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Hello there. Just quickly hopping on here to cry, because I can’t afford the slutty puffy winter jacket that’s going to be released by Columbia for Obi-wan from the Clone Wars series. What’s the point of being alive if I can’t emulate my favorite slut of all time? Like when will this shit year end? All joking aside, I do wish I could shell out $400+ for some Star Wars gear, but I already invested in The North Face last month for my winter wear. 

One time after work, my little brother and Mama Bear baked these pumpkin brownies, and they were soooo gooood. I thought they had cream cheese in them but Mama Bear said they didn’t include it in their ingredients.  I hope they make Christmas cookies. Even just the ones where you just decorate the outside with sprinkles. 

I got a lot of good shots of Vader during my week-long break from work. I’m so happy I got to give him a lot of attention this week. He accidentally fell in a puddle on the patio, and the weather was super cold. I was panicking the whole time. Quickly dried him, and whipped out my hair dryer, and he enjoyed it so damn much. It was adorable. He’s a domestic medium-hair cat, so when he was under the dryer, he looked like a little lion, with all of his mane on a full fluffy display. He was closing his eyes a lot like a little diva; it was so adorable, I wish I captured it in a video, but my hands were full. 

So earlier during the break, we finally took Vader to a neurologist for a consultation. They can’t find any fractures in his bones, and all of his organs are working quite well. He seems to have a congenital condition and it’s centered around his spinal cord. The things Vader did as a kitten, like wobbling and falling and resting his head a lot on his brothers’ butts or coming to cuddle in our lap weren’t normal. He was supposed to be active and playful, instead of lethargic and lying down on his cat bed for hours. We thought it was just his personality. But the vet specialist said that he couldn’t lift his neck a lot and that’s probably where most of his health/mobility issues come from. She suggested euthanasia because she said that even with the MRI (costing about $7k), she said there was a very low chance that they could fix Vader. I declined the offer and thanked her and the staff for examining Vader. She said Vader was very beautiful. We just took him home that rainy day. I remember crying in the car, asking Vader not to give up without a fight, while he looked up from his strawberry bed. And like a little miracle, Vader just started eating from his bowl upright and he was walking a lot better and grooming himself a lot when we got back to our house. He’s doing a lot better now, and I’m very grateful that he’s okay. P.S. Vader used to have this weird period where he lost his appetite which scared the fuck outta me, but now he meows clearly when he wants food! :')

Series I finished: Andor Season 1 (It was so fucking good. Star War fans definitely ate good this Thanksgiving). 

Films I watched: Practical Magic (1998). Friday the 13th (1980).

Books I read: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Poirot Series). Berenice by Edgar Allan Poe. 

Recent Book Purchases: These are all audiobooks by you guessed it - Richard Armitage. His & Hers by Alice Feeney. Bedlam by LJ Ross. Rock, Paper, Scissors by Alice Feeney. The Burning Girls by C.J. Tudor. Spent about $80 but, hey, I didn’t touch my paycheck for months. So dipping in it a little bit didn’t make me feel very guilty. Currently listening to The Burning Girls. All the books are under thriller and horror, so I'm covered for all of my holiday reading. 

Recent Nail Polish Purchase: Magnetic nails by Nails Inc. I love all of the shades that I got. I’ll do a review of them later :) Also dropped $80, but I think it’s worth it. 

Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Little Bear and I are all sick. I haven’t done my COVID test yet, just because I didn’t wanna repurchase so many just to wait to get negatives. No worries about me going out and about. We all stayed at home except for doctor’s appointments and vet appointments, while masking and keeping hand sanitizer as always (since this past two years). I can’t smell or taste anything for about a day. And then it slowly came back afterward, but still a little faint. . _ . ; It’s a bummer because I was hoping to get my booster shot this break. 

I’m so glad I got to catch up with Kat this past week. I’ve missed talking to her these past few months, so it was really pleasant and lovely, being able to talk to her on Twitter (which is now glitching a lot), and Instagram.  

What I’m Super Sad About: Tommy leaving. The neighbor is going to move away next month. Thankfully, not too far away, and she’s super nice. She said we could visit Tommy whenever we want.  I’m still super down about it though. So as a goodbye present, I bought Tommy a Catnip flavored Greenies. And he likes it more than any of the other Greenies treats that we’ve tried! Vader and Boba also really like the catnip greenies. I didn’t get to snag any photos of Boba this week, but I love how he’s always there when I call for him. 

How I spent Most of My Break: Watched Silent Hill lore/analysis/deep dive while cuddling with Palpatine in bed lol. So he can protect me and eat any of the monsters that would try to hurt me lol. I also watched the story for Alice: The Madness Returns. As well as videos of Bendy and the Dark Revival. It seems very Bioshock Infinite-inspired. Really bummed out that there’s no Baby Boris o: If there’s a Baby Bendy, why couldn’t there be a Baby Boris? 

Waiting for: December to arrive so I can start adding stuff to my cart for Holo Taco. Pink ByteTags for Shiv, Palpatine, and Vader (Their mystic, glow-in-the-dark collar with gradient moon is here - but they keep taking it off). NBM cuticle oils in Mango and Watermelon. 

Listening to: Piano Bar (Basement Grooves) by Saib. 私の壁に壊れた鏡 by Macroblank. Past/Present Suite by Nicholas Britell. Luthen of Coruscant by Nicholas Britell. I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire by The Ink Spots. 

Last Podcast Episode: Kim Krans, Creatrix of the Wild Unknown & Blossoms and Bones. (I think this is my favorite episode out of all the Witch Wave podcast episodes I’ve listened to). I like the opening about how bones turn to blossoms and blossoms descend upon bones. It reminded me of Chubby so much. 

Stuff I have to Take Care of:  Buy co-workers their gifts during the second week of December. Buy my parents their expensive gifts, since we couldn’t go out during this break because of us getting sick and also the dreary weather (personally enjoy gloomy weather - just not when I’m sick). Meditate more often. I only got to meditate once, during my physical therapy session. 

Favorite scent: Cashmere & Rain by Native. 

The good news is that caffeine doesn’t upset my stomach with my meds as it used to. I was able to drink a hot macchiato without my stomach turning to stone so, I’m very happy about that. Also overall, still feel really great about being single. The only imagery I can liken it to is when you dip your head back in the pool, and your neck and hair just feel so nice floating temporarily in the water. Wish I could do that with my whole body, but God said, only if you’re dead :( 

I hope I get some shopping done next weekend with all of the gift cards I’ve accumulated. I’m super happy that I’m no longer into emotional spending. Just overall pretty happy with the self-restraint I’ve honed in throughout this whole year. Finished watching British Vogue of What's in My Bag? by Alexa Chung. She's the it-girl of the century for sure 🤍

Palpatine's Crimes: Destroying my plants without remorse. Tried to eat my hands several times. Killed my unicorn. Don’t know where he buried the body. 

Shiv's Crimes: Bread thief. Triple Chocolate Muffin Thief. Destroyed my book bag. Destroyed my pink tutu. 

Vader's Crimes:  Melting hearts

Boba's Crimes: Looking like a saddie and a baddie at the same time 

Tommy's Crimes: Being too territorial. Chasing Boba away from the patio :’( Peeing everywhere and then proceeding to look innocent. 



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