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November Favorites,  November Loves, Fall Favorites,  Autumn Loves


Stuff I loved in November. Mainly just a chronicle diary of what happened the whole month . Feel free to skip the non-favorite part! ♡♡♡



x Kind of want to play with make up again. This time with Glitter + Matte formulas. I’m planning on using my Sailor Moon make up.

x I bought two new blushes and one lipstick from Colourpop. The Luna blushes and the Belle lipstick. It’s back logged though because I ordered in the middle of a new promo/launch ; - ; 

x Bought back ups of fav ELF products 

x Bed Rock n Roll! Why did I wait so long to put this on! We’re nearly at Thanksgiving so it’s perfect for that. I love this color so much. It’s like a red russet potato color and sometimes it looks like a rich brown/brick red/terracota. I’m so in love with this color. Essie really the brand of the year for me when it came to nail polish. 

x I did so many yo yo hauls ; o ; I um. Going to link you a post later maybe of all the things I bought during Black Friday. My calming method every time I see the grand total of my card is “I do not see it”

x Going to turn my face sheet masks into neck sheet masks :3 

#humor/brightened up my month

x Pitch meetings :D 

x Butter Robot shirt! Can’t wait for it to get here! And for Season 5! 

x Baby Bunny Sneeze 


x baked potato 

x Left over spicy tonkotsu ramen 

x Fresh raspberries and blackberries 

x Tried wasabi for the first time mixed w soy sauce and I actually like the kick of flavor I got :3 Won’t be ignoring wasabi from now on every time I get a sushi roll 

x chicken dippers from Jollibee with mash potatoes and gravy ; o ; BANGER BUT FOR FOOD 

x The snowflakes on Mcdonald’s Caramel Frappe caps are so cute. I’m recycling them for paper star wishes. 


x A couple of people have entered my giveaway! Can’t wait to find out who wins! 

x Shipped out my giveaway box to the winner :D 

x Reached 2k views / 3k views / 4k views / 5k views again! That’s three months in a row! 

x My giveaway winner has gotten her box safely! Was constantly worried I might have written the wrong address. 

x I have 21+ pending posts that I’m so excited about 

x Using Major Headings & Justify text format ; o ; My blog is finally looking like a shiny, online magazine. 

x My Tarot readings have been really going up! Thank you so much for the views! 

x I’ve been having a lot of fun updating my old posts. I thought it was going to be bothersome and tiring but I am having a lot of fun making it look nicer. 

x A lot of people have been following the Blogger Directory I made on Twitter :3 


x I made my first two sales that counted towards reaching the paycheck threshold! Thank you guys so much! You guys even bought it full price even though I have you guys the discount ; o ; I’m crying because I’m so happy 

x A lot of people are still downloading my freebies which made me very happy too :D 

x I made so many sales in the first, second, and third week of November! Thank you to every one who bought my printable at full price! I love you guys :3 


x Finished my ARC of “Best Foot Forward” by author Bea Stevens :D I can’t wait to scoop up the whole series for my birthday. 

x Currently so excited to read the prequel of the Liberty Lawrence series at the Book Funnel app :D 

x Half-way through “The Nutcracker Lane.” I’m really really enjoying it. It makes be believe in Christmas magic again.

x I signed up for Blog Book Tours. I don’t know if I’ll be accepted yet.  


 x Shayda Campbell. I’m getting back into journaling again thanks to her recent uploads! 

x Whip Sugar Icing Cookies - Cutest  Pikachu cookies ever and other Pokémon too!

x Kawaii Pa Teen Model: Melo Shirayuki

x Rei’s World 

x Mermaid Scales Tarot Reader 

x Milagros Tarot Reader 

x Anna Rudolf - Chess | Studying Alpha Zero 

November Favorites, November Loves, Fall Favorites,  Autumn Loves

November Favorites, November Loves, Fall Favorites, Autumn Loves


x BH6 The Series Season 2 

x The Mandalorian Season 2 | Every Friday | Baby Yoda is so cute in Ep 4! And Ep 5! We finally learn his name! 


