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I know what you're thinking: "Does this girl ever stop going to Daiso?" The answer is no. Please don't judge lol. It's my only happy place right now. Ever since they opened in my city two years ago. I am doing much better than I did before in terms of spending. I used to go there and drop $100-$200. But now every time I go, I only spend about $30-$40. The lowest in my record is $7.  

My favorite purchases from this haul are the tote bag with the typography in it, definitely, along with the mini key chain plushies of Korilakkuma and Rilakkuma. I love how they're all pink and grey. I did end up getting duplicates. I still haven't decided if I should host my very first giveaway or just sell it online. If I did do a giveaway, my main concern is the return address (I don't want to put my personal address), plus I'm kind of scared of the parcel getting lost, and then I'll have to buy another prize for the winner. Also, I feel like it's also going to be restricted to US residents only because I cannot afford international shipping. I looked up the postal service I'm using and it has a lot of countries where they've suspended their services because of the current pandemic . _ . 

There's also a bit of imperfection in my plushies, so I'm not sure if people entering will be able to overlook it. I think these may be the B grade plushies like it is with enamel pins. Because I know that B&N sells this stuff for $10 bucks a pop. While I only got it for $5 each at Daiso. But I still really, really love them, imperfections and all. 

I was also thinking of giving them to my sister, but she's more into Korean plushies. If you see our room side by side, you'll see that she likes Ryan Bear & BTS plushies, while I have all the San X and anime stuff. I think I'll just take her to Target and ask her to pick a couple of clothes, because she's more into fashion.

I really want to find these cute duplicates a home, but I'll probably put them in other purses/bags, if I end up not doing the giveaway . _ . ;;; Rilakkuma plushies fulfill our basic needs, psychological needs, and self-fulfillment needs. It covers the whole fucking pyramid. Who wouldn't want them? Oh, but I am so scared it wouldn't even get any traction on Twitter once I announce it. I could also just host a bigger giveaway later and maybe save these dupes for later?

Favorite new snacks that I've tried:

x Kanro Matcha Milk Candy ( Reminds me of the white rabbit candies I used to eat as a kid)

x Hi Tempura Spicy Seaweed Flavor ♡♡♡♡♡♡ (I should have picked up more than one. I really like it. And I read on a news article that nori seaweed is really good at blocking Covid.)

x Royal Milk Tea !!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ (The packaging is soo pretty and you get 3 powder pockets inside. I'm so happy I'm able to drink this as a warm drink. I used to only get it as a single cold drink for like $3, but now I got two bags for $4 and it'll last me for a while)

I also got snack clippers because I keep losing my mini binder holders. I was confused about how to use it at first, and I was worried I'd break it, but you just pop the head gently and then clip it like you would with a hairpin. It's really really cute. My heart gets so happy every time I see the Shiba Inu clipper in my room even when I'm not using it. 

It was so painful walking inside the store especially in the fridge area because I couldn't buy the new UCC coffee packaging for the new drink that they have. I mean, I could've but I don't want to just toss the caffeine inside and waste it just because I can't take too much diuretic drinks at the moment with my current medicine. _ . ; I love collecting bottle designs more than I do makeup, nail polish, and plushies put together. 

I really wanted to get the pink quilted melon pan bread with Korilakkuma. Oh well, maybe in my next Daiso trip. I also gave up trying not to get a basket the moment I enter the store, because I know I'll end up looking stupid going back to the entrance after I can't hold all the stuff I want in my hands lol. 

Hope you enjoyed this haul! See you in the next post!


  1. You bought such cute stuff! When I was living in Seoul there was Daiso's everywhere! I passed by two on my way home and sometimes couldn't resist going it. They sell so many cute things for such an affordable price! That tote bag and snack clips are so cute! ♥


    1. Thank you Michelle for taking the time to leave me a comment :') I enjoy chatting with you. Wow, two Daiso's on your way home! That's double temptation everyday haha. You're absolutely right, it's very hard to say no to cute things with very affordable price tags! And thank you! I just realized the clips have numbers on them (not to look science-y) but it's actually a marker for expiration dates! I hope you're having a lovely day/night whenever you get to read this reply :D ♥

  2. These items look very cute and some of them very delicious. Enjoy in them.

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    1. Thank you :D ! I am definitely enjoying them! I hope you're having a pleasant evening/day xx !

  3. These look very cute and sweet. Thank you for sharing.

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  4. Such a stunning haul! I'm obsessed with how cute everything is, especially the royal milk tea! Adorable packaging ♥︎

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. Hi Sophie :') Awww thank you so much! Yup the milk tea is my favorite. It's the perfect warm autumn drink! ♥︎♥︎♥︎

  5. Replies
    1. Hi Monica :D Thanks for stopping by! Yes, it's soooo goood! It's addicting :D xx



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