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It is not 2 AM as I am writing this. Although I do miss meeting up with 2 AM, my thirty-year-old body can’t do it anymore lol. No shade at being thirty. I just don’t find myself waking up when the rest of the city is asleep anymore. Except when I’m on my period actually. And I guess my uterus wants to commune with the moon then I’m forced to be up lol. And that’s basically the whole reason why this post is titled 2 AM. I do so miss my unhealthy habits lol. 

So earlier this week, I slept on the wrong side of the bed and woke up with neck pain. And it hurts every time I swallow. And this is just after I finished my period. And now this week is ending, and now I have the sniffles that I just hope don’t turn into a full-blown cold. My allergies were already under control, but it got triggered a couple of days ago and now my immune system has tanked completely. I really don’t like not having my full health. I’m barely functional. Even easy tasks make me so irritable. This sinus headache is terrible. I hate spending my PTO sick. Did I also mention my back hurts???

I usually try to do check-ins with blog once a month, but I don’t think I’ll have time to check in for the next three months, so I thought I might as well do it now, while I can. I hope you guys are doing okay, and that things are not too stressful. 

I’m not a bra expert, but I can safely say that bralettes are the superior bras for smaller chests in terms of affordability (last time I checked they were $3-$4, not sure what the inflation did but I hope it isn’t too expensive right now), longevity (you put it in a net and you’re good for the rest of its life span), comfortability (I can sleep with these on if I forget to take them off and they don’t hurt me). I re-wore the TLBC in Sasha and while I like how it looks, it’s become uncomfortable to wear, even with the bra extenders in place. I definitely need to remove the pads, maybe that will help. So last time I reviewed Pepper, my opinion stayed the same. For $60, I’m just expecting to add more frills and ribbons added to the design instead of having it plain. I’m just expecting more competition since there claiming that they price their lingerie the same price as VS. I also wanted the classic bra from Pepper in grey, but they don’t seem to carry that color anymore which is another let-down. 

What I’ve Enjoyed Lately: RadBrad’s RE Village Gameplay. Brad just checking on his viewers and asking “how are they?” Because he said not everyone has someone to check up on them and that honestly made me cry about how sweet of a gesture that was. Phasmid ASMR. Everyone has sung this praise before, but I agree with everyone else: the script, the sfx, and attractive voice definitely drives home the story-telling.I’ve only listened to The  Touch-Starved Vampire Series, The Incubus, and The Guardian Angel. I love how iconic the switch was at the Paranormal Investigator episode. The  listener is braver than me because the minute that switch happened, I would’ve bolted, and be like “You know what I don’t really need this job” and quit being a demon hunter right then and there lol. Always look for your exits. That’s the best life lesson I’ve learned upon reaching thirty.  Shop & Beyond Polish App. Honestly saved my sanity at work getting notifications when my nail polishes has arrived safely. Star Wars Celebration. Had no idea Sam Witwer ate and left no crumbs. I'm gonna call it now, but I think I'll end up marrying up a voice actor. I was probably a sailor in my past life. And my face (Your current face is the face of the person you loved the most in your past life - according to a Japanese mythology I heard going around)  is probably the face of the siren that lured the sailor to their watery grave. Which makes a lot of sense. Now, that's some Mari lore for you lol. 

Recent Purchases: Star Wars Thrawn Ascendancy Chaos Rising Narrated by Marc Thompson. Very tempted to just skip to the Memories chapters and I may do just that. LV Keychain from TDI. I found a lot of wholesale nail polish site that are trustworthy and it’s so awesome. Stone Cold Fox 🦊 Palette & Truly, Madly, Deeply by CP (Using my giftcard). 

What I Wore: Holo Taco Royalty Bundle Limited Edition in Glamethyst, Toe Beans, and Royal Crush. Essie’s Social Lights, Sound Check You Out, Regal Rebel, Lilacism, World As Canvas, & On the Download. Orly in Persistent Memory, Stop The Clock, and Dynamism. OPI’s All Your Dreams in Vending Machines (This is my favorite nail polish name of all time - reminds me of Porter Robinson’s Lionhearted) & You’re Such a Budapest. Jen & Berries’ The Devil Is Kissing His Wife (Beautiful sheer, buildable sea foam green w the prettiest shattered flakies). China Glaze’s If It Sparkles, It’s Mine. By Dany Vianna Black Tie Collection in Black Tule, White Feather Boa, Sparkling Mesh, and Brinde (I got this lilac-purple thermal flaky for free!!! As a first time buyer I’m guessing???). NCLA in Do Not Disturb.


What’s Made Me Happy: Drunk Elephant Neon Pizza Keychain given to me as a gift. Sneak hugs. :’) Magnum (the new orange cat that one of our neighbors texted us about because he looked a lot like Palpatine and they let us keep him when we couldn’t find any microchip on him) making my mom super happy. Proof that there are still wonderful people that exists in this world (Neighbors calling me/texting me when they think they’ve spotted Palpatine). Gigi using the downstairs part of her home. Magnum being nice to Vader and Gigi. Seeing Boba every morning before I head off to work. I was the first one to greet my boss Happy Birthday on her birthday :) Mama Bear’s garden that she decorated for spring. Casual analysis on Obi-wan and Satine’s relationship. The full arch rainbow I saw with Mama Bear and Miko. Star Wars Visions.  Chibi Boba voiced by Tem brings me so much joy, I can't comprehend. Amaranth flowers for my vanity. Leggings from Dollar Tree are honestly the best. White tulips. Finally mastered how to apply Gel-X. Someone so wonderful brought me chocolate croissants 🥐 at work.  I swear I was gonna cry in the copy room, but I didn’t have the time lol. The Imperial Spaceship Shape Cloud I saw with my dad while commuting to work. My reels doing fairly well across all platforms (if one reel does poorly, it does quite well in another platform). 

Wish List: Women’s Nike Air 270 in Light Soft Pink Oxford. Charlotte Tilbury Hypnotizing Pop Shots. Hermès nail polish. ($50)


  • Thinking about starting a nail instagram + nail tik tok account to archive my nail polish collection. That’s gonna be a lot of work and I haven’t even come up with a name. 
  • I signed up for more shifts this summer when I could’ve just taken the PTO for the whole month. I’m new, so I don’t think I’m really in a position to turn down any opportunity. And our secretary is always nice to us :)
  • Learning Polygel. I hope I don’t make too many beginner mistakes. 
  • Explaining to my ortho that I broke my permanent wires while I was making out with my hot Funyuns while watching horror video games . _ . I hope she believes me man.
  • If I’m not buying nail polish, I’m buying nail polish tool or supplies. 
  • Still waiting on four polishes to arrive at my doorstep. 
  • Replying to business emails . _ . 
  • Five more Mondays o:
  • Building an RE Village and RE Castle in TS4 | It's not that I don't want to but it is going to take a lot of work


  • Cleaned my Nike sneakers. Tommy pooped in it one time he got stuck in the garage. I must have really loved Tommy because I never raised my voice at him, not even once. I just petted him and told him I loved him when I found out right before heading to work. 
  • I want to celebrate the fact that every week, I managed to squeeze in self-care during the weekends.
  • Cooked Peanut Butter Noodles Recipe.  
  • Came up with a wish list on how to celebrate my wins for the entirety of my contract. 
  • Amex 
  • Tidying up 


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