x Rewatching comfort movies: Beauty and the Beast 


x Illusion Connect - My favorite is Tiffany who is apparently C-Tier. Oh well. I guess my taste in waifus are just C Tier. 

 x I finished Aviary Attorney. It was really good. I knocked Ending 4C Fraternite. Going to replay it to unlock all of the endings. I had such a blast with this game. I got it for 30% off on Nintendo Switch’s Black Friday Sale. 


x The brown/grey striped cat who’s a stray in our backyard likes the Tundra Cat Treats I got from Petco :3 

x Bought Chubby a new green matcha carpet for their castle because Gigi ate the whole carpet from before.

x Shared the chasu meat with the stray cats in the backyard and they loved it  

x Thinking about Chubby always makes me so happy 


x Shopping Mama Bear’s closet. She gave me two Banana Republic pullovers. One blue and one cranberry. 



x Rizky Ayuba - Kimi No Toriko

x [ Cinnamons × Evening Cinema ] - Summertime 

x Summer Time - Abberant Jazz 

x My “Women Voices So Sultry, It Makes Me Come” Playlist on SoundCloud ; o ; It’s a banger. Click that link! 

x Three Dark Academia Playlists :3 

Dark Academia Playlist  (Long version) To Think of A Great Love 

A Dark Academia Playlist To Read To 

Dark Royalty Core Aesthetic Playlist


x I am on TOP of my paperwork game. I pulled a Mike Wazowski at the second half of the month in Oct and I felt horrible

 ; - ; 

x My new charcoal toothbrush :3 

x Being a beginner chess coach :3 

x I made four sales total in the first week of November! I am so happy! 

x Rimbaud’s poetry 

x Election results! Congrats to Biden-Harris! 

x Sarah Natochenny’s twitter (She voices Ash Ketchum!) I love her! 

x The Good Trade Height Article

x My IMMUNE SYSTEM STRIKES BACK! ; o ; I’m so happy. She’s never been this good. 

x Turning my little brother into a young Padawan meanwhile I’m Obi Wan Kenobi :3 

x The Pokemon Thanksgiving Parade by Macy’s :DD I love those giant Pikachus dancing their butts off to the Pokemon theme

x Rearranged my room. And it’s so calming, airy, and pleasing to look at. I’m so happy with it :3 There’s so much light filtering through the window. It makes me so happy!  

x My dad gave me an exacto knife + board 

x Mama Bear got me an iPhone 12. It’s going to arrive in Dec. Bye, bye iPhone 5s that always burns my hands when I use it. And RIP iPhone X. 

x My free gifted toy from Chuchik Toy arrived! It’s a Fidget Cube! It’s the most perfect holiday gift ever ; o ; It’s so small yet it fills my whole heart. 

x Buying my sister Mcdonald’s after her work out for her cheat day and watching her happy face 

x Making Chubby and Gigi a burrito hay with the empty toilet rolls 

x Rainy weather 


x I think a couple of friends restricted me on ig including an ex ; - ; 

x period cramps 

x thinking about how I have to replace all of my short shorts because I’m size M now ; o ; Maybe I should open a depop account to sell the XS and S that I have? Or hold on to it in case I lose weight if I decide to discontinue my anxiety meds? 



Take care friends! I hope to see you soon! 

Don’t forget to wear your mask, wash your hands frequently, and stay positive! 

November Favorites, November Loves, Fall Favorites, Autumn Loves

November Favorites, November Loves, Fall Favorites, Autumn Loves

November Favorites,  November Loves,  Fall Favorites, Autumn Loves

November Favorites, November Loves, Fall Favorites, Autumn Loves


  1. I loved reading this so much. Your blog is so adorable and all of your favorites sound amazing.

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    1. Aww thank you :D Followed you just now! <3

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  4. Great recap, I like colourpop ❤

    1. Hi Kinga! Colourpop is the best! Thanks so much for stopping by ❤



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