Book Review: Queen's Peril by E.K. Johnston (Audiobook) | #Chirp



Rating: ✮✮✮


⚠ Light Spoilers Ahead ⚠

It's been a while since I've read this book or rather listened to it. I bought this audiobook for sale on Chirp. Chirp is a cheaper alternative to Audible's jacked-up price. But you don't lose the quality. I think I prefer Queen's Shadow over this. Only because I didn't get confused as much while reading that one. And I read that book without any pre-knowledge of Star Wars. I still love the voice actress that narrated this audiobook. My only gripe with this book is this one part where Amidala was portrayed as "too hetero"? Okay, maybe that wasn't intentional, but she did look like she wasn't an LGBTQ+ ally in this one scene where she swapped places with one of her handmaidens. I know this was set up in a way for the girls to have internal conflict in their 'Protect The Queen At All Cost" operation, but I just wished I could have had a little bit more of an inner monologue from Padme to explain as to why she couldn't kiss her friend's girlfriend. Because I have this impression of Padme that she can always think on her feet during stressful situations, and in this scene, she just froze up. That scene made Padme look unkind. And I don't know, I wish I could have seen her in a more compassionate light. I'm relieved, first of all, that they weren't fighting over a guy and that Sabé has bisexual representation in QS and QP. Overall, I enjoyed listening to the rest of the audiobook. I gave it a four out of five-star rating because I have a crush on Padme, so I bumped it up to one more star. 

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