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Hey guys. I’m sorry if this post is gonna feel a little sparse. I don’t really have a  lot to talk about since my rabbit crossed the rainbow bridge. Not much has happened and I don’t mind that not a lot has happened. I finally have my meditation spot up in the garden. It’s where we buried Chubby. Papa Bear helped me build the bridge and the wishing well. And my dad also primed them so the rain wouldn’t damage them a lot. And Mama Bear put the Marigolds in full bloom in between the rabbit statue that I got for Chubby. 

I got to talk to my psychiatrist/behavioral counselor this month, which made glad because I haven’t seen my psychologist in a while because the insurance doesn’t allow for two behavioral counselors to be so scheduled so close to each other. My anxiety meds have been working great, and I don’t feel the side effects that much anymore (tummy pains) which is awesome. 

One thing that’s made me somewhat happy is the Shimano bike with a wicker basket that I bought with Mama Bear. I took her for a ride this morning and I love how she sounds. I totally get it why people fall in love with their ships and name them after someone. I plan on taking Vader out for a ride in the basket, so he can feel the wind in his face. And he can feel like his running, until we can find out why he has a hard time using his legs. Mama Bear and I were also looking for an Astros jersey that has Altuve’s name on it, but we just can’t find it anywhere :\ 

There’s this Dollar Tree pink bunny hand cream that I decided to try out and it’s amazing!!! It smells just like Tony Moly toner mists with the same bunny design I used buy for $12 a pop, and what I used to spray on my face when Pokémon Go first came out lol. 

To be honest, I haven’t really been into the mood to celebrate autumn or Halloween at all. I did like the new filters that Snow came up with though. The Igari blush filters are always my favorite. And I am reading a Dark Academia type of book, but I have to admit my participation in the fall weather is still very minimal. I’m really enjoying The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn HardCastle. I’m already more than a hundred pages. I love how each chapter is sectioned. It never feels too long or too short. I also finished The Hangman’s Daughter as well as the last and final volume of the Creepy Cat series. I can’t wait to have those reviews up, sometime in November. I also got a new set of fairy lights, because my other one stopped working. 

I borrowed a couple of my mom’s Tiek’s shoes that I bought for her last year, and I was so surprised that I can fit in size 7 now. I tried them on last year, but I couldn’t fit in them. So that was a pleasant surprise. I think my favorite park of my new job is when it rains. I don’t know why. For the Halloween even at work, I was a mouse and one of my friends and co-worker was a crayon. I wish I could’ve taken a selfie with her, but we were just all so busy that we didn’t get to do that. 

I was finally able to journal again after adjusting from work after a couple of months. I never thought I’d get to enjoy my weekends again by being able to squeeze a little bit of time for my favorite hobbies, like blogging. 

Something new that I started doing is finally getting started on using a Money Diary! I’m using the app that has Kanahe’s Piske and Usagi. You can download cute wallpapers the more you use it! I’ve been able to stay inside my budget, thanks to this app. I haven’t been really shopping for anything other than stuff I need for work - so I’ve been sticking to only picking up essential items. Me and my dad were listening on our way to work, and they said Target’s stocks were down by 15% and it just reinforced my No-Buy even more :) Can’t believe I brought Target to it’s knees by not shopping there for months lol. I’ve also started to really enjoy window shopping a lot lately too. Nothing beats not having what you want. 

Haven’t done much gaming lately either. Only Pocket Camp. I finally got Chief, Raymond and his black devil headband, and also Beardo! Not sure if I’m gonna pick up the newest Pokémon game, because I’m planning on finishing PMD first before I purchase anymore games. I think I still have at least six games I need to finish from last year alone. 

When it comes to my nail polish addiction, I think I actually also solved that one. Not one release has caught my eye, and I’ve been strictly rotating what I have in my collection and using them as encapsulated gel glitters. I still enjoy people’s videos and reviews on new releases, but I’m glad I don’t have that burning desire to empty my wallet anymore lol. I am planning on  buying new nail supplies around December because I do need to restock on a new mat, so that wont’ be for a while. 

I’m saving up to to buy my mom and dad a really expensive present by the end of November, so I’m glad I’m not really tempted to buy anything for me lol. I hope I get more free time and finish all of my TBR piles. I also hope that I can have time to catch up with Kat soon. I’ve missed messaging her on Instagram. I think it was three months ago, since we last go to talk to each other for hours. I’ve been able to keep up with her a little via Twitter. There’s so much I want to tell her. 

I love how if I were ever to rename my kittens, Vader would’ve been Hades for sure. And Palpatine would’ve been Zeus since he’s the leader of the pack. And Shiv would definitely be Poseidon because of his blue eyes. Speaking of Shiv, that’s him giving me a kiss after he ate half a cockroach that he decided he’s gonna save for later smh. Palpatine always gives me lots of cuddle time when finishing my modules and I love him for it. He’s been really enjoying watching the neighborhood via the window upstairs in my bedroom. So now I’m always calling it Palpatine’s window. 

I ordered a pink cookie purse for my Halloween costume (didn’t get here on time) and I’m hoping it gets here next week. I’m gonna use this costume over and over again until it falls apart every year lol. Also can’t believe we only got 1.5 seconds of mullet Obi-wan but I’ll take what I can get 😭 . NBM is the best cuticle oil brand ever! I’m so happy Mediocre Nails convinced me to give them a try! 

Physical therapy has been also great! I think I’m making a lot of progress and my new therapist has been really kind just like my previous therapist :) 

What I listened to This Month: Taylor Swift’s Midnight album. Arctic Monkey’s The Car

Stuff I got done this weekend: Gave Gigi her treats; finished cleaning my room, laundry 🧺 is done; got to rest, relax, and recharge; a couple of new blog posts; Gave the kittens their Revolution meds; showered + face masks + new witchy nails; listened to a witchy podcast episode

Finished catching up with a lot of these films/shows: Tales of the Jedi, Andor,  Rick and Morty S6, Bob’s Burger Movie, Spy x Family S2, and Rilakkuma’s Theme Park. (I startled Beetlejuice - plan on finishing it next weekend). 

What I want for November and December: Meditate more often. Have time for creative projects. Finish my big stack of TBR (print books). Finish my modules. Keep up my celibate streak lol. I’m glad that the Pandemic has given me a chance to reconnect deeply with my asexual side. Expand my love letter for Chubby. Expand the love letter collection to more platonic love. 


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