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I really shouldn't put off book reviews for too long because the mental notes I've made in my head are no longer fresh or new. From now on, I promise to make notes on Notion for every book I plan on reviewing. 

I truly loved all of the writing selections curated for A Thousand Beginnings and Endings. My favorite, however, would have to be the story with (1) hungry ghosts and the chapter with the (2) RPG videogame, and the one with (3) two sisters. I checked at the back of the book and the first two stories I mentioned are from authors who won a lot of writing awards. And I'm like 'yes, definitely, those awards are well-deserved' because I fell in love completely with those stories. I'm really sorry that I couldn't recall the exact titles. I borrowed this from the library during a library haul, and while I did annotate it, it still wouldn't show up on my GoodReads account because I currently don't have it checked out. 

What I also really love from this book is that there isn't just a representation of Eastern Asians (Oriental Regions: Japan, Korea, China). There are also stories from the Philippines and South India and I think it's very important to have SEA (South Eastern Asian) and Central Asia as well because they're Asians too. I'm Filipino and I am so happy that there was more than one story from my home country. They could've easily just popped on one story and say 'We're done. Diversity accomplished' but the distribution of each story from varying regions is actually equally distributed. I remember there are at least two stories from Japan, Vietnam, Korea, the Philippines, Pakistan, & India etc. (Sorry, I truly can't remember all of the regions). 

The illustrations are also very beautiful. There is an illustration for every chapter. I'm really hoping there is a Volume II in the making because they did an amazing job with this book. I hope to see stories from Malaysia and Indonesia and Singapore next.  I've attached some excerpts and previews of the interface of Libby if you ever decide to check it out.

You May Like This Book If You Like The Following Tags: short stories, POC representation, Asian mythology, Asian folklore, ghost stories, fairy tales, gods, and goddesses, shape-shifting, legends, retellings 

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