My First Horror Game: Shadows of Rose | Resident Evil Village (Winters' Expansion) | DLC



I’m going to get Gold edition (for late purchase) for the Hound Squad Jacket. I think it’s included in there. Or maybe it’s only available if you pre-ordered it back in late October. I don’t know. Once I beat the game, I don’t mind buying it again. For now, I really like Rose’s original outfit with Ethan’s dad jacket.

First Noobie notes for me: pinky lives on shift key! I kept misplacing my fingers during the chase scenes with the Face Eaters o: Only got things right after five hours of game play lol. A = ring finger. W/S = middle finger. D/f = index finger. I struggled a lot because the game lagged a lot. Before I could play the game, there was a notification that asked me to download a separate video player or something. I tried to look for the thread I saved on Steam, but I can’t find it anymore. The game loaded just fine, so I ignored it. I should get back to it though because even when I adjusted to the frame rate to 30, everything’s still super slow. 

Anyway, I’m super proud of myself for trying my first horror game on my own! Without looking up any walkthroughs! Not gonna lie, I feel like even with the casual setting in play, it still feels like the difficulty level is turned up wayyyy up high. I looked at one of the corridors I was struggling in, and this dude’s walkthrough barely had any monsters popping up for him. Mine literally emerged from the wall, and I couldn’t shake off three Face Eaters in a narrow, fucking hallway. 

But I’ve made a lot of progress since being stuck in the basement. I mean this was me at first:


RE: Shadow of Rose

“Explore your surroundings”

Me:  Nawww bitch Imma stay here and die. 

Michael: “This way”

Me: *gets eaten by face eaters* with sticky keys alert 

And now look at all of my tiny accomplishments: Cleared basement, reached/unlocked Michael, found the safe room! 

I’m very happy that I got to try this game when the Gamer’s Award Sale happened. I snagged the base game (Resident Evil: Village) along with the DLC for about $40+. I’ve already seen all of the cutscenes because I wanted to see if this game was worth picking up, and after seeing a lot of spoilers, the answer is a resounding yes. This game has all the themes and motifs I could ever want: Evangelion, Chobits, Clones, Dark Academia aesthetic, the theme of acceptance and farewell, Alice in Wonderland, Rabbit imagery, addressed themes of loneliness and bullying,  Jungian references,  dark horror elements, and strands of dark fairy tale thrown in as well. It’s like an incarnation of all of my favorite things, blended into one game. 

I changed my plain Steam account to a Dimitrescu castle background + glitch frame. Definitely my cardio for this winter // Favorite game I stumbled upon at the tail end of 2022. I even got motivated to dress up my desk while playing this game. I got most of my “Gamer Decor” from Daiso and Miniso. Listening to Biohazard Resident Evil Original Soundtrack as I’m typing up this post. And it’s perfect. Can’t wait to play this again during winter while the cats are sleeping while I play this in bed lol. 

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