentic. I always love it when an author hits that nail in the head. 
2) Humor - I don't know much of British local dialects, but this book still manages to make my sides hurt. I remember grinning a lot while reading this under my comforter late at night. 
3) Romance Done Right - Often in books, films, or television series, whenever romance is injected out of nowhere, the story starts to fall apart. Not so for Best Foot Forward. The plot, the relationship between characters, the pacing, and the romantic aspect itself all remain intact. And Stevens has my applause for that. 
4) Fashion & Mystery - I remember the first business email that Ms. Stevens sent me and she said that this book is right up my alley and goes really well with my blog's niche. She couldn't be more right. This book was exactly my cup of tea. In my film reviews, I always mention how much I love Noir and Femme Fatales. And in my hauls, I always like girly, feminine things like makeup and clothes. Imagine my surprise, when a book with all of those combinations already exists. Still very grateful to this day that Ms. Stevens allowed me an ARC of her wonderful work, Best Foot Forward
5) Writing style - If I hadn't already said it in my intro, I annotated this book a lot. Stevens writing style is fresh, cohesive, and has the right amount of flair that I totally enjoyed. 
6) Series - I would be more than happy to re-read this book over and over again. Particularly during the summer. But I am so happy that there a bunch of volumes already out just waiting for me. Please check out Bea Stevens Official Site, so you can stay updated on her upcoming works. 
7) Film/TV - I hope a producer picks up her works soon so we can enjoy it either in BBC Masterpiece Classics or any other huge TV network. 
8) Illustration - I love her art covers. I love the fashion illustrations. It looks so feminine and chic. 


1) The setting of this book is in the UK so the language barrier could be a possible hindrance in enjoying this book. But I highly doubt anyone in this day and age could really struggle with reading this book even with the local dialect being foreign because you can always look up what things mean on Google. Also, I feel like everyone has at least one UK Blogger or Youtuber that they like and I feel like that should also help clear some of the foreign words you're going to encounter. With the internet, everyone is connected in some way. You can always look up local expressions on either Quora or Reddit and big bonus, you get to learn something new. That is the only con, I can see for this book. Although, IMO, it isn't really. There are context clues around to help you out with what the author meant in a certain passage or paragraph. I never felt lost reading this book. 

You may like this book if you like the following tags: detective story, female lead, strong female friendships, fashion, shoes, hotels, luxury brands, mystery, humor, romance, 

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