Lavender Fox Witch Make Up Tutorial ✦




✦ EYES ✦ 


✦ LIPS ✦

Hey guys. It's been a while since I made a makeup tutorial. Or at least it feels like it. Haha. I'm sorry for the mouthful of a  title ; o ; I'm not even sure if the fox eye is still a trend. But if you guys are familiar with my eye makeup tutorials, it's always been the puppy eye look (opposite of cat eyeliner technique). The puppy look, in my opinion, has always done the lifting and elongating effect that the fox eye has made popular long before it became a trend this year. To do a puppy eyeliner technique, simply extend the line of your natural eye, but do it downwards, so it could yield a droopy, innocent look. 

Also, please don't mind the Shiba Inu snack clipper I used to photograph with my eyeliners and brow product. You don't need it for this tutorial. I just thought it went cute with my flatlay lol. And I guess, it's just there to emphasize the puppy look. 

I'm also not putting as much detail on how I do each step because I feel like everyone's face shape, contour, and features are different. So do what best suits you. I remember when I was a beginner at makeup, I tried to follow makeup tutorials down to a T,  to the same exact technique, and I made myself look really unflattering. I hope that the more you study your face and the more you practice with makeup, you'll find a way to do your make up that is most pleasing to you. You could also look at my previous makeup tutorials under the Categories tab, and hover over where it says Tutorial. The other makeup tutorials that I've written in detail should also show up in the three related posts at the bottom and the featured posts under Top Hits!

For the cheeks and lips, I have several options that I've laid out for you. I used the glowy blush by ELF in Spiced Apple (because I've been into glowy, glass apple cheeks kind of look). But if you prefer a matte blush, the ones from Colourpop are also very nice blushes. As for the lips, I actually went bare with this one. My lips are already a natural raspberry color, but if you prefer a more vampy or nude pout, the elf lipsticks that's a steal for $3 can be your finishing touch. I also added my favorite product from Jill Stuart from their Eternal Couture line, in Dark Rose / Baroque Rose as well as the only Sugar Pill liquid lipstick that I own in Truth or Dare. 

Also, forgive me for not including any links ; - ; I might come back to edit this post later, but the names are visible in the photographs and it doesn't take long to google search them. Said the worst blogger ever, in the history of blogging lol. You can ask me in the comment section below, if you are curious about a particular product I've used, while I'm working on getting the list ready. 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! x ✦


  1. This palette is really cute 💜💜 Lovely makeup!! Regards 😘😘

    1. Awww thank you!!! I think so too :D ! It has the most perfect lilac shimmer. So soft to the touch. Thank you so much for stopping by 😘 😘 x x I hope you're having a lovely day :)



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