May Favorites | Quarantine Edition


May Favorites  | Quarantine Edition


I’m posting this as current favorites. I’ll finish it up and edit it once May ends. I hope these Favorites also help you remember the brighter side of things during Quarantine :D 



x A new eyeshadow look I’ve been loving. Dark mattes + over the top shimmers :3 Going to post a tutorial soon. 

x Chopped off my hair and it looks quite good :3 Cutting hair at home was scary at first but I was able to give myself layers without making too much of a mess

x Pearl Jammin’ nail polish is the perfect jelly polish :3 

x Hats for when I go on my daily walks or whenever we can 


x New memes on how the federal government has been handling the pandemic badly, as tragic as that sounds. 


x Izakaya Hi tamagos :3 

x Palmier’s biscuits 


May Favorites  | Quarantine Edition

May Favorites  | Quarantine Edition

May Favorites  | Quarantine Edition


x Been working on re-vamping some pins. I’m not sure if it’ll get more clicks but I’m glad to be able to open Fire Alpaca up again and do some edits. 


x Game Show Network - Common Knowledge, Get A Clue, Family Feud, Master Mind,  Cash Cab, The Chase

x All Three Seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender is on Netflix now!  

x Watching new CBS shows with Mama Bear every Monday: The Neighborhood, Bob Hearts Abishola, All Rise, and Bull from 7 to 10 PM (This is the first time I’ve been watching courtroom shows and now I’m picking up on Jury lingo :3)


x TCM app :D 


x KH3 Don't’ Think Twice & Dearly Beloved Rendition 


x Chubby’s butt :3 

May Favorites  | Quarantine Edition

May Favorites  | Quarantine Edition


x Late Spring Cleaning. The room feels airier now. I found a lot of stuff I thought I lost. 


x New anxiety medication side effects; - ; It’s been helping with fatigue but the side effects have been stressing me out. My heart feels weak all the time and I’ve been having so many nightmares; - ; 

x iPhone X is still dead; - ; iPad Gen 2 came through though. 

x Dealing with corrupt files; - ; I thought faded photographs were problems of the past. Turns out, it’s still a problem with our modern world too 

x Amazon charging me tax so free shipping was basically useless. And the stuff I bought won’t arrive until 3 weeks later. It would have been ok if the extra charge goes to the workers but it’s just Bezos being a dick ): 

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Take care friends! I hope to see you soon! 

Don't forget to wear your mask, wash your hands frequently, and stay positive! 

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